Adventures of Mike the Sailor, Part 01

Policeman, Sailor and the Pizza Boy, Part 01kasey-4

Story written by; Richard Barber

This story contains man-to-man sexual relations with domination, bisexuality, anal penetration, and incest. If any or all of these subjects offends you, or you are under the legal age required in your state or country, then stop now. However, if you are not offended by descriptive male sexual love, then you should read on.

I remember a rather exciting occasion I had in NY City during a weekend pass. I had just disembarked from the train in Grand Central Station after arriving from Bainbridge Naval Training Center in Mass., and was heading to my favorite place, the military Y.M.C.A.

I had to admit I was a sexy looking young man in my tailored whites, which clung to my body in just the right places. The man who tailored my Navy whites knew how to emphasize my best features, my bowling ball butt, and my low hanging cock. They were so tight that it was impossible for me to wear any underclothes. They were not ‘regulation’ so I had to change when I left the base and replace them again before I returned. I had a nice firm butt, a nice size cock, and this uniform displayed them both remarkably well. I realized that my light blond hair, pale blue eyes, and a perfect set of teeth were a good turn on to the women as well as the men. I had recently become aware of other men sexually and had begun to flaunt my own sexy body for attention.

I had walked a few blocks from the railroad station in Manhattan towards the Y where I planned to spend a couple nights. I carried a small ditty bag consisting of a change of regulation clothes and personal supplies. As I came to a busy intersection, I noticed a NY Policeman directing traffic. I observed him with interest, as I crossed to the other side of the street.

The policeman was about 25 years old, six foot 2 inches tall, weighed about 225 pounds, and had a great body. He had dark trimmed black hair and dark sparkling eyes. He was the classic muscular cop you might see in the movies. It was impossible to see an impression of his cock, because cops wear protective cock cups, but he sure had a nice ass.


I was studying his humorous body movements as he directed traffic. He swung his arms around like an orchestra director, and moved on his feet like a dancer. I smiled as he hopped from one leg to the other, blowing his traffic whistle, and motioning with his hands and unbelievable facial expressions. I finally made eye contact with him as I crossed to the last corner. I was so immersed in this stud that I walked from one corner to another, until I realized that I had walked complete square and found myself back at the stoplight crossing where I had started off.

On that corner was a coffee shop where I decided I would get a quick snack before heading on to my final resting place at the ‘Y’. I had to have the energy for the night’s sexual encounters. I discovered the Military ‘Y’ was a hot place to pick up other hot men; not just Military, but civilian as well. Many a hot time was had at that ‘hotel’. I was finding it difficult keeping my mind off the young military studs at the Training Center where I was currently based. I had decided that I was going to be a good boy there, even if I did end up going around most of the time with a partial hard on. I was definitely not the only man that was interested in other men, but I tried hard to ignore the interested looks of the others. I did let myself slip a few times, but was very discreet and I was very private about it. Most of the other gays there were not sure about my sexual preference, and I was going to keep it that way. I had just ‘come out’ during this time of my life. I had always thought everyone was like me, and desired both sexes.

I had not long sat down at the counter when I felt the presence of a warm body sitting beside me. I looked in the mirror behind the counter, to discover that it was the handsome policeman sitting right there, in his tailored New York City Policeman blue uniform. He adjusted his jacket and took off his hat revealing his handsome head of black wavy hair. I guess I looked at him a bit too long because he looked at me and said.

“How you doing, my ‘‘swabbie’’ friend? Come to see the big city, have you?”

“Yes sir, but I have been here before. I was watching you direct traffic a while ago and you are something else.” I said trying to keep the conversation going. He just grinned as if he already knew.

“ I have been told that before. Hi, my name is Sergeant Tony Adonis.”

I held out my hand and thought to myself, “You sure are an Adonis.” He was a very handsome Italian Cop.

“Mine is Michael, but you can call me Mike.” I said quickly
We chatted briefly as he sipped his coffee and I nervously tried to eat a piece of pie and drink some milk. Tony said to me as he finished the coffee, put on his hat and was ready to go.

“I am just wrapping up this shift and have to make a call to headquarters to check in. Hang in there until I make this call.” Tony instructed.

He returned quickly and started to pay for his coffee and leave. He turned to me and asked.

“Hey, what are you doing tonight because I have a couple of tickets to that ‘Cinerama’ movie at Time Square? Would you like to go with me?

He asked in his Italian New York jargon. He was asking me out. Wow, I should be so lucky. Then Tony added.

“I have to go to my place to change and take a quick shower before we split. Why don’t you come along with me and we’ll go from there? I only live a few blocks from here. We’ll hop on the subway and be there in no time.”

I assured him that I was interested in seeing the movie with him. We proceeded to pay our bills but the restaurant cashier shook her head and wouldn’t take any money from either of us because he was a cop and I was a sailor in uniform.

We left the coffee shop, hopped on the subway, and headed out to his place. I had ridden on the subways several times before, but this time a handsome cop was escorting me. The subways are always too noisy to talk so we just sat and watched the people and the stations go by. After a few stops, he motioned for me to follow him as we exited the train.

We went to his apartment located above a store in an average part of the city. When we arrived, he called for a pizza delivery and offered me a beer. He began to strip off his uniform before he showered. I was getting turned on just watching him do his strip. I was beginning to think he was doing it just to tease me. He moved around the apartment, talking to me while he continued to remove articles of clothing. I liked listening to his accent and his quick sense of humor. He enjoyed talking, and told me some interesting things that happened to him as he directed traffic. He explained this was only a temporary position, and he was waiting for his new promotion on the vice squad.

I thought back to my ‘run in’ with the highway patrolman on the Kansas Highway just about a year before I joined the Navy. This cop was different but just as sexy and equally as handsome. He had such a great personality. I could hear the shower water running in the bathroom just off the hallway. He yelled to me as I sat nervously in the living area.

“Hey Mike. Make yourself at home and we’ll have some pizza later, and have another beer if you want. I’ll only be a few minutes. Why don’t you come in here so we can talk better, and bring me another beer.”

He had left the bathroom door open and I could see his silhouette through the shower curtains as he showered. He showered quickly, came out, and stood by the tub as he towel dried himself. He told me to sit on the toilet stool so he could talk to me as he shaved. He still remained naked except for a large white towel wrapped around his waist. He had a hard solid body with a good set of six-pack abs on his hairy stomach. His body was softly covered with hair from his neck down and even his back was covered with a soft down of dark hair. On the calf of one leg, he had a small tattoo of an eagle.

As he shaved, he lean his body towards the mirror, this in turn pushed his round butt out and into the room. I was getting so hot that I wanted to yank that towel off his body, kiss his butt, and rim his ass… but I didn’t have to. As he moved, his towel fell from his waist. He made no effort to retrieve it. I thought I should look away, but I was mesmerized by his physical appearance. He was so sexy. When he finished shaving he reached down to pick up his towel. As he bent over, his hard buttocks and hairy asshole were positioned right in front of my face. His long uncircumcised cock and large hairy ball sack dangled beneath his groin. I was so hard now, that my cock was starting to ooze pre-cum causing wet spots to appear beneath my whites.

His naked firm body touched mine as he moved past me to go into the other room. He headed down the hallway to his bedroom. I followed thinking he was about to dress. He opened his dresser drawers to pick out his shorts, socks, and threw them on the bed. I tried not to stare at him and lowered my eyes when he looked over at me and said.

“Do I embarrass you standing here in my birthday suit?”

“No, Sir, I see lots of naked men in the Navy.” I said. “Why did you ask?”

He walked up to me, still naked, and grabbed me by my obvious hard cock. I jumped, but he gripped me tightly and looked directly into my eyes. Then he grinned. I was very tense, as he forced my hand from my side and placed it on his semi-hard cock. I was surprised but pleased.

“I think you are turned on by me. Huh? You must be one of those cock-sucking sailor boys. Would you like to suck on this salami,” He said as he looked deeply into my fearful eyes.

At first I was afraid I had offended him, but as I was firmly holding on to his big uncut cock, it started to grow in my sweaty hand. Without warning, he put his strong hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees on the floor. With his other hand, he forced his cock between my parting lips and into my mouth.

“You want that cock so bad, so open your cock sucking mouth, and give me some pleasure. Suck my cock, sailor boy. Suck my juicy cop cock.” He said as I braced myself at his feet to service him.


His large uncircumcised cock started to grow quickly as I forced my searching tongue into his long hanging foreskin. I entered his foreskin seeking his piss slot while tasting his pre-cum that was forming under the soft lacy skin. The head of his cock was starting to peer out, as his cock hardened, and the foreskin began to slide back from his manhood. I licked hungrily at his cock.

I gripped his shaft and licked my way down his cock, heading for his large hairy balls. I tasted his sweet musky Italian manly body. I released my mouth from his cock and nosed my way underneath his warm moist ball sack to inhale his hot manly scent. My tongue lapped at his big balls as he spread his legs apart encouraging my search. I nibbled at the other sensitive area underneath his balls, the perineum, where most fail to go. This area was covered with soft hair and formed a protective area around his asshole.

I wanted so much to rim his ass but I was in no position to reach it yet. As I crawled under his spreading legs, he sensed my desire. He spread his legs even further, exposing the brown edges of his luscious asshole. He jacked on his cock while I searched for his asshole, with my warm hungry tongue. I gripped each of his hairy buttocks, and parted his butt cheeks, as I lapped eagerly towards his anus. Finally, my search was complete. I had my hot tongue on the edge of the rippled hole. I frantically stuck my tongue into his hole and quickly started my tongue fucking action. He tasted of hot Italian Cop, musk and that tangy taste of male ass.securedownload

I heard gasps of delight, as I licked and tongue fucked my hot cop’s asshole. I knew right away that this was a new experience for him to enjoy. I gave him deep and speedy thrust of my tongue as the excitement and pleasure continued. He squatted over me as I licked away at his hole until his butt was directly over my face. I slid to the floor extending my body underneath him. He sat on my face with one easy movement, never once losing his grip on his hard cock.

He pulled my navy jumper up from my waist and unbuttoned my tailored white bell-bottoms. His warm rough hand opened my whites as he pulled my hard cock out of the tight prison. I managed to pull them down over my hips as I still lay on the floor as my tongue remained in his ass. My pre-cum juices were oozing from my cock as he started to jack on me as he jacked on his own steel shafted cock. My tongue still remained in his warm sweet brown asshole, plunging deeper with each movement.

I was so hot licking his ass but knew if he continued to jack on me, I would cum soon. His asshole was tightening and I knew he could cum any time. I wanted to place his big cock into my mouth to drink down his load. He pulled his ass off my face so I could move my tongue out of his treasured ass-licking hole.

As I moved back to his big cock, I could taste his salty juices from his cock along with the manly scent of his body sweat. The sweat was now dripping down his hairy washboard stomach muscles, and onto his bushy pubic hairs and down his ball sacks. I caressed his large set of balls once more. He started tensing up, his balls rising upwards as they started to unleash his load. I immediately slurped down his long thick uncut cock as he started to shoot his cum down my throat. He gave out another long and deep gasp as I went down on him as far as I could. I relaxed my throat and took another deep breath, this time going all the way down. His dark pubic hairs were touching my nose. It was just too much for him. He grabbed the back of my head and continued to release his warm gush of man sperm down my open throat, then another big gush, and another. He was almost shouting as he came saying to me.

“Oh my sweet cock sucking sailor. Suck my hot Italian salami. Eat that cock baby, eat my cock! Oh my God. Oh yeah. Man Oh Man. That is soooo good, Oh yeah. I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Drink my cum. Drink it! Oh yeah, my ass licking, cock sucking sailor. Eat that Italian cock. Ohhhh yeaaaaaa..Ummmmm. Oh yeah…Ummmmmmm. “ He continued to moan and talk to his sailor cock sucker.

I had to come up for air, so he released my head as I pulled back from his pulsating hard cock. Still more cum was spurting out of his penis as he gasped and let out a moan of manly pleasure. Once more, I went all the way down on his cock causing him to shake in spasms, while he shot his remaining orgasm into my willing cock sucking mouth. I didn’t want to miss a drop of his hot juices so continued to drink down his appreciative, cumming cock. He once again placed his strong hands behind my head, but this time he let me control the movements of my lovemaking.

While he was still enjoying the last moments of his orgasm, I reached down to jack off my hard cum filled cock. I held on to his cock as he closed his eyes to relax still enjoying my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load. I had become so excited over his manly cock that I shot with such force that it went right between his legs and onto the wooden floor. I shot spurt after spurt until it finally oozed out and into my whites. I was suddenly aware I had cum on his foot. He was looking down at me as he said.

“ What the fuck do you think you are doing, shooting your sperm on me like that, cock sucker? Get your ass licking mouth down there, and clean it up.” He suddenly said in a commanding voice.

I was a bit surprised, but sometimes after a straight man has released his load, and has been satisfied, he changes his attitude. Some times, they have even been violent and angry. I think it was a guilt feeling of letting another man have his man sperm. I immediately became more cautious with him, but fell to his feet and started to wipe my cum off his feet with my hand. He once again said to me.

“Not with your hand, fucker, your tongue. Get down there and lick up your cum with your mouth. Taste your own cum, you asshole, and when you are finished, I have another job for you. Now get to licking, cock sucker.” Tony instructed.

