Drive-In-Theater, Part 02


Drive In Theater  gh


Part 02


The Blow Hole.



I lay awake thinking about my awesome encounter with Carl, the Security man at the drive in theater. His was the first adult cock I’d ever encountered and the biggest I’d ever sucked off. Over the years I’d engaged in sexual games with numerous teenage school buddies but only Joe Fox’s big dick came close to Carl’s big 10 inch cock.



I was anxious to make a return appearance tomorrow night if I could convince my dad to let  me  walk over to the theater again. The movie marquee had changed so I made an excuse to see a different movie. However, I wasn’t interested in the movie, I was interested in sucking Carl off again in his security shanty at the rear of the theater.



The evening came and Dad said it was okay for me to go to the movies again but not to stay out too late. I left the house and went through the back acreage of our place, over the highway and up the back entrance roadway of the drive in. I stayed close to the wall so not to draw the attention of the man in the ticket booth at the entrance. My entrance went unnoticed and soon I was walking up the center walkway to the concession stand and found a seat at one of the tables on the outdoor patio.



I spotted four of the local Catholic High School basketball players going into the concession stand to purchase snacks to take back to their cars. They proudly wore their school letters on their jackets, so it was easy to identify them. I’d been to a few of their games and recognized a couple of the tall physically fit looking guys. They were hot.



I was going to hang around the patio until the news reels and previews started, and then I would head around to the men’s room to check out some dicks at the urinal. When I arrived it was empty so I went into one of the 4 booths against the back wall. When I entered the end booth I was puzzled about the reason for a large round hole cut through the wall. Naive and inexperienced with toilet cruising it took me a few minutes to understand why some one would drill a large hole between the booths.



I sat down on the stool and began reading all the graffiti and messages on the walls. Several guys came into the toilet to piss. I realized by their conversation that it was the four basketball players I’d seen earlier. Three of the guys went to the floor urinal, but one guy came into the booth next to mine and took his piss. I glanced through the hole but could only see his golden stream splashing in the bowl. He quickly pissed then buttoned up and flushed the stool. It all happened so fast I hadn’t had the chance to observe his cock. The remaining guys continued talking and pissing. The one that had taken his piss in the booth next to mine lowered his voice and said to his buddies.




“You guys know there is a big blow hole cut in the wall of that last booth, and there’s some fag sitting in there ready to give some head?”



“Aw shit. No kidding?” One of the boys commented.



“What’s a ‘blow hole’ Jack? Another questioned



I heard some of the guys laugh and then one explained to the boy who asked the question.



“Ya stick your hard dick into the hole and the guy on the other side gives you a blow job. You dim-witted jock.”



“Ya gotta be kidding me. You mean he sucks your dick? Shit that sounds hot. Maybe I should try it sometime. Peggy will only give me a hand job. I still can’t get her to suck my dick.”



The guys laughed and after a continued conversation start leaving the toilet. I heard one of the guys trying to encourage one of the guys to go into the booth and check it out before they headed back to the cars.



“Go on Bob. What ya got to lose? You might like it.”



“Aw go on you fuckers. I bet you won’t do it Jerry.”



“Hey. I’ll do it if you do it first. Go ahead. We’ll wait on the patio.”



Then there was a silence as the rest of the guys left, leaving one. He walked into the booth and stood close to the hole rubbing his crotch.



I’d never thought of servicing a cock through a hole in the wall before, but it was exciting to be sucking an anonymous guy through the hole. Finally he opened his jeans and pulled out a nice clean cut, hard seven inches of cock and small set of fuzzy hair covered balls. I cautiously put my face to the opening and licked my lips hoping to persuade him to place his hard cock into the hole and into my inviting mouth.



He slowly moved closer and placed his cock into the hole. I touched it with my fingers and softly pulled him closer. He cautiously leaned into the hole. I started licking and savoring the salty clear juices oozing from the opening of his piss slot. He relaxed, and allowed me service his cock.




I’d sucked off some of my friends that had comparably sized dicks and from past experience I was confident I could give him a good blow job. I gripped his hairy balls and went all the way down on him several times. He started shaking and moaning.



“Oh yeah, cocksucker, suck my dick, suck my dick. Oh man this is great. You’re gonna make me shoot if you don’t slow down. Oh fuck! I’m Cumming.” He started to withdraw not understanding I wanted him unload in my mouth and swallow his hot tasty sperm. I held his balls so he couldn’t withdraw and then he realize I wanted to swallow his cum.



“Oh man. Take my load, cocksucker, Take my hot fucking load. Swallow that dick. Eat me. Oh shit. I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.” He kept talking as he violently shook the wall between us. Then he relaxed as I drank down every last drop of his cum.




He stood quietly for a few minutes and after he caught his breath, he slowly withdrew, wiped his moist cock with his shirt tail, and put his cock back into his jeans.



“Stay here. My buddies are not going to believe this. Damn dude, you give some great head. Stay here and suck off my other buddies too. Huh?” then he left the booth.



Wow. Sucking off these young studs was awesome.. In ancient Rome, the swallowing of a young warrior’s sperm was an honor and was thought to give the taker more energy and extended life. I think I was born in the wrong time and place. Being a cocksucker and drinking down the warrior’s sperm would have been my full time job.



I heard the shuffle of shoes and soon the booth next to me was occupied again, this time with a new warrior. He sat directly on the stool without taking down his jeans. He leaned back against the toilet and began opening his jeans.



“You wanna suck on this one?” I heard him say quietly. “I’ve never had my dick sucked before so be careful. I’m very sensitive and cum quickly.” Then he stood and pulled down his jeans and white undies. His dick was not hard yet so he started pulling on it. I spoke for the first time. “Put it in the hole and I’ll get it hard.”



He shuffled up to the hole, pressed his body against the wall, and offered me his soft uncut cock. It didn’t look very large, but sometimes soft dicks can be deceiving. He had about an inch of lacy soft foreskin covering his 5 inch soft meat. He had started oozing clear liquid from the end of his penis.



I’d never sucked a guys dick that had this much skin over the head, but I found it fascinating. I guided it towards my mouth and engulfed the whole soft member. He trembled and then he started to firm up. I explored the opening with my fingers then put my tongue into the moist opening. He tasted different than most guys I’d sucked, but I liked it. He tasted like he had cum once today and hadn’t bothered to clean the remaining orgasm.



Once again I pulled on his hardening cock and slowly pulled back the foreskin revealing a pale pink cock head, then without warning it eased out of the skin and exposed a much bigger tulip shaped cock head. The cock began to grow and grow each time I went down on him until it had expanded to a good 8 inches of beautiful jock cock.




He began to have more confidence in me and gave me full consent to service him. I realized now why he was so sensitive. I took my time sucking him and soon he was pounding his body against the partition face fucking me and almost begging for release.



“Eucken’ yeah! That’s what I like. When I cum just let it shoot in your mouth. I’m very sensitive.” He instructed me.



I kept moving up and down on his cock until more and more of his pre cum juices were filling my mouth, then he shuddered and began releasing his ultimate load. I swallowed his gushing cock. I held onto his cock and balls and let volumes of his sweet sperm continue to gush down my throat He came, and came, and came until his juices were seeping out of my mouth and on the floor. I swallowed as fast as I could and never gagged once.



I let his cock relax and gently soften and contract slowly. I took one more lick to catch the final liquids, but he quickly pulled his sensitive moist cock from my mouth. It was still throbbing as more cum dripped from his piss slot. He pulled the foreskin back over his cock head and stood quietly. I milked it down savoring the last few drops of my warrior’s tasty juices.



“You did okay dude. I’m sorry I’m so sensitive, but you did okay.” He repeated as he wiped off his wet dick and put it back into his jeans. “Thanks dude. That was great.” Then he left the booth.



Soon after the basketball jock left, several men and boys entered the restroom. It must have been an intermission between the newsreel and the next movie and time for a quick piss break. I needed a break too so I left the booth and went to the patio to relax and watch the people. I didn’t see the three jocks and wondered if the last of the three would come back later for his turn at the hole.



The movie was about to begin. I was waiting until the lights dimmed then I would return to the booth to see if the other jock would return for his blow job. When I returned someone had taken the end booth where I had been earlier, so I took the one next to him.



As I was setting down, I glanced under the booth at his feet I saw an orange coverall resting around his ankles, like the ones the Security Men wore. I thought for sure it was Carl, the guy I had met last time. He was the main reason I had returned this evening.



I waited for a while to see what he was going to do, then I placed my finger to the hole. He immediately stood and put his semi-hard cock through the hole. It was not Carl. . It must have been one of the other men I met last night with Carl. He had a fine-looking dick.



The cock was not as long as Carl’s but it was thicker. This was a man size dick. Much more mature than the jocks I had sucked off earlier tonight. He leaned against the booth and placed his hands on the top of the partition to balance himself ready for me to service him.



I directed his big hairy balls closer and inhaled the scent of his musky body. I caressed and kissed them tenderly and sucked first one into my mouth and then the other. I moseyed back to his big hard cock and started licking him up one side of his shaft until I reached the bulbous head. Clear nectar was oozing from his piss slot.




I placed my mouth completely over the head and twirled my tongue around the sensuous glands. He pushed in further, as I began sucking and working my hand up and down his cock. This was a fantastic cock to suck, and it fit so well in my mouth. I heard him sigh with pleasure. I dropped to my knees to get a better angle and a better grip.



Just as we were beginning to enjoy the sex, we heard a couple of people come into the restroom. He slowly withdrew his cock and sat down on the stool. Damn! I was really getting into sucking this guys cock. He stood and pulled up his coverall to leave. He left the booth while I was still on my knees ready to drain his cock. Why was he leaving? He seemed to have been enjoying it so much.



That was disappointing. I wanted that load so bad. Why did he just suddenly up and leave? After the other men left, I glanced through the opened door to see him leaning over the sink washing his hands. He stood to adjust his cap and came back to my booth.



“I know of a better place to continue this. Just go around the back of this building to the Men Employee’s restroom. I will leave the door unlocked.” Then he left.



I hadn’t lost him after all. I quickly pulled up my jeans, adjusted my shirt, and headed out the door to the Men’s room.



It was semi dark when Carl had introduced me to the two men at Carl’s work shanty at the back of the theater, but I was sure this guy was not one of them. This guy was younger and taller than the other two. This must be the other one that I wasn’t introduced to. He was hot and even better looking than Carl and had a fantastic cock.



I found the men’s room and opened the door. Inside I saw a one booth, one urinal room with a small cot against the wall. He was at the urinal taking a piss and motioned for me to shut and lock the door.



“Hi.” He said, “I’m Jeff. This is more private and we won’t be disturbed here. You sure know how to suck a mean cock.”



“Thanks. My name’s Dick. I came here tonight to see Carl. Is he around?” I said, but, he just ignored my inquiry.



I wasn’t disappointed with Jeff. He was a handsome masculine, man about 25 years old. He had a nice face with almond shaped brown eyes. His sun bleached hair protruded from the bottom of his cap.




He opened his coverall and let it fall to his ankles, and then he stepped out of them and stood before me completely naked. He had a great body, nice pecs and a nice set of rippling abs and his big thick cock rising out of a great nest of dark curly hair. Damn! He was a hot looking dude: even better looking than my swimming coach at school. I stood admiring this ‘work of art’ while he adjusted his balls and gripped his semi hard cock.