I had also become aware of this sudden urge of domination by some men. I had the feeling Tony just didn’t want it to end yet. He needed more to prove he was the man and the master of his ass licking, cock sucking sailor. I didn’t mind as long as I pleased this hunk of a cop.

I continued to lick up and taste my own cum from Tony’s foot. He now placed his foot on my bare leg then pushed me backward on the floor.

“Take your sailor uniform off and throw it on that chair. I want to see this cock sucker naked, on the floor, and at my feet right now!”

I immediately undressed and placed my uniform on the chair as he instructed. Just as I finished, Tony instructed me to come back to the floor position. I did as he demanded and lowered my head in respect for my master. I sensed his manly body standing before me and was aware of his cock only a few inches from my face. I wanted to reach out again and lick it as it oozed more of his pre-cum from his long pink foreskin. Tony was standing over me and started to talk to me in a demanding rough voice.

“So let me understand what we have here. You are a cock sucking, ass licking, cum slut, and man whore. Right?’ He paused as he waited for me to answer. “ Right bitch? You enjoyed eating my shit hole and sticking your cock sucking tongue up my butt?’ He said looking down at me.

“Yes sir! I said. “I am a cock sucking, ass licking man whore.”

“That’s right. Now I have a treat for you. Soon, my little brother is going to come by and you are going to suck his cock like you did mine. Do you understand? Do you?” Tony spoke out again.

“Yes Sir!” I said as I wonder how this all came about. Then I heard the door unlock and someone enter the apartment.

Continued to part 02


Lost In Transfer

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Lost in Transfer.

I’d completed my training at the Bainbridge Maryland, Yeoman School with high honors, and now I was to be transferred to a ship of my choice.

The ship was still out on maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico, so I was to be transferred by Navy Transport to the ship’s home port at Norfolk, Virginia, to wait for the ship there.

I had discovered early in my Navy service that the government often did things in strange ways, but since I’d little to say in the matter, I always went along with the orders. I was not surprised, therefore, that at the last minute, they decided to fly me to Key West, Florida instead, so I could board the my ship when it arrived there and take the ship back to Norfolk. I was to board a Navy air transport and go to Miami hoping to catch the ship before it left port. When I arrived at the airbase, they said the Navy transport was full and I would have to take the Marine transport instead. So here I am, the only sailor on a Marine aircraft. To make things even more bizarre, I was the only enlisted man aboard a flight of Marine officers. I know this is very confusing, but that is the military for you.

As the only sailor and the only enlisted man aboard, I felt as if I stood out like a sore thumb. The other men were slow to talk to me at first, but they must have thought I was on special assignment, and an officer too, because I was soon treated as an equal.

The transport was not like a passenger airplane, and we were carrying other military freight as well. We had to make an unscheduled landing in Georgia somewhere because of mechanical problems. Most of us were transported to another airplane that had to make a stop-off in Pensacola, Florida where we were to stay the night in the Marine Bachelor Officer’s Quarters.

It was nighttime when we arrived, and a bus picked us up and took us directly to the BOQ for the night. We were directed to the quarters and assigned two men to each room. I was alone by this time and had a double room to myself. I pitched my duffed bag on one of the beds, stripped down to my boxers, grabbed my towel and toiletries and headed down the hall to shower with the Marine Officers. When we are naked, no one knows who is an officer or not. Some of the men looked at me a bit strangely since I was the youngest among them. I caught a couple hunks checking out my ass but I couldn’t imagine any way to connect with any of them. Besides, I was tired and needed the rest. It had been a long confusing day being shuffled around like this. When I finished cleaning up I couldn’t find my white Navy skivvies and only one pair of khaki marine boxers remained. I grabbed them and headed back to my room, where I collapsed on my bed and quickly fell asleep.

I was just dozing off when I heard someone enter the room. He quickly stripped off his Marine uniform and put it on the footlocker at the foot of the other bunk. I could tell that the Marine officer had been drinking because I could smell the liquor. I tried to go back to sleep, but to my surprise, he sat on my bed, put his hands on my ass and pulled my shorts off. I didn’t know if I should protest or not, but being a sex slut, I let him continue. He didn’t hesitate to crawl up on my bed and place his hands on my buttocks and stick a finger in my ass. Soon he was jacking on his cock, and spreading my legs as he aimed his hard cock at my ass hole.dante-active-duty-hung-jock-big-cock-blue-eyes-huge-dick-pale-skin-gay-porn-xxx-solo-9

It was still so dark in the room I knew he couldn’t see me. He rested his body on mine, and whispered in my ear.

“It’s alright Ron, It’s just me, Gary. I’m glad you’re here tonight buddy. I’m horny as hell. I didn’t get any pussy tonight and I need some of your sweet ass. Relax and enjoy getting my eight inches up your butt hole. Oh yeah, your ass is still as tight as ever. I’ll try to be quiet, but you know me. I get carried away when I fuck your tight Marine ass. Give me a minute to get real hard and I’ll guide it in. Just lie there on your tummy while I fuck you, man.” Gary said to me, thinking I was his fuck buddy, Ron.

Of course I realized right away this guy had mistaken me for his fuck buddy, Ron, but who was I to complain when a hot Marine was taking my body to use for pleasure? I quickly placed a pillow under my hips to put myself in a better position for a good fuck.

Gary’s body felt great against mine. I hadn’t had any man sex since I had been on leave in New York City, with my policeman friend, Tony. I was ready and willing to be penetrated.

Gary directed his hard cock to my ass hole, and I reached around and guided it into the opening of my anus. I was pleased with the feel of his big cock and was looking forward to a good fuck from this dude. I didn’t care if he was noisy or rough because, I always enjoy getting fucked by a man that appreciates a tight ass.


“Uh huh! Oh Yeah! That feels good already. I’m Fucken Horny as hell, but don’t want to cum too quickly. I haven’t had your ass for some time and I want to enjoy this.” Gary muttered as he penetrated my hole.

“I asked the’ night watch’ if I could be assigned to my old room, and when he told me another Marine occupied one bunk, I knew it had to be you. Smithy knows we ‘fuck around’ and made me promise you would let him try some man ass when he gets off duty. Hope you don’t mind. I know how much you enjoy getting laid.”

Gary’s dick was as big as he said, and since I hadn’t had a good prick in my butt hole for several weeks, it hurt when he went all the way in. I buried my face in the pillow and moaned. Gary paused long enough to let me get accustomed to his thick salami. Then, when I relaxed, he started his movements. He was slow at first, moving slowly in and then out. It was feeling damn good. This man knew how to fuck an appreciative ass. Little did he know he was fucking a complete stranger. I must have been about the same build as his fuck buddy Ron, or he would have realized he was using a different person. Fuck, I didn’t care. I had fantasized getting raped by a stranger, but never dreamed it would be this hot Marine Officer.

Gary continued to fuck my ass. He lay on my backside and fucked like a hot Marine should, changing positions now and then to enjoy each deep plunge. He gripped my ankles and pulled them up and kissed the bottom of my feet, then my toes.

As Gary laid on what he thought was his buddy’s body he started licking and kissing my neck. His tongue searched out an ear for sexual stimulant. I could feel him stiffen up and knew he could not hold back his orgasm much longer.tumblr_m68vcwwhq91r3ax0qo1_500

“Oh babe. You still feel so good under me. We fit so nicely together and should do this more often. Man, I miss this. You’re better than any man pussy I’ve ever had. I’m going to cum soon. You’re so hot. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.’ Gary hissed thru his teeth. He wanted to cry out but didn’t want everyone in the place to waken to his animal cries of sexual pleasure.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Oh God that is such a good piece of ass. Oh Fucken yeah.
You’re such a good fuck! Uhhhh.” Gary continued releasing his stud juice into my fuck canal. Then he collapsed on top of me and kissed my neck and back. He took a few good deep breaths and then sat up. He slowly pulled his wet cock from my anus and wiped it on my buttock.

“You’re still a good piece of ass. I got to get some sleep. Thanks buddy,” Gary said as he got up from the bed.

The door opened and in walked the guy who had been on duty when Gary came in. He went to Gary’s bed and whispered.

“Sir. It’s Smith, the Marine guard. Can I get that ass you promised me?


“Yeah, Yeah. He’s over there. Help yourself. I just pumped him full of Marine cum. He should be nice and juicy for that big cock of yours. Go ahead and give him a good fucking. I need to get some sleep now, so go to it Smithy. Enjoy.

“Thank you sir.” Smithy said as he started removing his clothes.

I could hear the conversation and knew that the other Marine was standing by my bed. It was still dark in the room but my eyes had adjusted so I could make out his tall stature. I’d learned from experience that tall men usually had large dicks.

I waited until Smithy had stripped and moved onto the bed. I reached for his thick cock and wondered if I was going to have trouble taking this one. Smithy seemed like he didn’t know what to do next. It must have been the first time he had fucked another male. I pulled him closer, lifting my legs and placing them on Smithy’ s shoulders while guiding his cock closer to the opening of my moist cum-filled hole. Smithy scooted closer, beginning to understand what was expected of him. He gripped his hard cock, as I guided his cock to my anus then slipped it in. I grabbed Smithy’ s low hanging balls pulling him closer. The head of his cock went in even further.

He moved in closer and let me guide his cock into my ass hole. He let his hard dick slide in further. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in all the way. Wow, what a feeling.

I shuddered when Smithy’s large cock went all the way in. I almost came when he rubbed past my prostate, but I grabbed his cock tightly to hold back his orgasm. Smithy let out a soft moan of pleasure, then rested his body on my body and enjoyed the first penetration of his cock into another man’s tight ass. He started to move out slowly, enjoying the tight grip around his shaft. It was awesome.


He began his animalistic pleasure as he kissed and nibbled at my legs that were still resting on his shoulders. He continued to fuck in rhythmic thrust, increasing his body movements until he was making soft grunting sounds of pleasure. As his balls tightened and his large cock grew even larger, he released his manly sperm up his shaft and into my deep warm canal. He came and came until he had shot several loads of his love juices.

His sweat rolled down his hard masculine body, dripping onto me. He paused for one more pleasurable moment then thrust his cock deep into me one final time. Cum oozed from around his shaft still impaled deep in my wet ass. He didn’t seem to want to withdraw but his body was relaxed and his sexual desires had been satisfied. He looked down in the still darkness and saw that I was pleased with his performance. He slowly withdrew as I lowered my legs to the bed. Smithy wiped his brow with the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed to get his composure before putting his clothes back on. He gave me a quick rub on the chest and abs, took a deep breath and spoke softy.

“Thank you, Sir. That was the best.” Then he dressed and left the room.

I’d cum once during Smithy’ s onslaught of heavy pounding and wild sex, but I was hard again. I turned over on my stomach to try to get some sleep but another Marine entered the room, quietly removed his clothes and crawled on top of me. What the hell, I thought. I was in for another good fuck by a stranger in the night.

“Smithy said this is where all the good action is taking place. I’m going to fuck your juicy cum filled ass, while several other jar-heads are waiting to take their turn. We drew numbers and I’m first in line. Let’s get this show on the road.” He said as he unceremoniously shoved his hard cock up my ass.

As the night wore on, several hot horny Marines fucked me several more times. My first fuck Marine, Gary, woke while one of the other officers was using my ass. He sat up and watched for a short time until the man was finished, then he came back over and quickly started fucking me for the second time.tumblr_mfvva6ji681r61ubvo5_500

“Ron, you’re something else. You’re a hot number. Let me eat your ass and taste some of my buddies cum, then I’m going to fuck you again before I have to take off for duty,” he said as he pulled my ass up so he could tongue fuck and lick my well used ass. “How many loads did you take during the night? Your sweet ass is dripping with tasty juices. This is better than eating my girl’s pussy after an orgy. Damn, this is hot.

Ummmm, ummmm.” Gary said as he wildly ate out my ass, slurping and sucking up the wet juices. This continued for a few minutes until Gary got so hot that he just had to shoot off one more time. He mounted and shoved his cock deep inside me and came after about six fast plunges.tumblr_m5f4bhpVSe1r6898ho1_500

“Oh man you’re so hot. Wish you’d stay around for a few days so we could keep this going,” Gary said as he lay next to me after he came.

Gary looked over at his fuck partner and realized for the first time tonight that I was not his buddy Ron. He quickly sat up on his elbow and stared at me.

“Who the fuck are you? You’re not Ron. Shit. Who are you anyway?” Gary demanded.

“Sir. I’m just a Yeoman First Class Sailor from Bainbridge. I was being transferred to Key West to board my ship, but my papers got mixed up and I suddenly found myself aboard the Marine Transport with a team of Marine Officers. The plane landed here and I ended up in these officer quarters. I don’t know where my transfer papers are now. I hope I haven’t offended you or violated any rules. I’m sorry, Sir if I deceived you by letting you think I was your Marine buddy, but you were so insistent in making love to me last night, that I couldn’t resist. If you don’t mind me saying, you are one fantastic fucker, Sir.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, he laughed. “That is so damn funny. Here I thought you were Ron and I fucked the hell out of you. I must say you were a good sport about it, and I might add, a good piece of ass.” Gary continued to laugh. How many Marines took advantage of you last night?”