“Don’t be shy. Come closer and finish sucking my cock, kid. You can lick my balls and take my cock all the way without any partition separating us.”



I respectfully dropped to my knees, held his cock in my hand, and stared admiringly at his succulent cock. He reached down and pulled off my t-shirt. Then he told me to take off my jeans and underclothes. He wanted to see my body.




I was very active in swimming and track so my body was trim and solid. I was never shy in front of the other guys at school and noticed that a few guys took an admiring glance at my 7 inch cock and my firm muscular ass. Before I could get back on my knees to service his cock, he pulled me close to him and gave me a kiss on the lips. It startled me at first. I’d never had a straight guy kiss me on the lips before. His large strong hands explored my body as we kissed.



He suddenly dropped to his knees and engulfed my hard cock in one big swoop. I’d never had a guy suck my dick before and it was awesome. No wonder guys like having me suck them off. He sucked my cock until I started to cum. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever had. It was the first time I’d experienced shooting my cum into a warm mouth. He swallowed every drop. My knees buckled and I felt weak.



He stood and directed me back on to my knees to suck on his cock once again. I was still weak from my fantastic orgasm, but I wanted his load. Soon I had my strength back and started working his cock until he was at the brink of Cumming.



He quickly pulled me away from his cock, turned me around, pushed me against the urinal, bent me over, and started kissing my buttocks. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and buried his face deep into my ass crack. His moved his tongue up and down my ass crack and forced his tongue into my puckering ass hole. I’d never been rimmed before. It felt great, and soon my cock hardened and my balls were ready to pump out another load.



Jeff withdrew his vigorous tongue movements from my anus and guided his dick to my virgin ass hole. I had always fantasized about being fucked but had never had the opportunity before now. I was anxious, but interested. Jeff had a large cock and I wasn’t sure it could fit in my small ass. His cock was sopping wet with pre-cum. I reached around to help him guide his dick to my hole.



“Yeah, Dick, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass. Man. You make me so hot. I need to shoot my cum deep in your ass. I want to breed you. I fuck hard so get ready for a damn hard fucking.”



Jeff wet his finger and inserted it in my hole. It hurt and I wondered how he expected to put his big dick into my tight virgin hole. He inserted two fingers in me, then a third and started stretching my hole.



I was beginning to get accustomed to the fingers and actually started to enjoy his entry. He slowly pulled out his 3 fingers then spit on his hand again and to help lube his cock. He was oozing precursor juices and rubbed his hand over his cock, spread my buttocks apart and aimed his wet moist penis to my anxious hole. He was gentle at first and I felt the opening of my anus accept his cock. It still stung but I was determined to let him enter me slowly. He moved in closer, spread my cheeks, and pushed in some more. I felt it started to slide in. I tried to relax and then I felt his cock enter my tight anus.




It hurt like hell at first. I wanted to change my mind but slowly his big cock moved into me. It still hurt but it was going in easier than I thought. I felt full. He let out a grunt and moved all the way into me. I gasped and felt like I had to go to the toilet. He paused to let me get accustomed his big cock, then he started moving in and out of my ass. It started to feel good. I bent over the urinal and parted my butt cheeks to give him full entrance to my body. I was his to use, and it felt strangely good.



Continued to next part.



Story by Dick Clinton

Edited by FC




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Drive In Theater, Part 01


Drive In Theater, Part 01 i-03-08



My first adult cock.



When I was young my parents moved into a new house that was located about ½ mile from a drive in theater. Since I didn’t have a car I would walk to the drive in and enter thru the Exit drive way. I would set in the patio area and watch the movie and chat with some of my school mates that had come in by car with friends or parents.



I would often cruise the men’s restroom and was fascinated by the piss trough on the floor instead of the traditional wall urinals. I already knew I was attracted to men sexually and this was a great way to check out all he cocks as they hung out to piss. I would always get a boner looking at the men so I was careful not to reveal my desires to other men.



One evening while at the theater I had to piss so went into the men’s toilet during the movie. While I was pissing one of the men that worked there came in and whipped out one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen in my young life. He knew I was looking and pulled on it as he pissed and leaned back to give me full view.



When you are a young teenager, everyone over 20 seems old. I guessed this guy was about 22, good looking, well build ,with dark hair and clean shaven. I couldn’t tell too much about his physical body because of the work drive in coveralls he was required to wear. The name tag on his pocket said Carl.



Nice big dick. Huh kid? He said proudly as he turned towards me to give me a better look. “You should see it in action when it really gets hard and grows even bigger.”



I timidly acted like I was not aroused and quickly put my hard dick back into my jeans.


Hey kid. Are you here with some of your friends?”



No. I’m here by myself. I walk in the Exit road and watch the movies.”



That’s clever. How’s about joining me in the back of the theater in my shed. I’ve got a good view of the movie and no one will bug you. Besides I need some company. I might even let you get a closer look at my dick and get it hard for me. Would you like that?”



Yeah….I mean…no I got to go after this movie.”



Come on kid. If you don’t join me I’ll have to turn you into the manager and he’ll kick you out of the theater, and might even have you arrested for trespassing. You wouldn’t like that now would you? Come on Kid. I know we can have some fun together.”



I was excited and scared by his proposal. I was still very new at playing around with other males, even though I had messed around with a few close buddies from school, but I’d never had the chance to be with an older adult man. I nodded and followed him out of the men’s room and up the driveway to his shed.



I watch over the theater from up here and make sure there are no fights and direct traffic when the movies are over. Most of the guys park along the back of the theater so they can make out and fuck with their girls. You’d be surprised how much action I’ve seen take place back here. Later on we’ll do a condom run and pick up all the used rubbers back here. Lots of man juice in some of these young dudes.”



His shed was about eight feet by ten feet. One wall had a large window and a door at one end of the building. Against one wall was a makeshift cot covered with a used bedspread. He popped oven a beer and offered me a sip but I refused. The night was clear and warm so we set on a wooden bench leaning again the shed.



What’s your name kid? My names Carl. I take it you live near by.”



My names Richard and I just live across that field. You can see the house lights from here.” I said as I pointed towards my house.



There are three other guys that work here with me, but they are checking out the area. They won’t be back for about an hour.”



Carl reached inside his coveralls from the side and adjusts his cock. I knew he was naked under his coveralls because I could see his bare skin at the open side. It was exciting and very sexy. He kept playing with his cock and then looked at me and calmly said.



Do ya still wanna feel my cock when it gets hard? Come closer and reach inside my coveralls for a feel. I’ve got it hard now.”



I uneasily set closer to him while he took my hand and placed it inside his coveralls. I almost came. He was naked as I suspected and I felt the heat of his hard firm body and the feel of a huge hard cock. I could hardly get my hand around it. He set back and closed his eyes as I caressed and explored his manhood.



Then he pulled his coveralls off his shoulders and down to his knees and set on the bench almost naked. He was tall and had firm rippling abs and a nice swimmer body. The only hair he had was under his arms pits and around his crotch. His uncut dick was long and very large around and stood firm like a flag pole. His large balls hung down between his legs. He was very sexy.



If you like you can jack on it for a while. No one around and no one can see us, besides who cares. Your hand feels good on my dick. You like it? Feel my balls too. They have a lot of man juices and are ready for you taste. Jack on it buddy. Oh yeah. Just like that. You’ve done this before haven’t ya?”



I was beginning to relax and enjoy his big manly cock. I was so excited that I didn’t care if any one saw us. I jacked on it for a few minutes, then I noticed some clear dripping juices oozing from his piss slot. It looked fascinating and I was even more curious. I was old enough to shoot my jism but wondered how much a big cock like this would shoot. I had one hand on his dick and the other exploring his balls.




You have caused my dick to ooze out some sweet man juices. Wouldn’t ya like to taste my sweet juices? Go ahead kid, put your mouth over the head of my dick, and taste my juices. You’ll like it I guarantee.”



I got on my knees beside Carl’s legs and leaned towards his hard dick. He placed his hand to the back of my head and forcible shove my head to his cock. I didn’t resist and gratefully placed my mouth over the head of his big smooth cock head. He smiled with complacent and breathed with delight I had never had such a big man cock in my mouth before and I knew I couldn’t suck him off like I did my school buddies. He was way too large for my mouth. All I could do was go down on the cock head and taste the clear liquids from his dick. It was salty-sweet and pleasing.




See? I told you it tasted good. Hey kid, jack on it with your mouth over the head. I’d like to give you more of my juices. You’re a good kid and I like you. Jack on it and let’s see what happens. Oh yeah. That feels good. You have a hot mouth and a very lively tongue there. I like this and perhaps if you do it right I’ll let ya come here more often and suck my dick.”



I liked the taste of his juices and wanted more. I jacked it up and down then licked his shaft up one side then down the other. I inhaled his body smells and tasted and kissed his balls. He became more and more excited and began to wriggle and breathe deeper. I knew something was about to happen.



He grabbed my head and started to ‘face fuck’ me. I gagged but finally got into his rhythm of his movements, and linking my hand movements and my warm mouth over his big cock, he started to shoot a load of his cum into my mouth. I was surprise at the wonderful feeling of a big cock throbbing, pulsating and squirting load after load of cum into my mouth.



I didn’t know there would be such a volume of cum gushing from a man’s dick, but I kept sucking and swallowing as quickly as I could. Tears come to my eyes from gagging, but when he finally released my head I took control again. The overflow of his cum ran from the corners or my mouth and onto my hand and shirt. He set back on the bench and let me continue to suck and clean off his fantastic cock and low hanging balls.




Hey buddy, you did a great job. Perhaps we should do it again later to see what you learned. You did well. Did you like it?” about that time we heard some one talking and walking towards us on the ground cover gravel.



Carl immediately pulled up his coveralls and set back on the bench. I got off my knees and from between Carl’s legs and quickly and set beside him. From the dark walked two other men in coveralls who worked at the drive in.



Hey Carl. Who’s your little friend? One of your cock sucking fans?” one of the men said.



You still molesting young innocent boys again?”



How do you entice these ‘cuties’ to suck your cock? The other man said.



Why don’t you ever share with us? I like getting a blow job or fucking a sweet boy pussy as well as the next guy. ”



I figured I’d better get out of here before they decide to rape my ass. I stood and told Carl I should go because my parents were waiting for me. He knew different but it gave me an excuse to leave.



Yeah. Okay Kid. See ya tomorrow night?” I nodded yes, and waved goodbye.



I headed down the middle of the theater walk way and to the concession stand. I enjoyed sucking Carl’s big cock but was not ready for his two friends just yet. They looked mean and rough and I didn’t feel like getting gang banged by his two work pals.



I would return tomorrow night and have another go at Carl’s big beautiful and juicy cock.



Story by Richard Barber .a.k.a Dick Clinton




Word Count 1857



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Nectar of the Gods, Part 02




Story by Dick ClintonConstruction Workers, Part 03


Part 2


I could only imagine what was in store for me the rest of the evening. I continued giving the men fresh beers and tried to keep them in drinks. I looked over most of the guys and they were all very clean cut, well-built men. Some had trim beards and a few had mustaches.




I saw one guy that especially turned me on, but he seemed to be more interested in the football game than me. He was a hot looking man about 38, with dark eyes and a 5 o’clock shadow beard. His lips were thin and he could probably knock the hell out of anyone he wanted. After a while, though, he got up, walked over to me, and said for me to come with him while he took a piss. I set down the tray of food I had been passing out, and quickly followed him. “Get down here and take out my cock and hold it while I take my piss.” He said in a demanding voice.



I did as he demanded, hoping he did not want to piss on, or in my mouth. I nervously opened his jeans, and fumbled with his belt until I opened his buckle. I had to pull down his pants over his hips to expose a big long soft cock hanging down his pant leg. It was still soft and must have hung a good 8 inches. I pulled it up carefully and moved back the soft foreskin to reveal his cock head. I wanted to suck on him right now, but he had to piss. I aimed his dick at the tub as the piss boy took position to receive his golden piss. The boy eagerly waited to be humiliated once again by having this stud piss on him. I was amazed at his eagerness to please. A huge stream came from this stud’s big cock and as I held his dick, mine began to grow with excitement. I wanted this dude but didn’t know what his next move would be. His golden stream finally came to a halt and the piss boy eagerly took the last few drops as if it were honey.



I squeezed his dick down and shook it softly. He softly pushed my hand away, walked over by the sink, and motioned for me to follow.  




Bend your ass over. I have seen you eye me, and I know you want my dick. I am going to fuck you right here in front of these mirrors so you can watch my cock go up your ass. Get into position.” He instructed me. 




I saw my Uncle Jerry fuck you and know you still have his cum in you. I want to add mine to that load. Now bend your ass over and take it, cocksucker.” He continued 




I gladly did what he asked and spread my buttocks for his entry. His cock was still semi-hard but he was looking my ass over and jacking on his cock to get it hard. It grew to a good size and I was wondering now if it was going to fit right away. It might take a few tries but before I could even think about it. He had it hard and was placing the large tulip shaped cock head into my anus.


Once it was partially in, he lunged all the way in. I braced myself on the wall and watched his face as he started using my asshole. As he fucked me, he kept looking into the mirrors as we moved about and fucked. It seemed like he wanted to take his time and enjoy it to the fullest. DaddysBoy


After a few minutes, another man came in to piss. While he was pissing, he kept watching us with interest. When he was finished, he took the piss boy’s mouth and fucked him while we fucked. I could tell he came in the boy’s mouth and then he pissed on him again and left.




My ass fucker banged away like it was his last piece of ass, but I loved his roughness. Another man came in, watched us, and leaned against the wall to observe. He lit up a joint and offered it to my fucker and me. Soon he started breathing heavier and started slapping my ass. I could feel his cum spurting inside me.


The other man came over and jacked on my cock, as his buddy was cumming inside of me. I couldn’t hold back and shot my wad on the bathroom floor. My friend slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and told me to turn around and clean off his cock. I knelt on the floor in the puddle of my own cum and went down on his semi-hard cock to clean off his remaining juices and my body juices.


When he seemed satisfied, I turned to the other man to place his cock into my open mouth. He was so hot that it only took a few good down strokes on his cock to make him cum. Some of his cum shot on my face and on my chin. He came so much that some was running out of my mouth and onto the floor mingling with my own cum.  




After they left, I quickly cleaned myself up and headed back into the TV room to serve more beer and sandwiches to the men. Half time came and some of the men stood to stretch their legs and lit up a few more joints.


I noticed several men head to the toilet to piss, and some had just discovered the Angel boy spread eagle on the bed and were lining up to fuck his hot ass. Someone had untied him and had him on his back fucking him in a different position. Angel looked like he was in pure ecstasy and was taking his ass fuckers and was enjoying every minute of it.



I gladly served as fluff boy, getting the men hard so they could fuck him. A few got too excited and came in my mouth as I drank down their beer flavored cum. Rod came over to me and I sucked him off again then he leaned down and said he had something special for me and wanted me to follow him.  




I got up from my knees and followed him to a small platform to the side of the room. He pulled down an apparatus from the ceiling and unleashed a few straps and chains. I knew right away it was a sling. I hesitated at first but with the help of Rod and my cowboy friend, they convinced me to try it out. They lifted me into position, gave me the handle grips, spread my legs and put my feet in leather stirrups. Now I was at their mercy. It was kind of weird at first, but what with the excitement of being used by these men, the effects of the grass, I was in the mood for almost anything.  




My cowboy friend was the first to use my ass. He didn’t hesitate but stood at my spread ass and put his dick right into my open hole. I know he put some special lube on his dick because the lining of my asshole tingled with a sensation I had never experienced before. I desperately wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me hard and rough. Then he placed a popper under my nose and I went wild.  




He gripped my legs and swung my body to meet his impaling cock. I had never been in a sling before and I liked it already. Cowboy fucked me hard and rough but then, too soon, he came in me. It felt so warm. We had made so much noise, that the other men immediately came over to use me too. As soon as Cowboy pulled out another man stepped up on the platform, guided his cock to my ass, and plunged right in. Once again, it felt so good. He fucked me for a brief time then he came in my body and pulled out, leaving cum oozing from my ass. 




I hadn’t released the other three loads of cum from before, so now I had five loads in me. Any other time it would have bothered me, but right now, I wanted them all to fuck me all night long. I didn’t care if the cum oozed out of my well-used hole. It didn’t seem to bother the other men either. In fact, I think it turned them on seeing their buddies’ cum dripping from their new pussy boy.




One after another, the men took their turns at my hole. One guy was so turned on, that he lapped at my dripping ass before he fucked me. I took many a dick during that session. I wanted them all. Once they brought out a large dildo and used it on my ass. I had good control over my ass muscles and could grip down on even the smallest cock. They all loved it and several came back for seconds and even thirds. I was suddenly the hit of the party.



Even the Angel boy wasn’t taking as many dicks up his ass. He was still enjoying every cock and he too seemed to want more. I don’t know what they did to us, but we were sexually wild animals. The more we got, the more we wanted. I had come several times already as I got fucked, I was getting weak and a bit dizzy then the second half of the football game was about to begin and we had a short rest.


Cowboy helped me out of the sling and I rested on his shoulders as he took me to the toilet to release some of the cum that hadn’t already oozed out. I sat on the stool and released some fantastic ‘nectar of the gods’.  




Cowboy guided me to the shower and stripped down to help me, but I knew he just wanted to fuck me again. That was fine with me. He was a damn good-looking stud and had a bigger than usual dick, and he fucked so well. He rode me like I was his bronco, and I loved it. As we showered, he lifted my body and impaled me on his dick. I held onto his neck as he bounced me up and down on his big cock until he came. We got out of the shower and cowboy put on his clothes and told me I should report back to Ron because he wanted me to serve more treats to the guys watching TV. It was going to give me a time to rest before getting some more cock.



I dried off and slipped into a used jockstrap on the floor. I went to the kitchen, picked up some beer and sandwiches and started my rounds again. After my first round, Ron said I could blow him again while he watched the game. I did as he wished. He stood in the kitchen eating a sandwich and drinking a beer as I sucked him off. He came and handed me a beer before he went back to work on some more sandwiches. Just before I got up from the floor, one of the other hunks said for me to come into the TV room because he wanted to watch the game while I sucked on him. He was one of the dudes that fucked me while I was in the sling. I remembered him because of his black hairy chest and well developed pecks and large muscular arms.




I followed my hairy-chested bear back into the other room. He sat in a large leather chair to one side of the room, and motioned for me to get between his legs. He already had his cock out and was arranging his hairy balls so I could lick and service them as well. This was the first real look I got at his large uncircumcised cock. It was not hard yet so I started licking his balls and inhaling his musky leather scent. His cock was soft and warm. He started getting hard as I placed my tongue inside the sweet warm hood of his foreskin. He lit up a joint, took a puff and offered me a quick hit. I inhaled it deeply, and then gladly went back to his growing cock. As his cock grew, I continued sucking on him slow and easy to let him enjoy my warm mouth. I was getting him close and he put a popper under my nose just as he was cumming. I frantically worked on his manhood. He pushed my head down on his cock, let out a sigh and released a delicious load into my mouth. I gagged at first but then I adjusted my throat and went all the way down on him as he released several spurts of warm cum.  a0240-tumblr_nthcclfgtm1r65x3eo1_400




When he finished shooting his load into my mouth, he relaxed and let me clean the moisture from his cock and balls. He leaned over close to me and said he wanted to have me visit him soon and then he handed me his business card. His name was Andy and he had a motorbike repair shop in Pittsburgh. I knew I would visit him because he was a hot biker dude with a beautiful large cock who appreciated my ass as well as my cock sucking talents.



A man sitting on the couch motioned for me to come over. It was a tall thinner man about 24 with thin face and soft brown eyes. He arched up, pulled out his hard cock and told me to turn around and sit on his dick. I took a second look and he had a very large and hard cock. He pushed his pants all the way to the floor as I positioned myself in a squatting position over his cock. He guided my hips slowly down on his dick. As soon as I was on his cock, I felt that tingling sensation again. I let my body glide all the way down on his dick until I could feel his balls.




At the next commercial, I was still being fucked by this hottie. One other man came over to me, took out his soft cock and stuck it into my mouth. I immediately started sucking on him and had him hard and cumming before the commercial break was over.



I was still enjoying my tall lean man’s dick up my ass. He had his arms around me and told me to turn around facing him. I slowly rotated on his cock while he was still in me. He smiled and told me how good that felt then he started lifting me up and down on his dick again. He released my throbbing cock from my jockstrap and jacked on me. It was hot.


I knew anytime he was going to cum and started moving faster and faster. I felt it grow inside me and then he hit my prostate and I started to shoot all over his bare chest just as he started to cum inside me. It was wild and sensational. When he finished, he told me to lick the cum off his chest and clean his dick of the remaining juices. I licked and cleaned his dick until he got hard and came again in my mouth. I felt my mouth getting numb just like my asshole. I knew he put something on his cock to cause me not to feel any pain, only a good sensation.  




Cowboy came back into the room, took me by the arm. He led me back into the room with Angel who was now in the sling getting fucked as I had earlier. Cowboy put me in the bed on my stomach and put a foam rubber pillow under my hips. He had hardly left the room when Ron came into the room and crawled on top of me. He placed his dick in my tender hole and started fucking me. He said he hadn’t had a chance to try out my ass and wanted to fuck me while it was quiet. 




Ron was a surprisingly good fucker and he came in me twice before he pulled out. Indian had taken a break from guarding the door and came into the room. He saw me spread eagle on the bed, took out his cock and crawled in between my legs, placed his dick into my hole and he too fucked me hard and long. I think he was really enjoying my ass because just before he came, he paused so he wouldn’t cum then started fucking me again. He came and was gasping and moaning, as he kissed me on the back of the neck, pulled his cock out of my cum filled asshole and then slapped me on my buttocks. He left the room and went back to guarding the door.



Two other guys had entered the room and were watching us fuck. I turned to see two hot looking guys in what looked like full police uniform. I assumed they were guests of Ron’s so I was not nervous at first. It turned me on to think these young hot city cops were watching me get fucked and hadn’t done anything about it.



They walked over to the bed and told me to turn over. I turned over and started to get up, but one pushed me back down on the bed, pulled his nightstick out of his holster, and rubbed it in between my legs, over my balls and to the edge of my asshole.  




I was still moist from the last few fucks. He started to put the stick into my asshole while the other cop was rubbing his crotch in my face. I was getting nervous with that hard stick rubbing my anus. I could take a flexible cock up my ass but the hard stick was frightening.