“I lost count, Sir, but I didn’t mind at all. In fact I wish I could stay a few more nights Sir.” Mike put in his request.

“This is unbelievable! You were used most of the night by these ass hole Jar-heads, yet you would like to stay a few more nights as well? Hum. I can arrange that. I’ll have my clerk check on your papers tomorrow, but it will take a few days. You don’t have much choice. You’ll have to stay here. I will set you up so you can get some different clothes and a Base Pass in case you get stopped. I bet you look hot in your sailor whites. You don’t mind staying here in the Officer Quarters? Gary continued.

“No Sir!”

“You will be assigned to these quarters and I’ll be sleeping here as well. You might have to work for your keep, and you know what that means,” Gary said and started laughing again.

“Now get to the showers and clean up. We will be having AM call soon and we’ll go chow down. You’ll come with me and I’ll make you my aide until we decide what to do with you.”

“Yes sir. Yes sir.” I said, snapping to attention. I grabbed my towel and headed to the showers.

I continued to stay at the Marine Base for the rest of the month, and was used by several hot Marines every night and sometimes during the day I was eventually shipped back to Norfolk to my assigned ship.

The night before I left the Marine base, I renewed many of the remaining officer’s pleasures. Even to this day I imagine I’m still a topic of conversation.

Story by Dick Clinton
Word count. 2,920

MORE FUCKING and SUCKING Pictures by Marines and one Stranger.

I had a ball that month and dream of it all the time.



Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 03

Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 03

The Truck StopKurtJockStrap

One day my brother Tommy had taken me to his job location at the World Parcel Service and set me up in the men’s room to let me suck cock thru a Glory Hole. It was my first time to suck off anonymous cocks and I loved it. .

I had sucked a few cocks before and was now enjoying sucking Tommy’s cock and a few of his buddies from at work. Now Tommy wanted to take me to the local Truck Stop and trade me off to a few chosen hot trucker friends and other men.

When I turned 18 I moved in with my brother. Prior to this my stepfather had been fucking and forced me to suck his cock. Now my brother, Tommy is using me and fucking my ass. I let my older brother use me sexually and share me with a few other men because I love sex and I love my older brother. I enjoy having sex with him and look forward to taking his big 8 inch dick each night. I’m not sure if I’m ready to take on several truckers, even though I enjoy getting fucked up the ass.

I had been to the truck stop with Tommy several times and had secretly admired some of the hot, masculine straight truckers that used the service there, and often fanaticized about being used by some of them.

Since I had started living with my brother, I had experienced sexual things I had only dreamed about. When he set me up at the Glory Hole at the warehouse, I sucked off 25 succulent cocks in one session. By the end of that session my lips were swollen and my belly was full of hot man cum. I thought it was superb. I like being submissive and used by men and now Tommy often called me his cock sucking, cum dump, pussy boy.

Tommy had repaired his old Ford Pickup so we hopped in and headed for my first session at the truck stop. He told me he was in good with the owner and manager of the truck stop so there would be no problem as long as we didn’t cause any trouble nor had any complaints with any of their customers. Part of the deal was to satisfy them when they wanted sex with me too.1996

We were given a plastic key card so we could use the trucker’s lounge, the bunk area, locker rooms and the shower area.

When we entered the trucker’s lounge there were 4 guys setting around watching TV and 2 playing cards at a table. Tommy seemed to know one of the men and immediately started talking with him. He introduced me as his kid brother and said we were just looking around for some action.

The truckers name was Jake. He was an average clean cut married man about 45 with a good build and showed a nice bulge in his khaki work pants. Jake and my brother started chatting in a low voice but when Jake took a quick look at me, I knew right away that I was the subject of their conversation.

Tommy came over to me and said I was to go to the men’s room and to one of the booths where there was a glory hole and wait for Jake to come in. I was to give Jake a blow job so he could try out my action and spread the word to the other men. I saw Jake hand Tommy some money and nodded for me to go to the head.

I sensed how a whore must feel when her pimp was selling their services. It didn’t bother me because I learned to enjoy giving a man a blow job, besides Jake was a hot looking dude and I looked forward to sucking his cock and swallowing his load.

I settled myself in the trucker’s bathroom in one of the booths that had a glory hole. Soon Jake came into the booth, stood next to the glory hole and unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi-hard dick about 8 inches long. He was semi-cut and when he got hard the foreskin eased back over a big tulip shaped head. He had a beautiful and perfect shaped dick. I got down on my knees next to the hole while he placed the head of his cock to the hole, waiting for me to put it to my lips.


His piss slot had starting leaking clear pre-cum juices. I pulled his dick and balls thru the hole and licked the sweet juice from his dick and ran my tongue around the big cock head to savor his manhood. He took a deep breath and in a soft voice said.

“Take your time, buddy. I haven’t had any head action for a long time and I might cum right away. Make it last. Your warm mouth feels real good, real good!”

I heard another driver come into the head, but Jake just held onto the top of the partition and relaxed while I serviced him. The booth partitions were low to the floor and you couldn’t see under the doors unless you got right down on the floor. The GH was worn and had been used many times before. Most of the drivers must have known about it and had been serviced here before.

I serviced Jake’s big prick in my mouth and ran my tongue around it several times savoring his manly flavor. He was close to coming several time but I just kept my mouth over his cock head until he cooled down, then I would start sucking all over again.

After about the 5th time he was about to cum, I took his cock as far down my throat as I could, and let him pump his big load into my welcome mouth. He shot several big loads and shook the booth wall so hard that I thought he might break it down. He moaned and gasped over and over again until I drained his beautiful manhood.

God ! This dude really enjoyed cumming. I kept licking and savoring his semi hard dick until it started to get hard again. I thought to myself “this trucker was in the mood to cum again”, so, being the cock hungry slut I am, I continued pleasuring his cock until he started to firm up again. I knew he could go longer this time so I took my time and sucked on him for another 10 minutes until I knew he was about ready to shoot me a second load. Then I went all the way down on him again and let him pump his 2nd load in me. He was almost as wild during his second orgasm, but not as noisy. He finally relaxed and let his cock soften in my mouth.

As I was enjoying his soft penis I felt some warm liquid seeping from his dick. It had a familiar taste and I realized he was pissing in my mouth. I had already grown accustomed to the taste, and being he was such a hot man, I drank down his warm piss without a second thought. This was the first time I had swallowed a man’s piss, and it wasn’t so bad.

When we had finished our sexual episode in the booth Jake left to wash up. I thought I’d give him time to compose himself and leave but he seemed to linger. As I left my booth to wash he was still there.

“Hey youngen. That was the best damn blow job I’d ever had. You can tell your brother I like some more action later this evening. I have to get some rest so I can head out tomorrow. This time I’d like some ‘face to face’ action instead of a wall between us. I understand you’re a ‘good piece of ass’ as well as a great cocksucker. You think you can take my baby maker up you firm round ass later on? If so, I’m in room 12, down the hall. Got to go now, youngen. Save me some of that boy pussy, ya hear me? “

Then out the men’s room he went. I wasn’t aware another driver was taking a piss at the urinal around the corner of the room while Jake had been talking to me.

“Did I hear you give some good head? I couldn’t help but hear your conversation and the hot action going on in that booth. Damn! He nearly tore down that wall. Come over here, cocksucker. I nearly came just hearing you two talking. Give me a quickie before I go back to my truck. My cock is hard and ready to blow. I only have 10 bucks on me and it’s all yours if you’ll suck me off. I’m so hot it’ll only take a few minutes. Come on cocksucker. Please?”182205

Speaking to me by the urinal was this hot looking cowboy type driver with his hard 8 inch prick in his hand. Now only was he hung, he was cute as a button. Couldn’t have been no more than 5 foot 9 inches tall but built like a brick outhouse, as they say. How could I resist. I would give this stud a freebie if he wanted.

He didn’t have to plead with me one more time. He held his hand out and offered me the 10 dollars.

“Please baby, please? I’m so hot I could shoot on the floor, but would rather let you have my spunk. It’s all yours if you want it. I shoot a big load.”

I slowly wondered to where he stood and dropped to my knees. He gripped the back of my head and guided his hard prick to my lips. As I held onto his balls I slowly went all the way down on him.

“Oh baby! I think I’m in love.” He utter out and then he pushed me against the tile wall and began shoving his big prick into my mouth. I gagged and could hardly breathe, but managed to get control and started sucking and loving his cock and balls. He smelled so good.

“Oh cocksucker. This is just what I needed. Damn, you’re good. Oh yeah baby. Suck it like a new born calf. Sweet. Oh fucken yeah. I’m going to dump my load, Take it. Take it now. Ohhh shitttt. I’m cumming. Damn that feels so fucking good. Un huh!”

He continued as he emptied his sweet juicy cowboy load. He shot so much cum out of his prick that it run down my chin and onto his balls and my hand. I quickly swallowed and licked the remaining cum from his balls and my hand. He trembled one more time before pulling away from my mouth.

“Damn good, cock sucker. Sorry I have to rush but my other driver is waiting in the truck. Too bad we can’t stick around. He won’t know what he’s missed. Thanks man and here’s the 10 I promised you. Sorry it can’t be more. Those damn cunt whores in the lot charge 50 or more for a blow job and it’s not nearly as good a yours. See ya around?”

Then he buttoned up his tight jeans and headed out the door.

I hadn’t been aware of the two other truckers standing at the urinals pissing while I was sucking off the cowboy. Both men had witnessed the whole thing and were jacking off. I was still on my knees by the wall, when one man pulled out some money and walked up to me with ‘hard on’ in hand. “Want it?” he asks and waited for me to nod and okay.

They were using me as a cum dump to empty their nuts. The first driver was about 35 and had an average cock and he smelled so good. There’s something about sucking off a straight trucker than is so exciting.

I continued giving him a good blow job and just as he was cumming he pulled out of my mouth and shot most his cum on my face. I quickly put it back into my mouth to savor the remaining spunk.


The other driver remained by the urinal until the other man left. He rushed over and shoved his large uncut cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue under his long foreskin to taste his sweet smegma and hint of piss. He pushed his cock into my mouth and started to cum. He whimpered like a baby and then gripped my head to finish dumping a nice load into me. Cum was dripping down my face and onto my shirt. I set there for a brief moment when I heard Tommy’s voice calling to me. The man quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and headed back to the urinal.

“Damn look at you! I can’t leave you alone for a few minutes before you’re sucking off every dick that’s shoved in your mouth. Did you give it away free, bitch? Mark! You’re becoming a real Truck Stop whore.”

Tommy looked down at me, smiled and offered me his hand.

“I guess I’ve trained you well. I’m so proud of you slut. Now let’s go make some real money. I’ve got a couple big cock studs that are willing to pay some good money for that boy pussy ass of yours.

You made a good impression on my buddy Jake. He wants to fuck that sweet ass of yours and then I’m gonna eat your ass out after he fucks you. Yum! Yum! I’m gonna enjoy sucking the cum out of your boy pussy after you’ve been fucked by him. I understand he shoots a big load. Damn. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Let’s head into the showers and show off that sweet 18 year old bubble butt money maker of yours. I hope we don’t cause a riot. I don’t want us to get kicked out before the night has begun.”

We each took an empty locker, stripped down, put a towel around our waist and headed to the community showers near by. It was a big shower with 8 shower heads. As we approached the showers two other men were already there. I felt a little self-conscious because Tommy was such a hot looking dude and hung like a stud horse.

I was proud of my firm body with my 28 inch waist, flat tummy and round bubble butt, and my thick 8 inch cock. I didn’t have as much hair on my body as Tommy, but was proud of the soft dark hair between my chests that formed a V shape down to my crotch. Tommy told me several times that I was hot and butch looking dude that most woman and gays would gobble up in a minute.

When we started to shower the other two men remained and we were soon joined by two other men. One was a good-looking Mexican man with a medium size uncut cock and a light brown man with an unusually large cock. He wasn’t a large as Tommy’s 11 inch dick but even soft he showed a good 8 ½ inches of thick brown meat.

I knew Tommy would get something started in the shower before he let these four well developed men get away without a show. He began by soaping my back side and rubbing his hands up and down my ass crack. I notice the men started watching our performance and were beginning to get sexually excited.

Tommy ran his fingers up and down my ass crack and slowly inserted two fingers inside me. My 8 inch dick got immediately hard. One of the men closest to me gripped my hard cock and started soaping it up.1-010510 (6)

Tommy soaped his hard dick, bent me over and slowly began entering his 11 inch dick up my welcome ass. I moaned with pleasure. This really set the men in frenzy and soon everyone was playing with their dicks including the brown man. His large 10 or 11 inch dick soon had the attention of the other men. He moved closer to Tommy and placed his hand around Tommy’s dick to feel it going in my ass hole.

“Hey man. You fit in him very nicely. Maybe I can have some of that when you finish. You think man? You got ‘bout same size pole as I. I find it difficult to find a nice warm place to dump my load. Looks sweet. Fuck him man. That’s hot. Never seen two men fucking before. Very sweet indeed.”

I enjoyed hearing him talk to Tommy in his Jamaican British accent.

“Sure dude. You are welcome to give it a try… He enjoys a man’s big dick up his hole. I’m Tommy and this is my kid brother Mark. Let me fuck him a while then lube him up with a load of cum. It will be easier to enter and then you can pump him as long as you want. He’s yours to use” Tommy set me up to be used by this big handsome Jamaican named Jon.

Tommy was taking his time fucking my ass and putting on a good exhibit. He treated me nicely but always made me know he was in control and I was there to satisfy his needs and desires. I had become my brother’s bitch, cocksucker and pussy boy. I always enjoy getting fucked by him because he seemed to know where my ‘G’ spot was, and always got me to cum on cue.cff9a-taking252520my252520cum_252520animated252b288

He kept talking to the Jamaican while he plugged me and told him we should ask for donations from these other men to watch. Soon the men went to their lockers and brought back cash for the show we were putting on.

Tommy began plugging my ass hard and rough until he decided to cum. He gave out his best sexual moans and groans and then came up my ass. He rubbed against my prostate and triggered my first orgasm tonight into the man’s hand that was holding my cock.

Tommy slowly pulled out of my cum filled ass. Jon the Jamaican gripped my hips and slid his hard prick up and down my ass crack. Tommy guided Jon’s cock to my tender pink hole while he slowly eased into my hole. His cock was much larger around than I had realized and I could feel it stretching the outer liner of my ass ring.

Jon slowly and gently moved in closer until my ass engulfed his whole thick cock. It felt amazing. Jon must have thought so too because he threw his head back and loudly utter something in his own language. I thought he was going to cum on his first entry, but he just held onto my body so I could get accustomed to his cock and so he could enjoyed the warmth of my warm cum filled hole.

The other four men were taking in all the excitement and feeling each others cock. One man was pressed against the wall by the Mexican man and was trying to take his cock up his ass. Tommy was letting one of the men hold onto his cock while Jon was fucking me.

Jon slowly pulled his cock half way out of my ass then eased back in. He paused and spoke again in a foreign language. I knew he was enjoying his first man fuck and I was going to give him my best. He pulled out further the second time and shoved in harder causing Tommy’s cum to ease out around his big cock. He started moving faster and harder. I thought he was going to cause me to cum again.

I was at my peak already but wanted to hold off until he came. I knew he was going to be a wild fuck. He began fucking me harder and hard and deeper and deeper each time. I reached under myself to caress his big hairy balls and see if I could feel his big cock going into my hole. It was an awesome scene. All the men around us were being fucked or down on their knees sucking on others cocks.

Tommy was enjoying watching me get plowed by this big dude’s thick cock. He came around to hold and caress me while I was being pleasured and pleasuring a hot Jamaican man.ATT4

Jon had held off from cumming as long as he could. He started pumping my ass hard and rough. His large hands gripped my hips as he pulled me down hard on his swelling cock. He moved faster and harder then once again cried out something and started pumping his load up my ass. I could feel his spunk hitting the lining of my fuck canal. I started cumming at the same time and gripped his cock with my ass muscles. He shouted out again and pumped me full of his hot juices.

I could feel the cum running out of my ass hole and down my legs. Tommy started jacking on me while I was cumming and shot his load on my cumming cock. It was a room of hot cumming truckers in a hot and steaming shower.

Jon slowly let his big cock ease out of my well used hole. He stood against the wall while I turned and dropped to my knees to suck and lick off the remaining cum from his dick. He sighed and rubbed his big calloused hand thru my wet hair in appreciation.

“Never have I had such a good fuck. I want you again but right now you have drained my body. You are the first man I ever fucked but I hope it isn’t the last. You have a good pussy. So tight, warm and flexible. I like you boy. I like you very much. Thank you for a most pleasant time. I will be here all week end so perhaps we can do this again.”

Tommy took my arm and lifted me from my knees and put me under the cool water of the shower. His fingers explored my tender ass to make sure I was not injured by that big thick cock. He instructed me to bend over while he took a closer look. He spread my hole and stuck his tongue into me and sucked out some of the remaining juices Jon left in my hole.

“Looks like you’re okay and tasty too. Damn you’re an amazing piece of ass. Not only do you have good looks but a talented cock sucking mouth and a tight slutty boy pussy ass for fucking. I think we make a good team. I line em up and you take em on like the slut you are. You may be my trailer trash brother, but I love ya, Mark.

A few of the truckers in the shower want to use your ass to drop a load. We can go to the dorm where you can lay down while taking on a few cocks.

Just follow me and I show you the dorm. The bunk rooms each sleep 12 truckers so there might be other men already there that might want to join in. I think we could keep this up all night if you can take it.

After taking care of the men in the dorm we can use the swing I set up in the storage room. It’s ready to use. All we have to do is strap you in the swing, let your body relax and take on few more cocks. I’ve lined up several of the biggest cock here, and called a few men from around town. I’ve already collected a few good donations for your service. Baby, we’re gonna to have enough money to make a down payment on that new trailer we’ve wanted.

“Sure brother. What ever you say. I’m really enjoying this. Hope we can do this every week end. It is hard to explain how I enjoy satisfying all these hot men you introduce me to. My ass seems to crave to be fucked and fucked. You like watching me get laid and being your cock sucking, pussy boy, trucker trash brother and sharing me with your hot buddies. I love you Tommy. Thanks for letting me be yours.

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Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 02

Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 02

Use me tonight.

The Glory Hole.

We were in a deep sleep until someone knocked on the door. Brother Tommy’s legs were still wrapped around me, but sometime in the early morning after he finished fucking me for the fourth time, his pliable dick eased out of my cum filled asshole. I must say it was a night to remember, even though my ass was tender; I was looking forward to more fucking.

“That must be Anne Mae coming over to clean the house. Stay here if you want, Mark, and I’ll let her in. You can make us some coffee if you would. You’ll find all the makings in the Kitchen.”

Tommy didn’t bother to put on any clothing but headed to the other room to answer the door. As he left the bedroom I took a quick glance of his soft low hanging dick as it flopped from one leg to the other. It was as big and fine-looking as I remembered from the night before. Man. I loved his penis.

I heard the muffled conversation of Mark and a woman’s voice but soon it silenced. I got out of my bed and slipped into my jean cutoffs before heading to the john to take my morning piss. I still contained Tommy’s loads of cum in me and soon discharge his deposits. I washed up and went into the kitchen to brew some coffee. The conversation in the other room had now changed to sounds of my brother sighing and incoherent talking.

“Hey brother where’s my coffee?” he called out to me.

“Yeah, Yeah, Give it a chance to brew. You take it black, don’t you? I’m on my way.”

When I entered the living area, much to my surprise, Tommy was standing there , legs spread, and Anne’s head was bobbing up and down on his prick. I turned to leave but Tommy called out to me.



“Put the coffee mug here on the table and come closer. I’d introduce you two, but my bitch is busy giving me some morning head. I’m always horny in the mornings, and like to start the day off with sex, so you better get use to it. Don’t be shy, bro. Come over here so I can reach your prick.”

After I set his coffee down, Tommy pulled on the waistband of my jeans, unsnapped them, and yanked them down. By this time I had already gone from a soft cock to a semi hard one. Tommy pulled on my cock forcing me to stand closer so he could maneuver my cock.

“That’s it boy, Come closer so I can ‘jack you off’ while I get a blow job. You sure have a nice prick there dude. Come closer and give me a taste of that sweet meat. Mummmm huh. That’s nice. Oh yeah bitch. Keep sucking on my prick while I jack on my brother’s big prick. Yeah. That’s it. Suck it deep. Yeah, just like that.”

Once again my brother’s actions cease to amaze me. He was getting a blow job from one of his girlfriends while he jacked me off. It was very stimulating watching his face as he was being pleasured. Suddenly I was about to cum. I gave out a moan and started to discharge my load all over my brother.

“Yeah that’s it little brother, Shoot that spunk all over my chest. Let me see that hot sperm squirting out of your big prick.”

“Keep sucking bitch, don’t stop. Oh shit. I’m gonna cum now too. Gonna cum. Oh shit. Suck it, suck it, suck it. Aw yes!”

The cum rushed out of my piss slot shooting an enormous gusher all over Tommy’s chest and stomach. He guided my hard prick like a garden hose. As I was enjoying my orgasm, Tommy was moaning and holding Anne’s head down on his erupting cock. She gagged and gasp for air, but Tommy held her down until he finished his orgasm.

“Yeah, bitch; you’re still a good cocksucker. You took it all the way this time. Good girl. Now I’ve another treat for you. After you’ve cleaned my cock and balls, you can come up here and lick my brother’s cum off my stomach and chest. Perhaps next time you can give him one of your special suck jobs. Now lick my body clean. Be sure to lick my balls clean while you’re down there, bitch. Don’t forget, you still have to clean this house up before you leave.”

Tommy still held my cock in his hand, but as I started to pull away, he milked down my cock, cleaned off the remaining juices then began licking my cum off his fingers. I believe he was beginning to enjoy the taste of my cum. Anna Mae had eased herself up Tommy’s washboard stomach after cleaning my remaining deposit of juices. Meanwhile I pulled up my jeans and headed to the head to wash up.

Later that day…………………..

Tommy told me this was his last day of vacation from the World Parcel Service warehouse where he worked. He’d like to show me around the immediate area. After a quick cup of coffee, we left Anne Mae to clean up the trailer.

Tommy had an old Ford pick up truck parked next to the trailer which needed some work before it would run, but the Honda motorcycle would be our temporary transportation. We jumped on the Honda and headed out of the trailer park to the truck stop filling station to get some gas, then on to the WPS warehouse.

We parked the bike in the parking lot next to a medium size warehouse where the WPS trucks were being loaded. It was an older building that had been renovated for their purpose. Tommy waved and spoke to a few of the men on the dock, and then we went inside to a small office where he introduced me to his supervisor and a dispatcher. His ‘super’ was a clean cut looking man about 45 and the younger dispatcher about 25. They were both ‘hot’ looking men.

Tommy helped himself to the coffee and chatted with the men briefly before he motioned for me to follow him around. He said they had taken this old warehouse and remodeled most of it but the older part was used for storage and the shower room, lockers and a restroom.

“Go to one of the toilet booths and look at the big holes in the wooden walls. Its remains of the old warehouse that was never remodeled. I think lots of hot cock sucking takes place there. There’s an outside entrance where cocksuckers come in and give some of the workers some head now and then. I want you to go into one of the booth and set for awhile. When some of the warehouse men and drivers come in, they will go to the next booth and you can give them some head. Are you up for it?”
GH picture

“I…I…don’t know. I’ve never sucked dick through a glory hole before. I’ve always been interested but never had the nerve to try it. What will they think about it, about you and me being here together? Won’t they know it’s me?”

“Gnaw, and who gives a fuck anyway? Cocksuckers come in here almost every day. It’s about the only spot in town to get some good cock. The men don’t give a damn who’s on the other side of the booth, as long as they get their nuts off.”

“I’m going to the super’s office to set up my schedule for next week. I’ll spread the word around that there’s action going on in the head and they will steal off to get a blow job. It’s about lunch break anyway so get ready for some big hot warehouse men and trucker dicks.

I’ll come by later to get you and we’ll leave by the side door and no one will be the wiser. I just wanted to set you up at this place in case you get bored next week while I’m at work. Besides if I’m here you can suck me off too.

“Get your ass in there before some other cocksucker takes your seat. Have a good time and I’ll check back with you in about an hour.”

“I’m really nervous about this, but it will be good practice and experience for me. Thanks Tommy.”

“No problem. What are brothers for if not to help each other out?” Laughing as he left the toilet action to his brother.

I looked under the doors of the toilet booths to make sure they were empty then entered the one next to the urinals. It had 2 openings for cock sucking. One next to the urinals and the other one adjoined the other booth. I was still unsure about my first attempt at ‘restroom sex’, but my trashy brother assured me it would be okay and pleasurable.

The first person entered the room and I was about to find out if I could suck some cock thru a hole in the wall. I had fantasize about anonymous sex partners and now this was my chance to really be a ‘trailer trash slut’ and suck as many cocks as I was offered.

A man walked up to the first urinal next to the hole. I could hear him pissing and see him out of the corner of my eye. I was so excited I was almost trembling.

The man took a long piss, milked down his dick and shook it. He continued to stand there and began to get a hard on. I wasn’t sure if I should motion for him to put his cock thru the hole so I waited. His cock was an average 6 to 7 inches long and thick. He pulled the long foreskin back and when he discovered I was looking, he immediately placed it thru

the hole; cock and balls.

My First Glory Hole Cock.

I tenderly pulled it into position and gave his balls a tug. I leaned over and placed my lips to his penis and licked some of the ooze now starting to form at the head of his cock. He pushed his body against the partition and gripped the top of the booth. He was ready to be serviced by my mouth. I gripped his balls and went all the way down on his cock.

He moaned out and whispered. “Yeah man. Suck me dry. I’m hot today. Suck it.”

I was hungry to suck his cock but afraid another person would enter the toilet before we finished. I immediately started to pleasure his cock and to satisfy my desire to swallow his cum. He moaned as I sucked him and in just a short time he started to cum. He bumped his body against the partition and sighed with pleasure. He must have shot 6 squirts before he stopped cumming. I hungrily gulped down his hot cum and licked the remainder juices from his balls. He pulled his cock out of the hole, paused a few seconds; put his cock back into his jeans and left.