Looks like your asshole is nice and wet,” one of the cops, said. “You must be one of the pussy boys Ron was telling me about.” He eased the head of the stick about two inches into my asshole. I tensed and now I was afraid. 




The policeman with the nightstick edged it to my hole, and then moved it around inside. He watched my face to see if I was enjoying it or if I was frightened, then he pulled it out quickly and placed the end of the stick to my mouth. He told me he wanted me to clean off his nightstick. I placed it in my mouth and licked off the mixture of cum that had been deposited there. I was so relieved that he hadn’t put it in further.


. 1c2e


The other policeman pulled his cock out of his uniform and was now rubbing it on my face. His pre-cum juices were flowing from his piss slit. I opened my mouth, placed his cock into my mouth, and started to suck him. His was larger than the average cock, but I managed to handle it very well. I was just getting into the pleasure when the other cop spoke up again. 




Let’s move him over into that sling where we can both get to him better.” 




The two cops lifted me off the bed and quickly placed me in the halters on the sling. Rod was nearby watching, and moved to help the other men attach the belts around my wrists and ankles and brace my head. I was now secure and ready to be fucked by the two cops.




Dick. I would like for you to meet my older brother, Don,” Ron said as he walked away. “He’s with the Pittsburgh police department. He will give you a good ride so relax and enjoy it, you lucky bitch.” I saw him hand his brother some of that special lube that they had used on me earlier. I think it must have had a drug of some sort that enhanced the desire for sex. I know it turned me on earlier as I was being used by several of the bikers.



Don’s partner, Will. moved up behind me, put some lube on his cock and placed his finger up my asshole. I winced at first but as he massaged my ass lining, I became relaxed and felt the effect of the drug. I was ready to be fucked.



Will was the first to place his cock into my hot asshole. It was big, but felt so good and I wanted it all. He was gentle when he began plowing me, but after awhile he plunged into me, using my ass to deposit his load. Then it was Don’s turn. He didn’t hesitate and shoved his cock into my willing hole. He started in fucking me and slapping my ass with his leather glove, and then he would pinch my tits until they were numb. He was a good fucker and soon I was oblivious to his movements as I slid into a pleasurable ecstasy of sex. Once he dumped his load into me, Will was ready to fuck me again.



This continued for a time then the two cops moved away and someone was eating my ass out. I passed into exhaustion but not until another biker moved into position to use my ass. I was being used over and over by hot horny men and I loved it. I must have passed out from sublime exhaustion. When I woke up, Cowboy and another man were placing me on the floor of the shower. They turned on the shower as I tried to stand, but was too weak. Cowboy held my arm and braced me against the safety bar. He took a hose and placed it in my ass to cleanse out all the remaining cum that remained in me.




That was the last thing I remember until I woke the next day in my own bedroom in my own condo, but I do remember receiving the Nectar of the Gods and I would do it all over again if I were asked.




Story by Dick Clinton at


, 4/12/2006


Word count. 3,740


 Nector of the Gods


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Nectar of the Gods, Part 01

Attention Readers: Please note  this is not my usual type of story, but it is a reminder 0f the  many ways humans, gay and straight find ways to entertain themselves  in sexual contact with others. Some readers may be offended or ‘turned off’ about what you are  about to read.  Just remember all my stories are just fantasy and imagination. Read and either enjoy or not.  No one is forcing you to read this. Please leave a comment if you wish. Your author Dick Clinton  

(there is a part 2 to this story.)


Nectar of the Gods. Part 01 cks_n_041410003

I was looking forward to going to Ron’s apartment to provide entertainment for some of his biker buddies.  I had seen a few of them at the Flea Market when I first met Ron, and they were equally as hot as Ron.  If any of these were the friends I would be entertaining, I would be in the midst of the gods.

I went about my business wondering if the meeting with Ron and his friends would be a dangerous thing to do.  He said he would call me this week, and here it was already Friday, and still no call from Ron.

When I came back from my shopping, I checked my telephone answering machine to find a message from Ron. “Hello, Dick?” he said.  “You know I’m planning on you being here Saturday to entertain the gang.  Just wear something casual and plan to be here all night.  Be here at 7 PM, and park in the lot behind the building.  I’ll have a buddy watching for you.  If you have any questions, give me a call, otherwise we will see you at 7 PM.” Then he had hung up the phone.

I was having second thoughts about meeting strangers.  It wasn’t the first time I’d been in sexual encounters with several men, but it had been men I’d known beforehand. Just for safety’s sake, I contacted a close friend and told him I was going to be gone for the weekend.  I gave him Ron’s address, phone number, and motorcycle license plate number.  This was a precaution to protect myself, in case I ended up ‘missing in action’.

It was about a 20-minute drive from my place to Ron’s and I arrived about five minutes early. I drove around back and parked my car as close to the building as possible.  I took a deep breath before opening the car door and noticed a man headed towards me wearing a bike jacket, dark pants, and boots.  He was about 6 foot 2 inches tall, had dark medium length hair, and was ruggedly handsome.    He introduced himself as ‘Indian’ and said that I was to follow him. He didn’t look like any Indian I ever saw, so I assumed that he picked up that nickname from his buddies.

We walked towards the side entrance of the tan stucco building past three men who were sitting on the stairs smoking and talking.

We continued down a dingy, poorly lit hallway toward the end apartment, the smells of cooking, marijuana, and piss penetrating the area. The hall was littered with broken glass and empty beer cans, and I wondered once again if this was really a good idea.  Indian knocked on the door, and before I could flee from sheer panic, the door opened and a familiar face appeared.  It was my friend Ron, from the Flea Market.

“Hey there little buddy, come on in.  The game won’t start for a while and most of the other men haven’t arrived.  What do you think of your bodyguard, Indian?  He will show you our little set up in the bedroom.

Indian and I headed down the hall to a room where a large four-poster bed was in the center of the room.  Around each post were leather straps, to be placed around someone’s ankles, and wrists.  Above, and at the head of the bed, were large mirrors. The mattress was covered in black leather, and on each side of the bed were tables with all sorts of sex toys, whips, belts, dildos of all sizes and questionable things I didn’t even want to  think about.  I began to shudder at the thought that I might be the one strapped to the bed and used by these men.    Indian took my arm and directed me to the large bathroom on the other side of the bedroom.

The bathroom was just as bizarre as the bedroom, if not more so.  There was the usual toilet seat, except it was leather.  A double sized shower was built on one side of the room, where four waterspouts came from different directions, and a hose connected to a faucet, to be used for enemas and other things.  A single men’s urinal stood next to the shower.  I was wondering about the stool setting in the tub when Indian pointed to it and asked if I wanted to sit in the tub while he pissed on me.  I shook my head and stepped back as he unzipped, pulled out his dick and began pissing into the tub. As he finished he shook it a few times, squeezed down the remaining drops, and shook it one more time.

“Rod said you were a damn good cocksucker.  Why don’t you prove yourself by giving me a quick blow job?  I won’t have much time for action later since I’ll be posted at the door. Get on your knees and give me some head.”  He said as he stretched his dick to show his proud manhood.b9f35-bbb213255b1255d

How could I resist? After all that’s what I was here for, to entertain and satisfy some hot men.    I was immediately on my knees.  Indian unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants, and there it was, in all its full glory, dick, and balls ready to be satisfied and loved: and what a cock it was!   I placed my hands around his large organ and my tongue to his piss slit. He was ready to be serviced.

I continued to suck, lick, and slurp down his cock until he was ready to give me his gusher of manly juices.  Squirt after squirt of cum shot in to my mouth as I provided him with the pleasure of an orgasm.  Just as we finished the session, there was a knock at the front door, and the voices of several men were heard in the hallway.  More guests were arriving and Indian left me in kneeling position on the bathroom floor while he went to the door.  I knew I had other men to service and was now in the mood to suck off more of Rod’s guests.

I started to take a piss when Indian returned and told me not to piss just yet. He had a surprise for me.   He dragged a young man into the bathroom, roughly seated him on the stool in the tub, and told me to piss on him.

The young man was clad in only a leather halter, dog collar, and jock strap.  He was about 18, with a short butch haircut, muscular arms, and smooth hairless body.  He looked frightened, but did as his master instructed.  He gazed at me with his big brown eyes, but said nothing.  He understood that his position was to be the ‘piss slave’ for anyone to use as their personal urinal.  I felt empathy for the frightened and bewildered man, but he was here to serve.

Indian motioned for me to take advantage of the piss slave and use him as I wanted.  I normally have trouble pissing in the presence of others, so I thought I could never piss on the guy, but since I desperately needed to piss, I would give it a try.

I stood there, trying to concentrate on relieving myself, and a small stream started to flow.  I didn’t aim at the boy, but he quickly moved directly into the piss stream, letting the golden piss hit his face. I relaxed and emptied my bladder on him.  He closed his eyes and let out a whimper of enjoyment.

Another dude walked into the bathroom, nodded, and whipped out his cock just like he was at a public urinal.  He took aim at the piss boy and cut loose a full stream of piss directly into the boy’s face.  The boy immediately responded to this new pleasure and opened his mouth so he could receive the new stream of piss.

The other dude just continued until he finished, shook it a few more times, and offered the last few drops to his piss receiver.  The boy obediently lapped down the last few drops. Looking at the dude’s cock a bit too long, he realized I wanted his cock too.  He smiled and faced me.  “You look like you could use some dick.  Let’s make it quick, cause the game is about to start.”  He said as he pulled out his dick and balls and pushed me to the floor to suck his dick. I gladly became his cum slave and received his dick in my mouth, just as the piss slave had taken him earlier.

The piss boy watched us closely as I continued to service this dude.  The newcomer was hard within moments, and began fucking my face hard and steady until he released a fantastic hot load of sperm into my welcome mouth.  He pulled his dick out of my mouth, wiped the remaining cum on my face, and walked away with his dick still hanging out of his pants.

It was over so quickly that I must have looked shocked because when I looked over at the piss boy, he snickered and gave me a wink.  Then we both laughed.  I rose to my feet and said ‘Hi’ to the piss boy.  He nodded and prepared himself for his next welcome stream of piss from the next guy as I was getting up from the floor.

I walked over to the sink to wash my face and hands when Indian came back into the room and motioned for me to follow him.  As we passed the bedroom I saw a naked young man about 18, being secured to the bed with leather straps.   They placed a pillow under his hips to lift his firm round buttocks into the air.  His legs had already been tied to the two posts at the head of the bed and his beautiful ass and asshole were completely vulnerable and ready for more games.

I wanted to grab his tender round buns and tongue fuck him until his ass was ready for the onslaught that was sure to come. As I stood in the doorway drooling over this young beauty, Indian spoke.


“Why don’t you get his asshole ready for his first fuck?    I think this one is a virgin, and should be prepared before the men have their way with him.  He won’t be needed until half time. If you want to throw a fuck in him, that’ll be all right.  Cum in his ass will make a good lube for the next fuck.”   As Indian spoke, my dick grew harder by the second.

Indian left me alone with the boy that I decided to call ‘Angel’.  He was still out of it from some strong marijuana Indian had given him earlier.   The straps, which held him fast, were loose enough so he could move around a bit.  They had placed a blindfold on him so he could not see his sexual partners.  He stirred as I sat on the edge of his bed and gently touched his back to see if he was still asleep.