It was sweet. I sucked my first dick thru a glory hole. It was really exciting and I was ready for more dicks. As the first man was washing his hands at the sink another man came in. They talked quietly to each other and then he went to the booth next to me, pulled out his dick and pissed in the stool.

When he finished he started to jack it back and forth until it was hard. I brazenly ran my finger around the open hole. He quickly moved to the wall and placed his cock thru the hole. The hole was positioned better and larger than the one next to the urinals. I got on my knees, put his beautiful cock into my mouth and started pleasuring him.


His cock was cut and larger than the other mans. His cock head was shaped like a soft pink tulip and curved slightly down. I discovered I could take it all the way down my throat with each movement. I must have been driving him wild. His cock began to throb and shot his load down my gullet. It was thrilling to know he was pleased with my endeavor. Now that I had some experience, I wanted more…..and more I got.

As soon as one man would come in, stick his dick into one of the holes, I would suck him off to a glorious climax, then only wait a few minutes until the next man would come in for me to suck him off. Some of the men waited quietly by the sink for me to suck off their co-worker, and then they would take their turn in one of the holes. The word must have spread like wild fire about the action taking place in the restroom.


There seemed to be a variety of men that came in to get sucked off. Some men had on the WPS uniform and some had on warehouse coveralls or jeans. I recognized the dispatcher and gave his young juicy cock extra care. At this point I really didn’t care who they were as long as they enjoyed being sucked off and would give me their sweet and tangy load.


I never bothered to get off my knees to wait for another cock to come thru one of the holes and I didn’t have to wait long before another cock was being offered for my service. I was mesmerized and un-shamefully wanted more cock and more cum.

I swallowed each and every load. I was like a hungry calf wanting to suck more and more nectar into my body. I hadn’t sucked that many cocks before and wasn’t aware there was such a variety of sizes and shapes of dicks. I loved um, balls and all.

One time I had two cocks in both holes at the same time. I would suck on the guy at the urinal then suck on the guy at the booth hole until I got them both off. I was delirious with wonderful juicy cocks of all kinds, shapes and colors. I even sucked my first black guy. He had such a big cock I had to jack it until he began to cum then I put it to my face and let his cum shoot all over me.


About half of the cocks I sucked were partially uncut. I discovered the manly scent of some dried smegma (head cheese) under their foreskin was like an aphrodisiac to me. I eagerly cleaned and licked them before giving them a good suck job. Many of the workmen had a musky scent of body sweat, which I also found pleasant. Let’s face it; I love the manly smell of men.

Before the action slowed down I think I had sucked over twenty-five delicious cocks during the time I was there. Even though I knew I had become toilet trash, I was ready for more cock. One more cock came thru the hole. I dropped to my knees and sucked him dry. When I finished him I heard my brother’s voice.

“Thank you little brother. I think your cock sucking has improved. Are you ready to go home and give me your ass again tonight? Tomorrow night I’m gonna take you to the Truck Stop and sell your ass to some hot trucker buddies of mine. They love fucking hot young men. You are now truly trailer trash material.”

Story by Richard Barber 6/8/2008

More cocks I sucked off that day at the Glory Hole.


Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 01

Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 01Rayko+Femandez
Story by Richard Barber,

I had been moved from one foster home to another for most of my young life, but now that I was 18, the Social Services Department decided that I should be placed in the home of my older half-brother Tommy.

I’ve been told I was a damn good-looking young man, and I kept myself in good shape. I was excellent at sports and kept myself active playing baseball, football and track during my high school days. I had lived with some very fine foster parents, and I become especially fond of my last family, but my foster father, who was a U.S. Army Ranger, became missing during action. It was a shock to his wife as well as me, and soon after I was taken to live with my half-brother.

I had never met my brother before, so when I was taken to the trailer park where he resided, I didn’t know what to expect. Having already checked out both Tommy and the home, the social worker just left me at the front door without coming in. I was on my own. I knocked at the door and waited before Tommy opened the door.

“Hey dude. You must be Mark. Come on in. I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow. Forgive the mess. I had a few friends over last night and the place is a mess.”

The interior of the trailer really was a mess. Cans of beer, bottles and clothing were scattered around on the furniture and floor. The remains of a pizza were scattered on the coffee table and floor. In the back room a radio was playing country western songs.

“Damn it Tommy”, a woman’s voice called from the rear. “Where did you throw my bra? Can’t find anything in this dump…., and who the hell are ya talking to? Fuck, look at the time. I’m gonna be late for work. Tommy!” She yelled.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. My brother’s here.”

“Your brother?” She said as she entered the room. “Ah shit. I didn’t think he was due until Friday. Oh! It’s Friday ain’t it? Hi there cutie. My, my, aren’t you a good looking hunk? Hope you’re hung as good as your brother, and as good in bed. He fucks like there’s no tomorrow” she continued.

“Shut up bitch. You’ll scare this little stud off before you get to lay him. Sorry bout that bro. She’s uncouth, but she’s a good fuck once she stops talking. When she yaks too much, I just stick my dick in her mouth to keep her quiet”

“Hi ya stud. My name’s Candy. You’re sure a hot number. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d work you over for free. Mum huh! Turn around sweetie and let me check out your butt. Oh baby. I’d love to stick my tongue up your hot little butt.”

“Come on Candy. Leave the guy alone. Can’t you see you’re embarrassing him?  Now get your ass together, and get the fuck out of here. You’re not going to make any money here. “

“Sorry bout that Mark” he said. “She’s still a bit high from last night’s party. I would’ve had your room cleaned up but thought you were coming in tomorrow.”

Tommy took me into a small cluttered and messy room. The bed was covered with soiled sheets and dirty pillows. The small closet at one end of the room was stacked with dirty clothes, blankets, and old shoes. I wasn’t prepared for this mess. I’d always been provided with orderly and clean surroundings. It was disgusting, and I thought about just turning around and running out the front door, but at the present time, I had no where to live.

“Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll clean this shit up and it’ll be okay until we can move to a bigger place. I’ve my eyes on a three bedroom place at the back of the park, but it won’t be empty until summer.
How’s bout a beer? You are old enough to drink, aren’t you, dude?”

“No thanks Tommy….. but I’ll have bottled water if you have any.

Sorry, I don’t have any bottled water. Will a club soda do for now? Just throw that mess on the bed to the floor and I’ll find you some cleaner bedding.”

I didn’t even want to touch the bedding, but threw it on the dirty pile in the closet. I opened a window to clear the stench from the air. On the small night table next to the bed was a used condom still filled with cum.
“Disgusting people!” I thought to himself. “How am I going to put up with this trailer trash?”
I had a clean bedroll with me that would do until I got this mess straightened up. When I went back into the other room, Tommy was on the phone.

“Hey baby. How ya doing? Yeah I miss you too. Uh huh. Babe I wondered if you could do me a big favor. My brother Mark has come to live with me for awhile, and I could sure use some help cleaning this place up. I can’t pay ya much, but we could work something out. What do ya say, baby? You will? Great, just great. I need to take a shower and I’ll be right over. Thanks babe. See ya in about 30 minutes. Bye.”

“Hey Mark, I know this bitch that has the hots for me and loves to get fucked. I’ve worked out a deal with her and she’ll come over to help us get this place cleaned up tomorrow. Sorry I’ve neglected it so, but I’ve never had desire to do housework. Got to jump in the shower, so make yourself at home. When I get back we’ll go get a burger, if you want.”

Tommy headed to the shower as I looked around his room to see where to start. I took all the clothes and bedding and placed them on the back porch next to the washer. Then I found some bleach, sponges and Windex to clean the place up. After about an hour everything was looking better.  I turned the mattress over before spreading out my sleeping bag and hung up some of my clothes. I cleaned the night stand and threw the large box of unused condoms and a jar of Vaseline into the drawer.

After I showered I put on some jean cutoff and then went outside to sit on the porch, read a book, and wait for Tommy to return.

The park didn’t look quite so bad when it started to get dark. The night was warm and he could hear the sounds of people’s voice, a few window air fans and passing cars.  A young man was walking his dog in the road. He saw me on the porch, gave me a friendly nod and came over.

“Hello. How ya doing? Ya new here?” he said as he opened the yard gate and came up the path to the porch.7642

“Hey. I’m cool. The name’s Mark. I’m staying with my brother Tommy until schools starts. What’s your dog’s name? Come here pooch.”

“I’m ‘Larry’ and the dogs name is ‘Tiny’. I live in number 6 with my uncle.  I just finished school this past year and I work part time at the Shell Truck Stop at night. My uncle’s a security guard there, and if you’re gonna be looking for a summer job, maybe we could get you a job there. It’s not hard work, but sometimes you have to put up with some bastard truckers when they get rough with you. You look like you could handle yourself, though.”

“I haven’t made any plans yet. I’m not too happy here, but I have no choice until I can save up some spending money and get the hell out of here. I’m interested in the job, but I don’t have any transportation except for my brother Tommy. I’d have to discuss it with him.”

“It’s only down the road a piece, but you could go with my uncle and me in our truck. Sometimes I just walk or ride my bike. That would be cool if you got the job. We could become good friends working together.”

“What exactly do you do at the truck stop?”

“I’ll have to explain later. I see my Uncle’s waiting for me.  Here comes your brother, now. Gotta go, Mark, See ya later?”

“Hello, Sir.” Larry said to Tommy

“Hi Larry. Heading off to work are ya? ‘Keep on Trucking.” Tommy laughed.

“Howdy little brother. I see you’ve met that little whore, Larry. What’s he want, besides your cock?”

“Huh? What do ya mean? He offered me a job at the Truck Stop, if that’s what you mean.”

Ha! Ha! “I’ll bet he did. He’s probably got more ‘trucker traffic’ than he can handle. You better stay away from that truck stop, unless you want to suck some nasty trucker dick, or get your butt hole banged several times a night. Larry’s a male whore at the truck stop.” Ha. Ha.” Just thought you should be warned.”

I didn’t know what to say about Tommy’s comments. I wasn’t inexperienced with man-to-man sex, but had always kept my personal sex life a secret. I had flash backs of my relationship with a past foster father.

“We’ll have some help cleaning up the trailer this week. Anna Mae and her girlfriend Peggy will come over tomorrow to help us clean this mess up. All I have to do is fuck one or both of them every day. Don’t be shocked it you see me fucking one of them on the couch or on the kitchen table. Ha. Ha. Ha. These chicks are horny bitches but then again, I never seem to get enough pussy. It’s gonna work out fine tomorrow. If ya feel like throwing a dick to one of them, don’t hesitate; just be sure to wear a rubber. They work the Truck Stop on the week-end and get lots of trucker cock. Don’t want you catching something before you head off to college. Man, I’ve worked up an appetite for a burger. I gotta go clean up a bit. I fucked Anna Mae and ate out Peggy’s cunt at the same time. Woo. Those bitches sure like my dick.” Ha Ha.

When Tommy finished cleaning up, we hopped in his truck and went to the near by Burger-Palace to eat.

Tommy wasn’t a bad looking guy once he cleaned up. He was a well build man, about 35, had a good complexion and blond kinky hair and mustache. He had one small tattoo of an Indian tom-tom on his left arm that he said was his trade mark. I quickly learned that he liked to talk and tell stories. Tommy drove by the Truck Stop to get some gas and teased me about working there. I looked around for Larry, but Tommy said he was probably in one of the truck sleepers getting fucked. Then he laughed.

By the time we got back to the trailer we were both talked out and ready for bed. Tommy came into my room and was amazed how quickly I had cleaned it up. He stripped down naked and sat on my bed. I couldn’t help but notice the size of his large penis and low hanging balls. No wonder the women like to be fucked by him. He saw me staring at him, and unashamedly stood, and flipped his cock back and forth, pulled back the loose skin covering his cock head, and gripped it proudly. “Nice looking prick, wouldn’t you say?”

He told me to strip out of my boxers and show him how big my cock was. I immediately started getting a hard on and tried to hide myself. He laughed and yanked my boxers down, pushed my hands away and gripped my balls. He carefully inspected my cock and pulled back some of my foreskin. I was fully erect and was dripping clear watery spunk. I was fearful of cumming right in his face. I hadn’t had sex for several weeks. He unexpectedly milked down my dick, gathered some of my love juices on his fingers and placed it in his mouth to taste me.

“Hey brother. You’ve got a nice big cock, just like mine. It must run in the family. Ya taste pretty sweet too. I remember our dad’s big cock when I was a young pup. He came into my room one night and fucked the hell out of me. At the time, I hated him for hurting me, but later I learned to enjoy it.  He did it to me several time after that until he joined the Navy. I never saw him anymore after that.

“Have you ever gotten ‘bung holed’ by another dude? You know, fucked up the ass. Awe. There ya go blushing again. Nothing to be ashamed of. Come on. You can tell me. I saw you checking out the other dudes at the burger place tonight. You’re either Gay or bisexual, aren’t you? Ha Ha. There ya go blushing again. I’m not gonna tell anyone. Now move over little brother. I’m gonna sleep with you in this clean bed. Get over, and let’s curl up together.

I was shocked at my brother’s open attitude toward sex. He turned out the light and pushed me over, put his arms around me and laid his head on my neck. How did he expect me to sleep with his hot body and his large cock pushed against my body? His hand reached around for my hard cock, and then he laughed again.