“Who’s there?  Where am I? The boy asked, his voice trembling.

“Hey.  It’s all right.  No one’s going to harm you.  What’s your name?” I said trying to comfort him. “ Indian, your motorcycle buddy, brought you here to entertain some of the other men at this party.   If I remove the mask, will you be quiet?” I asked him.

“Yeah!  Get this fucking thing off me so I can see.  How come my arms and legs are tied like this?  And why am I naked.  Fuck, get me out of here.” He started to panic.

“Relax Angel, nobody’s going to harm you, but first you must let me try to relax you.  I took a bottle of oil from the nearby table and poured some on his back and butt cheeks.

I rubbed his naked body with the oil and was preparing him for his abductors.  I was good at breaking in virgin ass, and he began to relax as I started removing my clothes.  I was becoming very excited and was oozing pre-cum juices.  I moved between his legs and continued the rubbing and massaging of his legs and buttocks.  I wanted to tongue fuck his tender pink hole before I penetrated him.  I spread his buns and kissed each cheek before running my tongue up and down his butt crack. He gave out a soft moan as I edged my way to his asshole and buried my face into his ass.

I continued licking and lapping his sweet young ass until I knew he was ready for a finger or two.  I placed a small vibrator near his hole and massaged up and down until the vibrator started to slip in. I slowly edged in until a few inches were easily penetrating his anus.  I placed one finger in with the vibrator and he moaned once again.  I knew he was ready for my cock. I reached for the lubricant nearby and placed a small gob on my dick and placed my cock head into the opening of his anus, and gently pressed forward until it was all the way in.  I started to make love to his body with each long and sensuous stroke.  He seemed perfectly satisfied and comfortable with my cock deep in his hole.  His athletic body was ready for a good fucking, so I gave it to him for all it was worth.  He took it like a pro and soon was backing into my rough, hard plunges as though he wanted more.

I continued to fuck him faster and faster until I shot deep into his tight and willing ass.  He backed into my dick as though he couldn’t get enough.  His ass was obviously ready for more fucking. We paused to rest before I reluctantly pulled my still hard dick out of his well-lubed asshole.TAIL GATE PARTY

During my wild sex with Angel, two men had quietly entered the room.  Their hard cocks were out, and they were ready for some fucking action.  I moved away from the bed and instinctively dropped to my knees to suck on one of the men’s cocks. He was a hot looking cowboy-type dude with a good-sized tool.  The other man, still fully clothed in jeans and a leather vest, immediately crawled on the bed between Angels’ spread legs.   He explored the cum filled asshole with his finger, placed his dick head between the boy’s buttocks, and buried his cock into the depths of his love canal. I wanted to get the cowboy’s nut but thought he might enjoy Angel as much as I had earlier.

Angel, and the man fucking him, seemed to be enjoying some wild and rough sex.  It wasn’t long before he dumped a load of his cum into Angel and moved off.  Just before he left Angel, he kissed his bare ass, put his cock back into his pants, and left the room.  My cowboy was anxious to pump a load into the boy’s ass as well. As I released his cock, he approached the bed, quickly mounted Angel, and started fucking right away.  He was already hot from watching his buddy fuck and my cock sucking, so a few good pumps and he moaned and shot his load into Angel.  He lay still for a short time until he heard someone call out that the football game had started.  He pulled his semi-hard cock out of Angel’s wet asshole, wiped it on his butt, and crawled off the bed.  All these guys were interested in was to get their nut.

I went over to Angel to check on him.  I took a dry towel from the table and started to dry his ass crack where there was cum oozing out of his ass and down onto his balls.  His dick was still hard so I knew he was enjoying his sessions with  us all.  He turned to look at me and then he asked me if I wanted to fuck him again.  I laughed to myself and realized he was going to be all right.   I gave Angel a drink of water and another puff on the joint left by one of the men. I looked up as Rod was coming into the bedroom door.

“How’s my boy doing?  Whoopee. I see why Indian was so hot over this sweet looking ass.  Man, I’m going get me some of that before the nights over.  Dick, I need you to come into the main room and pass out a few drinks to the men.  Put on this jock strap so the men can get a good look at your body and check out your sweet ass.   You might be needed for a quick fuck during commercials.  I already know how good a cocksucker you are, but never had a chance to fuck you hot ass.  So before you start serving the guys, put on that jockstrap, come give me a quick blow job and I’ll try out your ass later.”

I slipped into the leather jockstrap, and dropped to my knees before Rod.  I knew he was a quickie and this wouldn’t take very long at all.  I liked sucking Rod. He had such a perfect shaped cock.  It fitted so comfortably down my throat.  I started sucking his cock and after a few good firm sucks, he shot his load for me.  Then he told me to follow him and he’d tell me what I’d do next.  We went into the kitchen area where there was a large extra refrigerator full of beer and sodas.  I was given a large bucket that held about 10 cans, and I was to pass through the guests and hand them a beer when needed.  Only a few needed a second drink just then, so I picked up the empty cans and put them in a rubbish sack.

As I was moving about the room, I got a few interested looks and an occasional feel of my buttocks.  One man followed me behind the couch, started feeling my ass cheeks and bent me over the nearby leather chair, dropped to his knees and buried his face into my butt cheeks.  No one seemed to care what we were doing and continued watching the ball game.  After he licked my butt crack, he tongue fucked my asshole until it was wet.  Then he stood, pulled out his cock, and directed it to my asshole.  I leaned over the chair waiting for his penetration.


He roughly shoved his dick into my ass without mercy.  He wrapped an arm around my body and began pinching my nipples.  He deep fucked me while he continued to sip from his beer. He pounded my ass without missing a stroke, holding me tightly and soon shot a big load in my ass.  It was a nice long orgasm. I could feel his cum filling my hole.  He pulled out of my ass as quickly as he had entered me, patted my butt, and went back to his seat to watch the game.  I looked over at Ron standing in the kitchen. He winked and nodded with approval.  I had satisfied one of his buddies and he was pleased.

Story by Richard Barber at
Re-edited FJC 23 Aug 2008
End of part 1

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Community Service, Part 04

They’ll be cumming around the mountain.muscled+stud+smiles33

After Bobby’s father Walter and his Uncle Lynn left us at the cabin, Bobby and I started putting the groceries away that Walter left us. Bobby made us some sandwiches as we made ourselves comfortable and rested. We decided to load up the large 60 inch T.V. on my truck and take it to ‘Peter’s Barn cave’, and hang it on one of the walls.

Before we left the house the phone rang. It was my estate attorney Jason Worthington calling to setting up an appointment for tomorrow morning to have me sign some papers for the property and other miscellaneous things left to me in Peter’s will.

After loading the TV and a few other things we put it on the truck and drove up the grade to the barn entrance. It would be my first time to really take a better look at the barn and perhaps organize and clean it up.

It hadn’t been used since Peter passed on and it was a bit UN-kept. Bobby and I UN-boxed the T.V. and carried it inside. Previously the barn was used as a stable for about 7 or 8 horses and had been rented out to local clients. I assumed Peter boarded the horses before he make it into a ‘Man Cave’ for his trucker and biker friends. Four of the 8 horse stalls were converted into nice sleeping quarters with 1 set of bunk beds and 1 single bed in each stall, stand up lockers for clothes, end tables, and 2 lights above each beds. The first floor of the building was covered with thick rubber matting like the kind they use in gyms and playground areas.

The two remaining stalls had the walls removed and was made into one larger room. This was now used as the T.V. room. It had one large sectional couch, a couple lounge chairs, some small tables ,lamps and a large square coffee table in the center. This is the room were we were going to to install the new T.V. on the vacant wall.

Further down the room was the entrance to the shower room, sinks,toilets and a large urinal. Against one wall was storage shelves for towels. linens and toilet supplies. In the center of the last wall was a washer and dryer for cleaning and washing your clothes.

Back in the main room and across from the T.V. section was a small kitchen with gas stove, a large double door refrigerator, 2 small microwaves, a large coffee maker, a large icebox for keeping cold beer and drinks, and a few dishes, glasses, cups, stainless dinnerware, and other kitchen items. Next to the kitchen was a large dinning table that could seat 8, and a standard size pool table and 3 card tables. To the back of the large barn was a small stairway going up to a hay loft. Presently it looked empty or used for storage, but might be a good spot to add another lounge or beds.

I was amazed at the space and the facilities that was in use. It was more like a large hotel than just a barn. Peter had done a good job creating this place for his friends. After we hung the T.V. on the wall all we had to do is dust and clean the place up a bit.

The electricity and satellite dishes were connected and the water was running, thanks to Walter and Lynn. They deserved the good fuck session we had earlier today in the house. I notice a large water tower next to the barn and I assumed that is where the water was stored to be used in the barn and in the house. Wow! What a set up. I hope I can keep this place in running order.

Bobby make some coffee in the large coffee Vat and made some ice for the refrigerator. I did a few things around the barn and gathered some linens and blankets for the beds. We were just settling  down to have some coffee when we heard the motor of a large truck.

I went to the barn door to see what or who it was. It was a large truck pulling a 50 foot trailer into the large parking area made for the trucks. I watched while he skilfully parked his truck and turned off the motor. He was gathering up his belonging before he and another guy departed from the truck. He looked over and waved. I waved back. The driver headed my way while the other man went to the back of the truck.

Hello there. I’m Jake a friend of the late Peter Hopkins.” he said in a soft mournful voice.

Hi. I’m Clint , Peter’s cousin and now resident of this property. Come on inside and tell your friend to come in too. You’re welcome here.” We entered the Barn and I introduced Bobby to Jake. They shook hands as they looked each other over.

My driving partner Jack will be here in a minute or so. He’s checking our load to make sure everything is secure. We also have a housewarming gift for you. Just as soon as he comes in I’ll introduce you to him then we’ll go get the gift for you. Here he is now. Jack, come here and meet Clint, our host, and Bobby. “ Everyone shook hands and greeted each other.


Jake the Trucker

Jake was a tall thin handsome cowboy type of man wearing tight jeans, cowboy shirt, boots and cowboy hat. He looked to be about 30 to 35 years old. He had a thin rugged unshaven face  a nice smile and showed a nice impression of a large cock and low hanging balls hanging down the right side of his tight jeans. He had a nice voice and dark brown hair and eyes and a quick walk.

His partner Jack was a younger man in his late teens with a nice build. rippling stomach muscles and shorter than Jake. He was also dressed in tight jeans, open western shirt, boots but no cowboy hat. He had smooth young face and nice soft brown bedroom eyes and a nice firm round butt and a slight bulge in his pants. He seem to be shy and insecure and might be Jake’s fuck buddy, lover or even his son.


Jack, Jakes partner

That coffee smells good. Can I get a cup of that Java?” Jack said to Bobby.

Wait Jack. Let’s go get that thing from the truck before we set our asses down to have something to drink. Come on buddy. We’ll be right back.” Jake said as they both headed out the door again and went to the back of the truck.

What are they up to? It takes both of them to get the gift? It must be something big” I said looking at Bobby.

These guys are hot!’ Bobby said as we stood by the door waiting to see what they had. “I like the masculine older driver. He showed a big budge in his pants. Wonder if he likes to fuck younger boys.”

You’re such a slut.” I said laughingly. “The other dude wasn’t so bad either. Looks like it might be an interesting evening.”