“Mark. You want that ‘hard on’ to go down? I guess I got you in this condition so I should help you out.”

Oh God, I was so hot. Tommy pulled one of the rubbers out of the drawer, opened it, and placed it over the head of my oozing cock. He slid it down carefully and waited until I cooled off.

“How’s that feel, bro? Not like a tight warm pussy, mouth or asshole, but it will do for now. Enjoy it bro. Man, You sure need to cum. Your balls are drawn up so tight.”

I reached around carefully to find my brother’s large oozing hard cock pressing between my butt crack. I hadn’t been fucked for several months, but Tommy had gotten me so hot, I felt I needed Tommy’s cock up my ass. Tommy sensed it too.

I let Tommy guide his cock into my moist ass hole. The cock head slowly eased into the opening of my anus. I spread my buttocks for easier entry.
Tommy was patient but getting hotter by the moment. He guided his long thick cock into my warm crevice. He paused momentarily until I pushed back against Tommy’s hard cock. It slowly eased in until I could feel the pubic hairs against my butt cheeks. It was in. Every inch of Tommy’s big ten inch cock was buried deep in my body. It hurt like hell when he first passed the opening, but I wanted it so badly I just bit my lip and took it.

Tommy was an experienced fuck master. He knew every position in the book, but fucking his brother was something new for him. He was sure going to take his time cumming, if he could.  He felt Mark shudder. Mark was cumming without Tommy even touching his cock. He waited until Mark stopped cumming then put his arms around him and held him tight.

“Fuck. You were so hot you came already. Do ya want me to pull out and let you get some rest?”

“Hell no! You just hit my prostate and caused me to shoot. It was great, but I want you to keep your cock in, and fuck me until I feel you warm juices fill my hole. Think ya can do that?”hard-bareback-fucking-gay

“Are you kidding? I can cum several times in a row, without pulling out. Do you think you’re ready to be fucked all night long? We’ll fuck, rest, and then do it again for good measure.”

And that’s just what they did. Tommy fucked Mark most of the night until they just passed out. They did it in every position they could think of, but the best orgasm was when Mark was on his back, legs wrapped around his brother’s neck when they both came at the same time. Tommy had pulled off Mark’s condom and was covered with the gushing young mans juices. They finally stopped fucking and fell asleep in each others arms.

Watch for Part 02 of this story
Story by Richard Barber

Tutoring Jocks

Tutoring Jocks1531358239595blob.jpg

Story by Richard Barber at

I’d remained on campus during Spring Break along with a few other students. My roommate Jason, had gone home to Boston for a couple of weeks, leaving me with some quiet time. I’d planned to catch up on an essay I was preparing for one of my classes.

I went down to the kitchen to get some ice before I settled down to study. As I went through the living area, I spotted Kevin King, talking to one of the other guys in my Frat. He looked up nodded then winked at me. I retrieved a bucket of ice from the kitchen and hastily went back up the stairs to my room trying to avoid him. Kevin excited me sexually, but I didn’t want to let him know.

He was one of the football players here at the college. He had a body that even straight men would take a second glance at. He was an extremely hot guy, and he knew it. I’d always had the ‘hots’ for him, but knowing my roommate didn’t trust him, I stayed my distance. I went back to my room to continue my studies when a light knock was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood Kevin.

Kevin was a genuine hunk, but I understood he could also be a real asshole and bully at times. He and Jason didn’t always get along. My roommate Jason was refined and cultured and Kevin was more ‘trailer trash redneck’. Kevin was almost as good looking as Jason in his own way. Jason had dark hair and fantastic dark brown eyes and Kevin had blond curly hair and sparkling blue eyes. They were both about the same height and weight.

I’d seen Kevin in the football dressing room after a game wearing nothing but a bulging jockstrap. I was immensely impressed by his compact muscular body and rippling abs. He was no doubt secure about his body.

1-010510 (6)

“Hey dude. Is Jason around?” Kevin said as he looked around our room.

”No. He has gone to Boston for Spring Break. You can come back in a few weeks if you need to talk with him.” I said trying to avoid eye contact with him. The quickest way another guy knows you have a thing for him is eye contact.

I had fantasized about having sex with Kevin, but thought I’d never have a chance with this ‘stud muffin’. He was a ‘pussy hound’ and was fucking all the girls on and off campus. He had a reputation of rough and demanding sex, and never fucked the same chick more than a couple times. Jason warned me to be cautious of this guy.

“Cool. I really wanted to talk to you anyway. Can I come in?” Kevin said as he pushed his way into the room. “I need some tutoring in one of my classes and heard you were the man to see.”

“Fuck dude, this is a real nice apartment. I bet you could have some hot parties here. I know Jason is a real pussy magnet, and you’re pretty cool too. So do you get laid much these days?” Kevin continued.

“I do some tutoring but I can’t take on any more until next semester. What do you need tutoring in anyway?” I said trying to avoid his last question.

“Sex Education” Kevin said with a straight face. Then he softly laughed. “I know how to fuck and eat pussy, but never had a blow job from a cock sucking fag. I’ve heard you’re a good cock sucker, so thought I would check you out.”

“Get the fuck out of here, Kevin. I’ve heard you were an asshole, and I have to agree with them. Get out!” I said as I started to open the door,

Kevin stepped in front of the door and grinned. I didn’t have a chance at throwing this guy out of my room. Not only did he have about 50 pounds on me, but he was such a desirable hunk. I knew I would just melt if he even touched me. He made me uneasy with his presence.

“Aw, come on dude. Sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just thought we might experience some extra fun while your ‘guardian’ was out of town.” Kevin continued. “You’re well built, and a good looking for a ‘gay dude’ and even straight guys likes to get an extra ‘blow job’ now and then. I’ve heard that gay dudes give the best head because they know how another guy likes to have it done. Come on Ray. I’ve never had head from a guy before. I’d sure like to have you swinging on my dong. So what do you say, Ray? I won’t let on to your friend. I promise. Be my ‘teach’. Please.”

Kevin was leaning against the door dressed in a white stretch body shirt, emphasizing every rippling muscle of his stomach, his awesome pectoral muscles, and his protruding nipples. His tight tailored shorts gripped every curve of his sculptured body and trim waist. An excellent bulge was pressed against the front of his white shorts and was on the rise as he talked about the prospect of a blow job. The top buttons of his jeans were unbuttoned and exposed a soft fuzzy cluster of hair to further entice his admirers. He was a sex magnet, and he flaunted it very well.20180226_162748

“Please?” Kevin said one more time. “I know you want it. Don’t think I haven’t noticed those quick glances at my crotch. Huh? You wouldn’t leave a guy hard and horny like this, would you?” Kevin said as he grabbed his crotch area. “I’ve got a nice bundle hanging between my legs and some low hanging balls just loaded with man juices that need to be released. Please?”

“Aw fuck! Come on in.” I said, then smiled and laughed at Kevin. “You’re like a little puppy in heat. Lock the door and take your shoes off. Would you like a soda or something?”

“No dude! All I need are your lips around my prick. Shit man, I’m so fucking hot today. All my ‘fuck chicks’ have gone for the week and my dick is throbbing for some loving.” Kevin said as he continued to take off his clothes and jump on one of the beds. He stretched out with one arm behind his head, grabbed his hard cock, and lifted his balls with the other.buck_santiago-2

“Look at that beauty. Did you ever suck on a cock this big? I’ve been told it is 11 inches long and 6 inches around. I can’t find a good cock sucking chick that can get me off. Come on dude. I need some head in the worst way. Jump on this baby and make me cum.” Kevin said, starting to get more demanding.

“If I’m going to be the teacher, then you’ll have to let me do the teaching. Lay back, relax and let me do it my way.” I told Kevin.

I opened the bedside table drawer and obtained a bottle of body oil. Then I poured some of it onto Kevin’s body, and began rubbing the oil on his well-developed chest. This was just an excuse for me to explore Kevin’s firm torso, upper body and his hard nipples. Kevin relaxed, closed his eyes, and seemed to enjoy my sensitive massage.

I placed my mouth over one of Kevin’s nipples while my fingers caressed and tweaked the other one. It seemed to excite him because I noticed his dick throb and flex. He was anticipating my warm cock sucking mouth deriving his cock and consuming it.

He gripped his cock starting to masturbate, but before he could manipulate it, I moved my hand down his taunt abs, gripped his cock and held it tightly. It was an amazing cock indeed. My hand could barely reach around it but I managed to get in between Kevin’s legs and begin kissing, licking, and nuzzling his low hanging balls, inhaling his musky, manly scents. His large scrotum hung snugly between his legs. I kissed Kevin’s cock shaft and started licking my way up his big hard throbbing cock, and licked the clear oozing pre-cum from the head of his dick. His liquids were sweet and tasty.

Kevin sighed as I placed my mouth completely over his cock and ran my tongue around the sensitive tulip shaped cock head and into the opening of his piss slit. One hand was guiding Kevin’s prick into my mouth as the other hand was exploring the moist area of his virgin ass hole. Kevin parted his strong athletic legs giving me trusting admission to this receptive private place.

I pleasured Kevin’s manhood until he was about ready to blow, then I would ease off, and then begin again, building Kevin up to another sexual frenzy. I was amazed I could swallow down more than half of his cock during each downward move.

I continued sucking Kevin for about ten minutes and had eased two-fingers into Kevin’s asshole, and was working on a third. This brought Kevin to a ‘point of no return’. He started to whimper and writhe about on the bed like a wild man. He gave a howl of eagerness and started to tremble with uncontrollable passionate enthusiasm. He arched his body upward and huffed for air while he blasted squirt after squirt of man liquid into my welcome oral cavity. I swallowed quickly after each gusher. His zeal and passion was almost too much for me to keep his spurting dick in my mouth as his body squirmed all over the bed in ecstasy. .

“Oh hot damn!” Kevin shouted out as he released a well-needed orgasm. “Damn you’re a fucking, first-class cocksucker! Ah yes! Yes! Yes! Drain my cock. Oh man, man, man!” Kevin said as he continued to enjoy several more releases of cum into me.

Following a frantic discharge of sexual exhilaration, Kevin settled down to a stress-free disposition. I slowly pulled my three fingers from Kevin’s humid asshole, and then continued to savor the large amount of sperm released from Kevin’s big penis.

Kevin’s cock was sensitive but he enjoyed me licking all the cum from his cock shaft and his balls. Kevin realized I was a first-rate cock worshiper and cum slave and he could depend on me to satisfy his sexual needs when he needed release.

I took some sanitary wipes, washed and dried Kevin’s dick and balls while he relaxed. He was so attractive lying there with his eyes closed, and his big semi-hard cock resting on his soft ball sack just waiting for more attention. This dude was so much more desirable naked than with his clothes on. What a well-developed guy! I’ll let him rest for now then later launch him on his next lesson of ‘Sex Education.’ I knew I wasn’t through with him yet.

I went to the bathroom to get myself ready for Kevin’s next lesson. I had always fantasized that this football hunk would fuck me someday, and now I had the chance to show Kevin how enjoyable it could be to plant a load of fresh sperm into a nice tight male ass, instead of some loose female cunt.

Almost thirty minutes had gone by since Kevin had fallen asleep. I had cleansed my body and lubed the entrance to my anus. I stood over Kevin for a brief moment to admire his magnificent and flawless body. Kevin stirred as I placed my mouth over the cock head to savor the remaining ooze of fluids seeping from his piss slit. He slowly became rigid as I kissed and caress his flexible penis and engulfed his member down to his pubic hairs before he enlarged to his full 11 inch shaft.

“Hey dude. How long have I been asleep? I’m rested and feel horny again. How about another round of cock sucking? That was awesome dude, just awesome! Ah yeah. That’s nice the way you do that. Go all the way down on it again. Un huh. Just like that.” Kevin said as he lay back on the bed to enjoying the attention I was giving his cock.

“I think I have a better idea. Since I’m teaching you ‘Sex Education’, I thought we might do something else. How about we try some deep ass fucking? Don’t panic. I have douched and lubed my ass and I want you to fuck me. You have an exquisite big cock: not only long but thick, and I know I can take it if we take our time. Would you like to give it a try?” I said softly to Kevin.

“Shit yes!” Kevin said as he set up in bed on his knees. “Let’s go to it dude. You have such a hot body and firm round bubble butt, I’m ready to fuck. Let’s do it. Never fucked a butt before.”

“Whoa. Slow down big boy. We’ve got to do this right otherwise your big thick cock could split me open. I want it as much as you do, but take your time so we can both enjoy it, stud.” I had to laugh at Kevin’s enthusiasm. It sure didn’t take much to convince Kevin to fuck me.

I laid on my back and told Kevin to move between my legs like he was going to fuck one of his chicks, and then he should lift my legs and place them on each of his shoulders. Then I instructed him to scoot under my body, guide his dick to my ass hole, and slowly move the head of his cock into my lubricated male pussy, move closer, and then guide his dick into my tight anus, move closer again and then it should slither right in.


Everything was moving perfectly except Kevin’s big cock did hurt me a little when it started going in. Kevin sensed I was in pain. He stopped and waited for me to get comfortable then he moved in again. Kevin paused once more and then gave another push into my sphincter and promptly was nestled all the way into my fuck track with his balls resting against my buttocks..