Jake and Jack were walking back to the barn with a rather large wooden crate box. I hoped it wasn’t another large TV. When they got to the entrance they started opening the crate. It looked like a fireplace. They managed to get through the door and set it down at the entrance. It was a fireplace.

Jake spoke up. “I remembered how cool it gets in here during the cold months and I thought you could use this to heat things up. It is a hand made fireplace created by ‘Friends or Quakers‘ up in Pennsylvania. I had to make a pick up for a St Louis Fireplace company of  a few dozens of these hand made electric fireplace for heating. While the truck was being loaded I went to the main office to sign a few papers. The Quaker boy that went with me was so hot I couldn’t keep my eyes…or hands off him. I ended up fucking the hell out of him right there over a desk in his dad’s office.

So while everyone else was loading up the truck I was fucking the boss’s son. He liked it so much he told me he was gonna give me a heater for ‘services rendered’. Damn that boy was hot. He told me to come back again next season and I could deliver another load.


Whooey! That was a damn good fuck. I just might become a Quaker and move to Pennsylvania next year. Sure are some hot looking dudes up there.”

We all laughed.

Where would you like for us to plug this heater in? I was thinking over there by the TV if ya got room. What do ya think?”

Oh my gosh Jake. That is a great gift. I’ve seen some of these fireplaces on TV and they look just like a real one. It’s beautiful. Wow! Thanks Jake. That’s a great housewarming gift. I’m sure all the men will appreciate it as much as I do. Wow. It’s as realistic as a real fireplace. Thanks again. I’m sure Peter would have appreciated it too.” Then the men moved to the TV room area and plugged it in.

I see you have a new and larger TV hanging on the wall. That looks great. Clint, I hope you don’t mind if Jack and I stay a couple of nights before we have to hit the road again. We are expecting a call from our dispatcher and might have to go back to St Louis for a pick up.” Jake related.

Hell no Jake. You and Jack can stay for a few days if you want. I have plenty of room for you but we’ll have to stock up on some beer and sodas.”I said.

Jack was standing nearby and joined the conversation. “We were hoping to stay so we stopped by the town store and stocked up on beer and contacted the Pizza place and ordered a few pizza’s. He should be here soon. Hope you don’t mind. In fact we know of another two truckers that will be stopping by later on tonight and will probably want to stay over too. Looks like party time huh? I’ll get the beer out of the truck. Would you like to help me Clint. I think Jake is ready to take a shave and shower.”

Sure. That’s great. I was hoping to break this place in soon, so the more the merrier. What do you say Bobby? Do you want to stick around and help me entertain the troops?”

Yeah. Bobby’s gonna help me in the shower while you two go get the beer out of the truck…aren’t you Bobby? I need my back scrubbed then I’ll scrub your back while I explore that pretty ass of yours as well. See you dudes in a few.” Jake said as he put his arms around Bobby and patted his butt.

Bobby looked up and shrugged his shoulders as if to say. “Sure. Why not.” So off they went to the shower room. Bobby looked around at me grinned. Jake started pulling off his shirt even before he got to the showers then pulled Bobby over to his lips and gave him a quick kiss.

Jack and I went out to the end of the trailer and got the beer and other food items. Jack didn’t seem to mind if Jake took off with Bobby to the showers. It was obvious they were gonna fuck around for awhile. I guess Jack and Jake were just good fuck buddies or friends.

When we got back to the barn we put the beer in the large container along with some ice that they thoughtfully brought along with the beer. It should be cold in a short while.

Jack didn’t talk much and seemed shy so I tried to converse with him about his life and personal things. Jack started to talk.

“I’m originally from Oklahoma where I met Jake at a garage and gas station where I worked. I was only 16 when my parents were killed in a tornado that hit the town the year before. I got a job at the station while going to high school. Since the tornado, I lived in a storage room in the back of the station where I payed rent to the owner… who forced himself on me for sex. He also would rent me out to other men coming through town.

One day when Jake stopped by the station for fuel he ask Jake if he wanted to rent me for the night, When Jake realized what was going on, he took me to his truck and just drove off with me. I’ve been with him ever since. Jake does fuck me now and then but only when we are both in the mood and willing. I have to admit I love Jake and don’t mind if he plays around with other dudes.”

While we were talking together and putting the beer in the ice box we could hear moaning a groaning coming from the shower room. We took a beer for ourselves and went over to watch the new TV. Steam was pouring out of the shower room and sexual grunting sounds were sounding throughout the barn. We laughed and kept watching T.V. and drinking beer until the sounds of pleasure subsided.

Hey!” Yelled Jake from the back room. “Will one of you fuckers bring us some beer. We need something to drink.” I got up and got two beer and headed to the shower room. Jake and Bobby were both setting on the wet shower floor. Jake had his leg over Bobby. They looked exhausted but sexual satisfied.

Damn Clint. Have you seen the prick on this young stud? He fucked the hell out of me… and I thought I was the Alpha stud here and was gonna fuck him first. What a cock.,.and what a sweet number and a damn good fucker. Have you been fucked by this stud…No don’t answer me, I know you have. What a sweetie. Why don’t you and Jack join us for our next round. I’m looking forward to fucking your hot looking ass Clint. Where’s that partner of mine? I love that ‘son of a gun’. He’s such a good man. Jack. Bring us that beer while we rest here.”

While Bobby was getting up from the wet shower room floor Jake was heading to to sink to shave. I took one of the beers to Jake while Jack took a beer to Bobby.

Jake had been fucked by Bobby but stood at the sink with a big 8 inch hard on. I handed him the beer then dropped to my knees to give him a well needed blow job. He had a beautiful dick and nice hanging ball. Jake didn’t look surprised, took another sip of his beer, placed one hand on my shoulder and said.


That’s just what I needed. A damn good blow job. Man I’m gonna like it here. You’re as good a host as your cousin, Peter. Oh yeah! That’s great. I see you are as good a cock sucker as Peter was too. Let’s drink to Peter, bless his soul.

Damn Clint, You took my cock all the way that time. Shit that feels awesome. A few more of that action and I’ll give you my load. Aw yeah! That’s Damn good.”


As I was giving Jake a good blow job, Bobby was putting on his boxer short and headed to the TV room with Jack. I continued to suck his cock and give his balls a good workout as well. He pulled me up from the floor and gave me a nice kiss and put his arms around me and slid his hands to my butt cheeks.

Take off those clothes Clint. I want to feel your naked body against me and explore your man pussy. If you’re as good a fuck as you are a cocksucker we’re in for a good time. Man. What a way to end a hard day’s work. I thought that Bobby dude was gonna drill me a new ass hole. That boy can fuck. Must of had some good teachers. I came once while he was fucking me but I want to dump a load in your sweet ass. I was hot for your ass the minute I was introduced to you. “ Jake continued.

You’re a good looking stud…Oh my…and a big cock as well. I might let you fuck me sometime too…after I rest up. That Bobby fucked me hard. Just the way I’m gonna do to you. Now bend that hot look-en body over the sink so I can check out your man pussy. Put that towel over the edge to lean on. I’m gonna shove my cock up your ass and and use you to pop my trucker load in your hot body.”

Oh Yeah. You’ve got a hunky body there dude. I’m gonna guide my cock in to your love canal. Oh man. That’s a tight man pussy. This is gonna be nice. Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah! Man you’re nice.”

Jake kept talking to me as he started fucking my ass as I leaned over the sink. He would take a sip on his beer then fuck some more.388dd-fuckmelikethebitchiam

Jake fucked me hard but nice. He’d almost cum a few times but then he’d stop take a sip of beer, kiss the back of my neck then started fucking me again. Soon he couldn’t control his orgasm and started fucking me faster and gave out a grunt and dumped a big load of trucker stud juice in my love canal. He left his cock in me for a short time until he became flaccid and eased out of me. I turned quickly and took his cock in my mouth and cleaned him off. He was sensitive but let me milk down some more sweet juices from his awesome cock. I’m looking forward to having sex with him  again this week end.

I left Jake to his shaving, put on my jeans and joined Jack and Bobby in the other room.

Jack saw the Pizza truck pulling in the driveway and hurried to the door to let him in with a stack of large Pizza’s. They stood and talked for a few minuets in the kitchen then suddenly Jack’s head disappeared. The pizza boy was still standing but would smile, made funny faces and close his eyes now and then.

Jack had dropped to his knees behind the kitchen cabinets and was giving the cute young Pizza boy a blow job. I could see the young man’s face and he seemed to be enjoying his ‘blow job tip‘ from Jack. I guess they had met at the Pizza Place earlier when they made their order on the way to the Barn. Jack wasn’t as shy as I thought he was. Good for him. He’s handsome and shouldn’t have any trouble getting or giving sex to another stud.suckingMyBuddy

When Jack finished blowing the Pizza boy he waved and left the barn. Jack took the stack of Pizzas to the big table, along with some paper plates and napkins.

Come on guys. We have some fresh Pizza here to eat. It will put some pencil in your dong for more fucking around. I’d would have shared the Pizza Boys cum with you but I swallow it all. I needed the protein for later. “ Some of the guys laughed and headed to the table to get some fresh Pizza and a cold beer.

I heard another small truck driving up the drive way. Who could it be this time?

Someone opened the door and hollered out. “

Hey Bobby or Clint.” It was Lynn, Bobby’s cousin. The one with the extra big cock.

“I heard you were having a ‘suck and fuck party’ and thought you could use some more beer.” He came in what a large beer keg over his shoulder. “There’s another one in the back of the truck. Would you get it Bobby? Be careful and not to shake it or drop it or you will have beer shooting all over the place. Hey Clint. Where would you like for me to set it? It’s still nice and cold but needs plugged. I’ll do it for you. Here okay?” Lynn set the keg down on the Kitchen Cabinet and proceeded to plug it for us.


Lyn’s Big Cock

I’d like to have a cold one before I leave.” Just then Jake shouted out to Lynn. “Hey there you fucking stud. Its been a couple of months since we’ve seen ya. Remember Jack? He’s still hanging around with me. How’s that big horse meat of yours you got hanging between your legs? I told my buddy about how big your cock was and would like to watch you fuck some young punk again. You sure put on a wild show at one of Peter’s Parties. How about sticking around and give us another show and fuck one of these young punks while we all watch?”

Naw Jake. I just came by to give Clint these Kegs of beer. I shouldn’t stay.”

I enjoyed our last session yesterday and hoped Lyn would still around. I wouldn’t mind getting fucked by him again but hesitated on having a audience.

“Stick around Lyn. I’d like to watch you fuck some dude too.”

Well I might stick around if I could fuck you again Clint. You’ve got a hot body and a tight pussy to enjoy.”

Then the guys all gave voice and agreed he should stick around and fuck me. One of the men took a packing blankets he brought  to sleep on in case he had to sleep on the floor, and threw it on top of the pool table.

I guess I have no choice.” I said “But you guys gotta be be patient with me. Lyn has a huge cock and I’d have to take it slow. “

Yeah, Yeah.” The guys yelled out with encouragement.

Okay I’ll do it but I think either Bobby or Jack should give it a try first. Let’s let Lyn have a beer first and relax before we have some more fun.”

 I said trying to be a good host. I knew Bobby and been fucked by his uncle several times but I’d like to see cute little Jack get his round bubble butt fucked. Everyone agreed and had a few more pieces of pizza and another beer.

The party continues in the next chapter.