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck dude. I’m all the way in, and it feels fantastic.” Kevin said excitedly then laughed. “I didn’t know an asshole could feel so great. Shit, I just may give up pussy and fuck some of my buddy’s ass. Whoopee dude. Let’s fuck. Let’s fuck.” Kevin said as he grabbed my ankles and started to fuck. He threw his head back and once again howled like a wolf calling for his mate. “AHHOOOO?.”

I was immersed in Kevin’s excitement and the great feeling of having this hunk using my body for his pleasure. It hurt at first when Kevin’s long thick dick stretched my hole and made its entry, but once he slid it all the way in, it was great and almost made me cum. I hadn’t been fucked by such a large one for quite some time and I welcomed being fucked again. “Man it felt good,” I thought to myself.

Kevin knew from experience how to move his body while fucking. He gripped my ankles and spread me like a wishbone. He was plunging his dick in me up to the hilt. I could feel his big balls slapping against my buttocks. Kevin must have thought he might be hurting me, but after awhile he realized I wanted it rough and hard.
“Hey dude you’re a damn good fuck. If I fucked my ladies like this, they would already be crying for me to stop, but not you Ray. Fucking a solid muscular dude like you is so much better than I’d ever dreamed.”

“Fuck me Kevin! Fuck me long and hard! Use me! Use me! Oh fuck, Kevin you’re a damn good fucker. Fuck me, dude. Fuck me!” I grunted out. “Harder. Harder.”

Kevin was in absolute sexual ecstasy. He love to fuck, and have orgasm after orgasm, but never thought fucking another dude could be so great. He slammed his cock in and out of Ray’s gripping ass muscles with vigor. How could sex like this be considered wrong when it felt so damn good?
I wrapped my legs around Kevin and gripped him tighter, pulling him closer to my body. Kevin fell forward placing his hands on the bed. He looked down into my face. His passion gave in, and he leaned closer and kissed my sweaty forehead.

I reached up, pulled Kevin to my lips, and began kissing him. Then the heavy fucking really began. We kissed and fucked in every position we could, but after about 30 minutes of wild fucking, Kevin went wild and released a tremendous gushing load. He came so much that the love juices ran out of my well-used ass and soaked the sheets.


Plunge after plunge, Kevin buried his hard cock deep into the moist caverns of my body. Kevin had rubbed my prostate so much that I came at least three times during the wild session. Finally we both collapsed in utter pleasure and exhaustion.

The scent of body, sweat, and male sperm filled the room. Only the sounds of heavy breathing from two sexually satisfied men could be heard. A slight move of the bodies, then I broke the silence.

“Get the fuck off me! You’re crushing my nuts with your knee.”

Kevin laughed and moved his hot sticky body off me.

“You better get accustomed to bodies being on you because I’m telling some of my buddies in the Athletic Department to sign up for ‘Sex Education’ with you over the next few weeks. Do you think you can handle them? We all need some advanced Sex Education and I have selected you to teach us.”

“Damn!. Do they ever have a treat coming from you when you suck their cocks and give them some of that hot ass of yours.”

“Yeah. I think I can handle it but why don’t you fuck me the rest of the night to get me in shape?”

We fucked the rest of the night and into the early hours of the next morning. I lost count of the times Kevin’s cock spewed loads of cum in me. He tole me he was thankful they didn’t have football practice the next day, because he was weak and exhausted from all the fucking.

That afternoon after I had cleaned up and slept a few hours, a soft knock was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood the center from the college basketball team. His head almost touched the top of the door frame of my room.

“Hey. Are you Ray? I understand you will help me with ‘Sex Education’. I’m rather new at this but Kevin King told me you were the best.”

“Sure. Come in and let’s get started. Take off your clothes and let me take a good look at you. Umm….My god, what size shoes do you wear anyway? If that is any indication…..” I said without finishing my sentence and stared at his huge soft cock.

8the sad wizard

That week was a busy one for me. Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said he would line up more guys for my ‘Sex Education’ classes. Several times, day and night, I took in more new students. I often insisted several of the guys should return for more instructions. Kevin was still my favorite student and would come over every night for more sessions. He was a good student.

Story by Richard Barber
7/18/2008, Word Count. 3,265

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Ricky Right, Adventure 5


Ricky Right, Adventure 5


Story by Dick Clinton at

This is an almost true story of a young man that lived during a time when a boy could do almost nothing wrong. It was a time before, during and after World War II. It was the time when a normal health young male was sexually active and every sexual contact seemed right, and Ricky was one of those boys.

* * * * * * * *


“Mr. Roy? Is he fucking you too? You sure get around. How long has this been going on? He is a handsome man for his age….and he has a big 10 inch cock? I guess you’re not interested in my 8 ½ cock anymore. Guess I’ll have to brake my little brother in after all. Would you be interested in helping me breed him?”

“Heck yes….but let me think about it some more. He might like it so much he’d take away some of my men fuckers.”

I laughed and headed out the door, picked up my bike and headed back to the grocery store with Mr Roy’s prescription.

After I left the store I had to pass the City Jail. I had promised Ranger, Lt John Jr. that I would drop by to see the new extension they had built on to the Jail House and say a “hello” to his dad, the Chief Ranger. His father, the Chief had been the first man to fuck me that day on that lonely country road when they rescued me from those Boys from the High school.

(But that’s another story found at Farm Boys from Kansas, Part 02)

The Jail house was build on the old foundation of the old jail house. Which had been burned to the ground many years ago when Quantrill’s Raiders pro-Confederate partisan rangers (“bushwhackers”) raided and burned down the city sometime after the Civil War. The jail was a historical building so new additions had to be approved by the cities Special Historical Society. Chief Ranger John was proud of the new addition.

When I entered the front door I had to stop at the counter and tell the new ranger receptionist clerk what I was doing here. I told him I was looking for the Captain so he could take me around to show me the new jail but mainly to give me another good fucking. I’d never seen this guy before today. He was good looking dude, especially in his tailored Ranger Uniform and military type haircut.Police1

“Hello young man. How can I help you?” He said as he quickly looked me up and down.

I wanted to blow him right there but had to be nice and tell him I was looking for the Captain.

“Yes Sir. I’m Ricky a friend of the Captain. He told me to drop by today and see him.”

“Rick? Oh yeah he mentioned you might come by for a….tour?”

“Yes Sir. If he’s busy I can come back some other time.”

“Oh No. Stay right here. He just got back from a call and should be here in a couple of minutes. Hold on. I see him coming in the back door right now.”

The Captain entered the room and then saw me nodded.

He walked over to the Receptionist and said something to him then motioned for me to follow me.
“Well it’s about time you showed up.” he said as he put his arm around me and gave me a squeeze.

“It’s been almost 9 months now that I saw you last. Your not pregnant are you?” He said as he laughed and ruffled my hair.

“My son John said he sees you now and then peddling your ass all around town. When he saw you yesterday morning at the Garage he told you to come see me. Glad you did. I’ve been horny for some hot young ass lately.”

“I saw you drooling over my new Counter Clerk when I came in. He is hot isn’t he? I think he’d let you give him a blow job now and then. I’ll fix you up with him later on after I show you the Jail Block downstairs.”

We walked a few feet to a metal door to the Jails. He took his key and opened it quickly, grabbed my ass and almost shoved me into the room. I was surprised but when along with his rough game.

“Come over here to the last cell. I have other things to do today so this will have to be a quick fuck. First suck my cock for a while. Then you can pull down your pants and lean over that bunk so I can fuck your sweet ass again.”

I was almost forced to my knees by the Captain to suck

his semi-hard prick.cop3

” Oh yeah!. You’re a better cock sucker than the last time you sucked me. Hope your ass is just as tight as before. My son told me that you’ve been getting fucked by half the male population around here. I sure did you a favor that day when I took your cherry ass. Let’s see if you’re still as good a fuck as they say you are.”

After I was forced to my knees I opened the Captain’s uniform pants to retrieve his big masculine cock. He shed his holster and gun and set it on the bunk. He was partially hard when I released it from it’s prison. I had forgotten how big and thick his cock was. I knew this was going to be a good fuck again.

I continued to lick and hungerly make love to his appendage. It was a beauty. I bit by bit maneuvered my mouth and tongue around his cock, then when he wasn’t expecting it I went down on him as far as I could and held it there.

“Oh my Gawd. You are a sweet thing. Why haven’t you been around sooner than this? You’re better than any female whore in this town. Gawd you are talented. I guess practice makes perfect. Keep doing what you’re doing for a while before I fuck you. Oh that is good! I may have to schedule you to come back each week for fucking.”

I kept sucking and enjoying this hunk’s cock and body. I ran my hands under his shirt to feel his hairy rippling stomach. He let me feel his chest and pinch his protruding nipples. He moaned and gasp as I made love to his body. I desire to had more time and a place where I could worship his whole body. I’d like to clean and sniff his armpits, then rim his hairy butt crack until he couldn’t handle it anymore. Then he’d throw me down on the bed and fuck the heck out of me for the next few hours.

He was close to cumming so he touched my head and held me there. He motioned for me to get up and bend over the lower cot in the jail cell. I was ready to get fucked. As I bent over he suddenly dropped to the floor, grabbed my ass cheeks and buried his rough bearded face into my asshole. I was shock but pleased that I turned him on like this.

As he munched away at my asshole I looked up to see another young man in the next Jail Cell. He had been watching us the whole time. He was jacking on his good size dick as he enjoyed the show. I wondered if the Captain knew he was there watching. I looked into his face and he smiled and winked. The Captain got up and aimed his hard cock to my asshole. When he found my willing fuck hole he eased his 10 inch cock deep into my body. This time I moaned and almost came.rimmyass

Then he grabbed my butt cheeks and immediately fuck the hell out of me. I had to hold on to the jail bars for fear of falling off the bed. He was still a rough fucker…but I liked it. I could feel his big balls hitting against my bottom. He grunted and slam banged me hard and constant until he started to cum. I could feel the warm fuck juices shooting into my fuck path. I tried not to cum but just couldn’t do it. I shot my load all over the cotton sheets on the bed. As I was cumming I looked up to see the young man in the other cell still jacking on his big dick. He was hoping to fuck me as well.john-cena71

The Captain slowly pulled his wet semi-hard cock from me. I quickly turned to clean the remaining juices from his love stick. After I cleaned him he pulled his pants up and looked down at me and smiled.

“Wow baby. You are a great sex partner. I want you more often. Even my ole lady can’t take it like you do. You are a winner.”

After a short pause the Captain looked at the man in the other Cell.

“You see that young man in that other cell? Well we brought him in last night on a DUI and let him sleep it off. He’s stationed at the Naval Air Base near by. I was about to release him before we came downstairs but I think you should visit him while I go back upstairs. I’ll lock you in his cell and let him use you if he wants. What do you say to that my young lover?”

I nodded yes, stood and followed him to the next locked Jail cell. The Captain laughed as he shut and locked the Jail Cell leaving me at this Navy man’s mercy. The young man was pleasantly surprised but willing to use me for sex. He smiled pulled my face to his and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. He guided me to the bunk and forced me over to fuck my ass. I quickly pulled my ass cheeks apart waiting for his entry. I notice earlier he had a nice big cock as he watched me getting fucked by the Jail Captain.

I was excited but nervous at the same time being used by a complete stranger.. The Navy man edged his cock up and down my ass crack until he found my moist hole where the Captain has just dumped a big load in me.

“Hey young man. I’m Rodger. I’ve never fuck a boy pussy before. Man that Captain sure gave you a rough ride. Has he fucked you before? That was wild. Never seen that done before. I’m new at this but it looks like you won’t have any problem taking my cock. Can I take my time with you? I’m still a little hung over from last night. I’m so hot I might cum as I enter you.” Then he aimed his cock to my fuck hole and slowly entered.

“O Fuck! You are so warm, and I might add, juicy with the Captain’s load. Wow! This is hot.”


He said as he slowly fucked my willing ass. I had never been fucked by a Navy Man before. I relaxed and let him enjoy his first pussy boy ass. He fucked slow and easy then after about 10 minutes he started pounding me faster and harder. Then he started to cum and sighed as he released his load, held me tightly and collapsed on top of me. He gradually got off me and set on the edge of the cot as I stood and pulled up my pants.

“What can I say but wow. That was really a treat after being locked up in this Jail Cell all night. That Captain is sure a nice guy huh? I think his son works here too. Has he ever fucked you?”

“Hi Sir. I’m Ricky Right. I live in the neighborhood and both the Captain and his son have fucked me. The Captain was the first man ever to fuck me. I have been fucked by his son several times. Both men are something else. Are you stationed at the Naval Air Base? You’re are the first Navy Man to fuck me. Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

“Hell yes that was good. It’s hard to find some decent sex around here. Most of the women I meet want to charge money, ugly or lousy sex. You are the best sex I’ve had in a long time. You think we might get together again sometime. Can I call you or..?”

“I work at the one and only grocery store part time. Just ask the Butcher in the back of the store for me. Sometimes I’m in the back room getting fucked or sucking off the other Butcher.”

Just then we heard the main jail door open. It was the Counter Clerk, the handsome dude I liked. More keys rattling then the Clerk came over to the Jail cell where we were.