Story by Dick Clinton,

Date 6-01-2016

3840 Words



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Community Service, Part 03

Community Service, Part 03

I’m In Trouble now!


Uncle Lynn

Story by Dick Clinton,

Well, well. If my handsome young son hasn’t turned into a pussy boy. No, No. Don’t get up. Stay just as your are, young man. I knew you liked your Pa banging your boy pussy, but didn’t realized you like it so much. Your uncle Lynn and I enjoyed the show you two put on, and now its our turn to enjoy some of that sweet boy pussy.”

I slowly pulled my wet cock from Bobby’s hole, still enjoying the last feeling of a good fuck. I stepped aside as Bobby’s Pa gripped his son’s leg and held them high.


Caught fucking Bobby’s hole.

Hey Lynn. Remember the time the four of us fucked that whore in St Louis? We fucked her so much that cum was over flowing from her cunt. Look at my boy’s pussy hole. He’s overflowing with cum just like that cunt. I think that’s HOT. “

Walter undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He lifted Bobby’s legs and rubbed his hand up and down his wet overflowing ass hole. He took some of the cum and rubbed it around his cock, then licked his fingers to taste my cum. He guided his cock to Bobby’s hole and shoved his cock deep into the warm cum filled ass hole. Both men moaned as Walter started to rough fuck his son. It was exciting to watch.

While Walter was fucking Bobby, he introduced me to the other man.

Clint. This is my brother-in-law. Lynn. Bobby’s uncle on his mother’s side. You can see the family resemblance by the size of their big cocks? I’m glad we found you two having a good time, because now son, I’ll fuck you as often as I want, knowing you’re my pussy boy. I know after your uncle Lynn has fucked your tight hole, he’ll want you again too.”

Your hole feel so nice and warm. Clint sure dumped a big load in your ass.. I like that.”

As Walter was fucking his son, I went over to Lynn and helped him out of his coveralls. He was a bit younger than Walter and had a fantastic manly body. When he took off his shirt I was excited to see all the body hair on his firm chest and rippling stomach. When I saw his cock I could see where Bobby inherited his cock size, only Lynn’s cock was even larger. As his cock got harder I estimated it was bout 11 inches long and thick as my wrist. I was wondering if he intended on fucking his nephew with that beauty.

I couldn’t escape going down on Lynn’s cock. He tasted sensation. He was partially cut and the foreskin had already pulled back from a large tulip shaped cock head. I tried to put my mouth over his cock. It was already so thick I knew I would have a hard time going very far down on his Goliath. I wondered how Bobby was going to receive that big eleven inch beauty up his boy pussy. I licked and savored his low hanging balls. He was very hairy, but I loved it. I don’t enjoy sucking on balls that have been shaved. I like a natural man, hair and all.


Uncle Lynn’s Big dick.

As I was sucking and licking on Lynn’s magnificent man cock and balls, I glanced over to watch Bobby take his Pa’s cock. They fucked hard. His Pa was caressing and pulling on Bobby’s nipples. Their eyes were locked on each other. Sweat was rolling down Walters hard body and onto his son. Bobby’s cock was hard again. I could hear Walter talking to him in a rough and demanding voice as he fucked. From time to time I could hear him calling his son his ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’.

Then Walter started to pound his sons ass hard like he was about to cum. Just then both started to moan with pleasurable intensity and they both climaxed in a wild and vociferous instant.


Walter fucking his son.

Walter fell on his sons wet and sweaty body, then softly kissed him on the lips. After a few minutes of relaxation Walter stood back with his feet still on the floor. He looked over at Lynn and me and said.

Are you ready to fuck this boy pussy whore. He likes it so much he came without me touching his cock. You don’t need to be gentle with this stud. He can take it. He may like to take a cock up his ass, but he is still all man. Go have a good fuck Lynn and don’t ever say I never give you anything. He’s the best fuck in town.“

Lynn walked over to his nephew, lifted his legs once more, roughly stuck his finger in Bobby’s wet fuck hole and said to Bobby.


Uncle Lynn fucking Bobby, his Nephew

I hope you’re ready to take my eleven inch cock up your boy pussy because I’m gonna make you cry out ‘UNCLE!’.” Then he smiled as he guided his cock to Bobby’s well fucked hole.

Bobby was bracing himself and making ready to take his uncle’s cock, but still made a surprising face as Lynn eased the whole shaft in with one move. Lynn waited for a short time, then pull his cock almost all the way out, then shove it all the way back in. You could hear the wet sloshing noise as his cock went in and out of Bobby’s hole.

Oh my gawd! Walt, this is better than you said. Damn. Why haven’t we been fucking this young heifer before?. Mu-mm Yeah. I could fuck this sweet thing all night, but I can see I’m not gonna hold out that long. Mu-mm. Good ass. Good fucking ass.” Lynn kept saying as he plowed Bobby’s ass.


Breeding Bobby

I stood close by to watch this unrestrained family breeding. I had only arrived today and I had all ready introduced three men in a new family love fest. Bobby was still enjoying getting fucked for the third time in the last two hours. I almost envied him but I knew I would eventually share some of this man meat.

Walters cock was already hard and ready to go again. It was my time to get my ass fucked by one or all three of these studs. As I gripped Walters cock I bent over the other side of the bed to encourage Walter to take advantage of my willingness to get laid. I guided his dick to my ass. I had already lubed my hole for easier penetration. I love to be manhandled and rough fucked like Bobby, but not as willing to start with a dry fuck. I hadn’t planned on a sex orgy this early in my arrival, but come what may.


Walter fucking Clint’s fuck hole. .

As Walter penetrated my willing fuck hole, my face was next to Bobby. and Walter and Lynn were facing each other as they fuck us. Bobby turned his head towards me, smiled and leaned closer so we could kiss. It was exhilarating getting fucked by these two brothers at the same time.

I lost track of the time as I was getting fucked royally by Bobby’s Pa. Both men started pounding our butts so hard that I thought the bed might collapse. The brothers were conscious of each others intended climax. Then as if by cue they both started to cum.

They looked directly into each other eyes. I thought at one time the brothers might kiss. They eagerly ejaculated their staffs of life filling us with their masculine sperm. It would be impossible to explain the sounds, moans and groans of positive stimulus that all of us sounded out. It was just absolute awesome.

After we all released our loads, we lay pleasantly exhausted in a period of Nirvana, a place of complete bliss and delight and peace


Cum shooting in Bobby’s fuck hole.

Well I guess we should get back to work Clint. We fixed your water pump and connected your outdoor TV antenna. Thanks guys. You don’t need to pay us for the work. The fucks were payment enough. Not that we’re done using your fuck holes but enough for now.”

Clint. I also brought you some more groceries and beer. It’s the week end and I think you’ll be entertaining some ‘highway cowboys’. You better expect a few truckers. Some of the men don’t know about your cousin. I know he’ll be missed but you are better than expected and I know the truckers will enjoy you.”

Come on Lynn. Lets gather up our tools and get back to town. Our wifes will be expecting us for dinner.”

Hey son. Do you need a ride home or are you gonna stay here with Clint and help him entertain the truckers? I know they’ll enjoy that sweet boy pussy you offer. But don’t ware it out because Lynn and I intend to use you in more ways than just working for us.”

Good fuck, Bobby. Damn good fuck. See ya later Clint and thanks again for your hospitality.”

Lynn gave a nod and rubbed my ass on the way out. “Same some of that ass for me later. Bye for now.”

Whew!” I said as Lynn and Walter left the room. We both set up on the edge of the bed, looked at each other and started laughing.

You said to me you were in trouble now, but if that was trouble, I want more of that. I don’t think I can that that big cock of Lynn’s. I don’t know how you took that monster. What a big 11 inch beauty.”

I had some practice with my uncle and his big cock. We we were in high school and younger. He use to fuck me about once a week after the football games. We’d double date then drop off our chicks go to an abandoned barn and fuck up a storm. I never did tell my Dad. It’s been quite a while and I’m glad we’ve gotten back together again. He’s quite the hunk…..and a damn good fucker. He looked like he’d like to fuck you sometime too.”

Wow that’s very flattering but I don’t think I could take that big cock as easy as you did. But you did have some practice.”

Now that you’re here. Do you want to stick around the rest of the evening and help me get things together? Your dad said I might have some weekend truckers stop by. What do you say?”

More to cum.

Story By Dick Clinton,


Word Count, 1326




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Community Service, Part 02

Community Service, Part 02 c5

Bobby cums into my service.

Story by Dick Clinton

I heard a small truck coming up the road so went around to the front of the house to see who my visitor was. I had already called in my grocery order, so it must be Bobby.

A small red truck pulled up close to the house with a young teenager, so I assumed it was Bobby, Walters son. He hopped out of the truck and gave me a wave, then he went to the back of the truck to get the supplies.

Hello sir. You must be Clint. I’m Bobby. I have your groceries and some other stuff left for Peter at the post office by UPS. You’ll have to help me bring them in the cabin.

We greeted by bumping fist then continued to the back of the truck where we found two oblong containers. I grabbed one end and Bobby took the other. We went inside and set the container down and went back for the other one. Peter must have ordered something before he departed. I went to get the other box of grocery I’d ordered.

This young man was another clean cut country boy. He was taller than his dad, Walter and very well build. He was wearing a ball cap, a high school athletic shirt, sport shorts with bold school letters on the shirt and, of all things, cowboy booths.

What ya got in the boxes sir?” he ask.

Not sure yet, but it looks like flat screen TVs.” I was wondering why Peter didn’t have any TVs. I noticed a small satellite disk on the roof of the house and one on the garage. Now I had two new fourty-five inch HDTV flat screen TV’s. How could this get any better?

Oh yeah. Now I remember Peter telling me about a month ago he’d ordered the TVs. Wow. Those are cool. Huh? He has a VCR and a disk player on the shelf by the fireplace.

I’ll help you set them up if you want. We could set one of them on the hearth of the fireplace. I know where there are some DVD movies. He has some hot DVD’s in a hidden compartment behind the bookshelf, and another secret hiding place in the bedroom. You want me to show ya?”

Ah, Sure. How come you know of these things. Bobby?.”

Oh we were good buddies, sir. He would entertain me sometime and show me his x-rated sex film. Some are pretty good, but wait until I show you what’s in the bedroom.”

I follow the young man into my bedroom wondering what was in store for me. He opened one of the closet doors, pulled on a hanger lever and behold. A small closet opened with all kinds of sex toys and a stack of DVD s. Peter must have been a kinky person….and I loved it.

Oh by the way, sir. That little red truck out there belonged to Peter too. I guess it’s yours now. He let me drive it now and then and I happened to have it in my care when he died. Pa told me to hold on to it until you got here. You might have to drive me home if you need it right away.”

Sir, you are much younger than Peter. What are you about twenty five? And I might add, good looking too, sir. Were you close cousins? He was such a nice guy and will sure be missed around here. He sure knew how to please, if you know what I mean. I guess Pa told you about Peter. Huh?”

What was your relationship with Peter, Bobby? Have you know him a long time?”

Yes sir, I’ve know Pete almost all my life. Pa did some work for him now and then. I think that is when Pa knew he had sort of ah, ah, ah,.. personal interested in him. Pa has been doing things for Peter for quite sometime, and Peter was taking care of him sexually, at least that’s what Pa told me when I was about fourteen.

I had my first experience with Peter when I was sixteen. Me and two of my high school buddies, Sam and Jake were playing pool in the Garage when Peter brought two of his friends into the Garage to show them around. A good looking young married couple. Later on he invited us into the house to have some refreshments with them. The couple was very nice and the woman was really hot and sexy.

To make my story short sir, during our visit and, a few porno movies, the conversation got around to sex, and all six of us ended out in the bedroom. The man ask us if we wanted to watch him fuck his wife.

Isn’t that wild sir? Being horny teenagers we were very excited and more than willing. He and Peter instructed us to take our clothes off and jack off if we liked.

We knew at that time Peter was bi-sexual, and while we watch them fuck, Peter went down on us while we watched Gil fuck his wife Mary. It was our first time to have a man suck our cocks, and I might add, not the last time. Then to make things even more interesting, right after the husband finished fucking his wife’s pussy, he ask if the three of us guys wanted to fuck her, but without using a condom.

Well, shit yeah! We were so hot we could cum just thinking about it. Since I was the oldest, and had the biggest dick, I jumped on the bed first and slammed my cock into her juicy pussy and started fucking like crazy. It was kind of kinky knowing her husband’s cum was still in her pussy. It was my first pussy, and I fucked like a crazy teenager. When I came, Mary came too. It was so awesome, I thought I would pass out it was so good.

cumming cock

As soon as I had dumped my load, I pulled out of her cum filled cunt, and my buddy, Jake, crawled on her and started fucking. He was just as wild as I was.

My other buddy, Sam, walked up to the side of the bed and stuck his cock in Mary’s mouth so she could suck on his big cock while Sam fucked Mary.

Jake held out a bit longer than I did, but as soon as Mary came, he came too. He slowly pulled out.

Sam pushed Jake aside and put his dick deep in her with one hard fast move. He fucked the hell out of her as well. I was amazed to hear Mary coming again as soon Sam started cumming. She was a wild one.

After Sam finished fucking and dumped his load, we all took a break while Peter and the husband, Gil went down on our cocks and cleaned the cum and pussy juice from our cock and balls. This made us hard again and we were ready to do some more fucking but before we did, Peter got all three of us off again and swallow our cum.

Gil went back to his wife still on the bed, got between her legs and went down on her pussy. He ate, and sucked out all four loads of the cum from her juicy cunt. This was as hot as when he fucked her the first time. Of course we all got hard again and started jacking off.

Gil sucked all the cum out of her pussy and made his wife cum again. He set up, wiped off his mouth and smiled. He looked as us with a straight face and told us what he really wanted from us.

Gil said he and his wife had been trying to get her pregnant for months, but they discovered he was sterile from an old football injury. He and his wife Mary, wanted a baby so bad, and asked us guys if we would fuck his wife again, or as many times as we wanted tonight in hopes we could impregnate her.

Wow! That was a shocker, but we were willing to fuck her all night if she could handle it. It would be cool if she had a kid from the three of us sixteen year old teenage guys, and that we would be the sperm donors. We all agreed, then Gil said he would give us one hundred dollars each for the nights fun. While we three boys fucked Gil’s wife, he fucked Peter in the ass.

So that was my first close connection with Peter, sir. You can close your mouth now sir, unless you are ready to suck my cock. Reminder of this story made me hard and horny again. Do you want to do it? I sure miss getting my cock sucked by Peter. Oh, and I might warn you, My cock is larger than the average man, and you might have a hard time getting me off by sucking me. Of course I could always fuck your ass if you prefer…..or you can try to get me off by sucking me, then I could fuck your ass later. I love to have sex.

As Bobby finished tell me about his encounter with Peter, and fucking his first pussy, he was kicking off his boots and pulling off his shirt. He had a well developed hard body and fantastic abs. Anyone could tell he was very athletic and worked out. He was taller than his Pa, and had a great head of hair and deep dark brown eyes.


I was anxious to see the big cock that he warned me about. I had noticed earlier how his cock flopped around under his shorts. When he pulled down his shorts, out popped his thick semi-hard ten inch cut cock…and a beautiful set of low hanging balls. He had a smooth and almost hairless body except for his crotch and arm pit hair. No shaved balls or shaved public hair. His piss crack was already dripping clear juices begging me to suck and make love to his manhood.

As I was busy taking my clothes off, I watched this nineteen year old athletic hunk strip. Before he got on the bed, he stood in front of the bedroom mirror and flexed his arm muscles and rubbed his hands down his rippling abs. He reached for his hardening cock, cupped his big balls and gave them a tug. He rubbed his hand over his butt cheeks to check them out. He was giving me a great show as he exhibited his body.

What do you say, sir. Nice looking hard cock, don’t you think? I sure like to use this thing on girls and men. You like my bowling ball butt? The girls love that too.”

I dropped to my knees like a man ready to worship a god: a man god in this case. He stood admiring himself in the mirror as I gripped his balls in one hand, and guided his beautiful cock into my mouth with the other hand.


Bobby had a narcissus complex about his body and especially his cock, but who am I to complain. I had to admit he was a handsome hunk with a great cock. Now let’s see what I can do with it. I have never had trouble sucking and draining big cocks. I know Bobby will be pleased when I start working his cock over and get him to cum. Bobby looked down at me while I humbly kissed and loved his cock.

Oh yeah, sir. You are a good cock sucker. I think we are going to be good friends, very good friends. Um. That’s great. Lick my balls. I love to have my balls licked and sucked on. Yeah. Just like that.”

Let me sit on the bed and you can lick and rim my ass as well. I have a very sensitive butt hole and like to have a tongue deep in my anus; that is if you’d like to eat my ass.”

Damn yes, I’d like to eat your ass. I’ve thought about doing that from the first time I saw you. I’m hungry for your ass. Now set down and let me show you how your new cock sucker, ass eater and pussy man does his job.”

YES SIR! Get to work, cock sucker. I think I love ya already, sir. Oh Yeah, oh yeah. You sure have a hot tongue. Take your time. I love the way you work and talk. “

As Bobby set on the edge of the bed, I got on the floor and licked his balls once more. Then I lifted his legs and tongued all around his hairy ass hole. I found his sweet pink hole and started licking and tongue him. He moaned again. He placed his hands to his butt cheeks and pulled them apart so I could go deeper in his ass. Man, this guy sure love to have his ass eaten. It makes me wonder if he like to get fucked as well. I will give that a try some other time. Right now I want to suck on that big cock and get the nectar’s from him. Action+Men-Rim++79

I continued to eat his ass hole and suck on his balls for a few more minutes, then worked my way over his balls, then up to his cock shaft to the end of his penis, to enjoy the sweet flowing juices of his pre-cum. His cock was so long, I thought I might have to stand over the bed to take his whole cock. I sucked and made love that beauty until I knew he was going to cum. He held his hand to the back of my head, moving with my up and down motion. I could only take about 6 inches of his shaft, but enough to give him proper pleasure. He was about to cum. I could feel his balls tighten and I felt the throbbing of his pulsating cock.

Oh sir. I’m gonna pop my load. Gonna cum. Oh please don’t stop. I need to cum. Oh gawd, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Suck me, suck me. Aw yeah, aw yeah. Ugh. Drink my cum. Get it all. Yeah. Yeah.”

He wrapped his legs around my neck as he shot a well needed blow. It seemed like he shot a dozen loads of sweet clear teenage sperm before he paused to relax as I continued to service his cock. It started to go limp, but only after I drank down his cum and licked his balls again. I took my t-shirt and dried him.

I thought he was about to fall asleep, but I kept sucking on his soft cock for a few more minutes. He was getting hard again. You gotta give it to young teenagers and their stamina to have sex. He lifted his legs again to offer me his butt hole again. This time I stood by the bed with his legs on my shoulders. I rubbed my hard wet oozing cock over his hole. He looked up and me and smiled.

You want to try my boy pussy sir? If it feels as good as your tongue, you can fuck me if you want.“

Don’t look so surprised. I’m not cherry but it’s been awhile since I’ve been fucked. My Pa and I were home alone one night, and I guess he got so horny he came into my room and fucked the hell out of my cherry ass. It hurt at first, but since it was my Pa, and I love him so much, I figured he deserved a good piece of ass now and then.

After he got it in, it didn’t hurt that bad, and when he pushed in and out a few times, it started feeling damn good. He fucked me two times that week end during the football game on TV. Ma was out of town for the whole week, so it was a good time to do it. I’ve been looking forward to Pa doing it more often, now that I know how good it made us both feel.

We’ve never mentioned this to anyone. You’re the first to know. You still want to fuck my butt after I told you about my Pa fucking me? Was that a bad thing to do?

Hell. That makes me want to fuck you even more. I have some lube in that bedside table. Let me get some, then we’ll continue on.”

Sir. I would rather you just use ‘spit and determination’. That’s the way Pa fucked me, without lube, just his juicy cock and some spit. I liked it rough like that, and would like for you to ‘rough fuck me too’, if that’s all right, Sir. “

Oh gawd. I almost came just thinking about fucking this young stud. I lifted his legs once more. I just had to have one more taste of his butt hole before I dumped my load in him, and I could get it wet to prepared him for my thick seven one half inch cock. I think his Pa’s cock was about the same size as mine, so fucking Bobby would be okay.

I started tongue fucking his butt hole one more time. I used extra saliva to get him good and wet before we fucked. I stood once again, aimed my cock to Bobby’s sweet hole and moved in slowly. I was barely in the opening and ready to continue, when Bobby put his hands around my butt cheeks and pulled me directly into his ass hole. It was fantastic. We both moaned at the same time as I entered his tight muscular hole. He was so tight it almost hurt. We both relaxed to let my cock and his asshole get ready to be used.

Oh man, Clint. You don’t know how good your cock feels in my ass. I miss my Dad fucking me, but perhaps he’ll be in the mood to breed me again. Fuck me Clint. Fuck me hard and rough. Your cock is already teasing my prostate. I might cum again if you continue to fuck me this way. Fuck me, but take your time. I really needed this.”


His ass muscles gripped my cock so tightly. He was like a virgin ass, but he wasn’t complaining. I started to ease in and out slowly at first but as I continued to fuck, I got a little rougher and slam fucked his ass. My balls were pounding against his butt crack. He moaned and groaned like a whore in heat. This young man was really into getting fucked. Wow.

He was so tight it almost hurt my cock, then all of a sudden he shouted out “I’m gonna cum. Oh man. I’m gonna cum without even touching myself. Fuck me, Fuck me. Ugh, ugh, yeah.” He started shooting another big load all over himself. His ass muscles tightened and milked my cock until I came at the same time.


I’m in trouble now!

He reached up and pulled my face to his and gave me a deep passionate kiss. We kissed hard and yet lovingly. After a few minutes of kissing I came up for air to ease my cock out of his cum filled hole. I felt someone watching us. I glanced up at the mirror on the opposite wall and discovered Bobbie’s Pa, Walter, and another man were standing in the door way watching us. Walter had his cock out of his jeans pounding away and the other man was rubbing his cock thru his overalls. I didn’t know exactly what to do, so I slowly eased my cock out of Bobby’s cum filled hole.

Bobby sensed the looked on my face and looked over to see his Pa and his Uncle Lynn watching our session.

Oh my gawd. I’m in trouble now.” Bobby said in a low concerned voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Story By Dick Clinton

Word Count, 3376


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