“Is there a Roger Cox in here?

“Yes. That’s me Sir.”

The Jailer unlocked the door as we started to leave.

“Not you boy. Just Rodger. If you want out you must do me a favor.”

Rodger blew me a kiss then left the Jail cell. “See you kid.”

“A….What favor can I do for you?.” as if I didn’t know. The Captain said he’d send the counter man down to get a blow job and here he was.

He leaned against the jail Bars and started to up sip his uniform pants. I was still inside the Jail Cell and he wanted me to give him a blow job thru the bars. Kind of kinky but interesting. He pulled out his semi-hard cock. It was a good 8 inches long when it hardened. I touched the tip of my tongue to his piss slot to taste his pre-cum. Meanwhile I eased his balls out of his pants and held them in my hand. I licked and kissed his hairy balls and jacked on his hard cock. He leaned in further. I held onto this balls and licked up and down on his hard cock. More pre-cum oozed from his cock. I slowly started swallowing his cock until I could almost take it all. He grunted softly and I heard him whisper.thRXNN6H5G

“Suck my cock you punk cocksucker. Take it all. Lick my balls some more. Feeling good boy. Now work on it and suck out my load. ” ugh, ugh

I was enjoying this manly cock but knew he had to get back to his job at the desk. Perhaps some other time I could really work on his dick or perhaps I could get him to fuck me. He suddenly grabbed the back of my head and forced me to swallow him. I started working on him until he released a big load onto my face and down my throat. He came and came until he was relaxed. I drained him good and cleaned the cum off my face and let him go. He pulled back from the bars and zipped up his pants.

“Okay cocksucker. You can go now but you have to come back again when it is not so busy around here. Ya hear me? Come on. Let’s go.”

He grabbed my arm and almost shoved me out the Jail House Door. I coyly walked out of the Jail House. As I looked back inside I saw the Captain and his son looking my way. They gave a short wave and smiled. They knew I would be back for another round or two. I gave them a ‘thumbs up’ and got on my bike to head on home.

Instead of going directly home I thought I’d go by the main road to check on the Roadside Rest Area where many of the large highway trucks would pull over to check their loads before going on down the steep road before them. It had a nice wooded area close to the roadside area where some of the horny truckers would take a piss and a check to see if they could get a quick blow job or fuck before heading down the road. I had been here before and met and blown a few nice truckers.

Today I saw about 12 roadside workmen digging in the draining ditch to replace some cement culverts that had washed out during our last rain storm. They looked to be young college men and a few older bosses. I just hoped it didn’t interfere with the truckers parking along the road side.

I rested my bike against a tree and set on the ground to watch for a horny trucker to park and come up the hill to the wooded area for a blow job. Known as the ‘Meat Rack.’

I only had to wait about 5 minutes when this trucker pulled into the area, got out of his cab, walked around the truck, tapped a few tires then got behind the truck cab to take a piss.


I recognized the Cab. It was a trucker I’d had before. His name was Joe, a hot guy about 49 or so. Had a nice bod and a nice big fat uncut cock. He was in a hurry that time but I convinced him to let me blow him. He agreed and I sucked him off right by his truck. I was hoping he’d fuck me but he was in a hurry. He seemed to enjoy my service and said perhaps next time we’d get together he would fuck me. I was hoping this might be the right time.

I walked down the path to the road and walked towards him. He was finishing up his piss but letting his big cock hang out. He looked up from under his cowboy hat and said ‘hi’. Then he smiled and recognized me from the time before.

“Hey. Aaaa. Ricky, isn’t it? Looking for some action? I’m not in a hurry this time. Do you want to take up where we left off?”

“Hello Joe. Looking good enough to eat ! “. I said. “Got time to go into the wooded area today? It’s more private up there unless some of the road crew decide to join us. Come on. I know a nice private spot.”5

He climbed up to one of the truck steps and locked the cab door then we quickly headed up the worn dirt path until we came to a nice spot next to a large tree stump left over from a previous cutting. I dropped to my knees unbuckled his belt and pulled down his tight levies, then his white boxer shorts. He smelled so good. His hard cock popped out like a tree branch. I licked around his cock head to taste his moist pre-cum juices. He leaned back against the tree trunk and let me service him. I sucked and licked him until he was hot to cum. I buried my face in his soft hairy balls and kissed and love them while holding onto his hard cock.

I had unbuttoned my jeans while I was sucking him. I stood, pulled down my jeans, bent over, spread my butt cheeks and guided his prick to my moist butt crack. He placed his rough callused hands to my hips and moved forward into my welcome opening. He eased his cock to my love passage and then shoved all the way in. It was bigger than most cocks but it felt nice.388dd-fuckmelikethebitchiam

He moaned softly and started to fuck me harder. We fucked for awhile then he started moving faster and faster and let out another sign of pleasure and came deep in my love canal.

We paused briefly to enjoy the delight of the climax. He slowly pull out. I turned quickly and cleaned off his moist dick. When we finished he buckled his belt and said.

“Good one. We should do this more often. I will be by this way again next Thursday. I’d like a repeat performance but next time I will have my co-pardner with me. You’d like him. His name is ‘Hank’. He has a big cock and loves to fuck ass. It will be about the same time as today. Are you willing to take us both on?”

“Sure. I’d like that. It’s a date.”

Joe pulled me close gave me a big hug and kissed me on my cheek.

“Okay then my young friend. See you next week.” Then he headed back down the path to his truck.

I noticed while I was being fucked by Joe that one of the Road Crew workers was standing near by jacking off. He was wearing a hardhat and his regular work clothes. Was rouged looking but in good shape. He looked to be about 50 with a slight hint of a beard. He was chewing on the stump of a cigar.


“Hey buddy. Do you think I can get some of that pretty young ass? You looked like you enjoy it, huh?”

He stood there jacking on his good size cock.

I motioned for him to come closer. I turned, pulled down my pants, braced myself against the tree stump and waited for him to use me.. My pants were already half down anyway so ‘Why not?’ I thought? I felt his hand rub my butt cheeks then he eased his finger in my cum filled asshole.

“That trucker really filled you up didn’t he? I don’t mind in fact I like a sloppy second.” he said as he got closer to me and guided his hard prick into my hole. I bent over slightly for better entry.

I felt his hands rub over my naked body as he shoved his cock all the way in me. I gasp and bent over more so he could go deeper. He leaned over me while he fucked. . He still presented the odor of the cigar which I found rather erotic. His hard hat bumped against my head when he attempted to chew on my ear. He began to roughly fuck my ass and talk dirty to me as he was breeding me. I like being rough fucked like this.hard-bareback-fucking-gay

“Yeah, yeah. Nothing like a sweet young pussy boy to breed. Oh baby. What a pleasant surprise to find such a tender young boy to fuck here in the woods.”

“I know some of my college crew would sure like some of this sweet ass. Hummmm I’m gonna cum! Cum in your sweet pussy. Here it cums my young tender cunt. Oh yeah, Oh yeah.” he continued to say as he dumped a big load of warm masculine sperm deep in me to mingle with my trucker friends load.

I almost came as he roughly fucked me. I liked it. I liked it. What is wrong with me? I like being rough fucked and now wanted more. I’m hoping some of the crew was near by and ready to use me again and again. Gawd I am such a slutty whore. I love the sensation of masculine men using my body as their ‘cum dump’.

I took a deep breath and waited for him to pull his cock out of my ass. He didn’t wait for me to clean off his cock but put it back in his jeans. He lovely slapped my ass cheeks and said.

“You’re a good piece of ass. Wait here while I get some of the guy to use you for a cum dump and relieve themselves in your ass. Be right back. Stay here!”

I hardly had time to compose myself when two younger men walked up the path and entered my little hidden hide a way. Immediately they started to rub their cock to let me know they needed servicing. I motioned for them to come closer. These must be 2 of the workmen my last fucker told me about.

Both men seemed to be young college men. Nice looking and dressed in tight jeans and work booths. One pulled out his hard cock and started jacking on it. I dropped to my knees in my regular cock worshiping position and offered them my welcome mouth for his 8 inch cock. I started sucking him. Meanwhile the other workman pulled his pre-cum cock out of his jeans and rubbed it along side my cheek.58651-blowingbd-1

I could tell right away they liked my service. I sucked for a while going from first one cock then the other. I stood, turned around and pulled down my jeans to offer them my willing ass. One of the men stepped closer.

“You need for us to bang fuck that pretty little boy pussy, don’t you bitch? Well hold on because we are gonna fuck the hell out of you. “

I got into position and waited for the onslaught.

“One of the men got behind me and put his cock to my ass. He found my fuck hole and shoved it in. I grunted but received his 8 inch dick quite well. He didn’t wait for me to get use to his dick and started fucking me fast and hard. The other man stood patiently by waiting his turn.

It didn’t take long for the young man to shoot a nice load deep in my Love Canal. Once he came he paused to enjoy his climax then pulled out suddenly before I could clean him. His partner stepped in quickly and shoved his nice size dick right up my ass. He moaned and slapped my ass cheek over and over until he also dumped a nice load into my body.


They both talked to each other, did a high-five hand slap, smiled and gave me a thumbs up and walked away. When I turned around there were 4 more rouged workmen standing around waiting to see if they could use me as their cum dump. I turned back to the stump and waited. Soon another man walked up, touched my white ass and fingered my cum filled ass before he put his dick into my hole. I realized I was in for a long enjoyable afternoon of man fucking.

As I was getting gang banged by, I didn’t know how many studs, I realized my ass hole was already overflowing with cum juices and running down my leg. Another man standing near by pulled the neck scarf from his neck and started using his scarf to clean my legs from the cum. He also reached around my balls and jerked on my hard cock then gave it a squeeze and went back to his waiting position behind my fucker.

I had already taken on several men to use me. I was still enjoying the sensation and the thrill of fuck, after fuck, after fuck from these horny Country Road Workmen. They continued to fuck me until I lost count of the loads of cum I had received up my welcome ass. I had to admit I was getting a bit tired standing here. Another man came up behind me ready to fuck. He slapped me tenderly on the ass, cupped my butt cheeks, dropped to his knees, spread my ass cheeks and started licking and sucking out the many loads of cum that still remained in my body.


I turned slightly to see who it was but all I could see was the top of his head. I could feel his beard rubbing against me. There was a mild sent of Cigar. Then I realize it was the Foreman again. The first workman to fuck me today. He had taken off his hard hat so he could suck out my ass. I realized all of he men had gone back down the path and started back to work.

The Foreman was the only one around. He was doing a fantastic job rimming and sucking out the loads of cum just deposited in my body by his workmen. After a few minutes of swallowing all the cum, he stood and put his dick back in my hole. He was ready for a 2nd round of fucking. By this time I was almost numb from all the fucking. I had taken on 10 or 12 hunky straight studs. He fucked me tenderly, chewed slightly on my ear again and kissed my face.. He whispered in my ear as he fucked me for the 2nd time.

“You are a precious jewel. A real diamond in the rut. How long have you been a volunteer cum dump for men? I’ve been looking for a young thing like you for quite a while. I live near here. You might know my brother-in-law Cliff Hunter. He’s the Fire Chief. Big good looking stud with a big 11 inch dick. .”

The he grunted in pleasure as he continued to fuck me. Then continued the conversation.

“He asked me last week if I knew of a young man that needed to be fucked by several men a few nights a week. There are several men that work at the firehouse that need a hot young thing that liked to be gang-banged now and then. Can I suggest you stop by and let him check you out for a night of fucking?”

“Oh that would be great! I’ve been by the Fire-station several times and wanted to go inside to check it out. I’ve seem several of the firemen hanging outside on a warm evening and wanted to blow a few of them. Can you tell the Fire Captain about me and that I will be stopping by sometime soon. Wow! That would be awesome.”

“Oh baby. I’m gonna cum again. What a sweet ass. Oh gawd. I’m cumming again. Ohhhhh yeah. oh yeah.” he said as he unloaded a nice load in me again.

“Man. I’ve got to get back to my crew. Listen. We will be here all this week and probably another few day next week. Please come back again and we’ll do this all over again. My crew will work better now that they’ve got their ‘rocks off’ today. ” He gave me another quick kiss on my face then one on my bare buttocks. He laughed and said to me.

“You’d better take a shower and wash off the hand prints on you butt and rib cage before someone might wonder what you’ve been doing.” Then he laughed again and left me still leaning against the tree trunk.

I was tired standing but well satisfied for now. I think I came 3 times while being fucked by these men. Most of the overflowing cum had run down my legs and into my socks and shoes. There was a red neck scarf lying between my legs. It was damp with cum from the men.

I dressed again and got back on my bike and drove down the road by the County Road Workman. I waved and got a wolf call and a few whistles as I passed by. I was on my way home for the day.

When I got home my father who was a night worker and slept days, was up and eating something in the kitchen.

“Hi there son. Did you have a good day? How is that bike of yours running now with the new tires? I promised you we would go look at a few used autos and perhaps get you in a car before you graduate from high school. Would you like that son? I know that must be tiresome peddling your ass all around this town. You look tire.”

“I’ve heard some good things about you and how you are doing good deeds for many of the men in town by serving all these nice men.. I’ve always know you were a good young man.’

I had taken off my wet t-shirt as we talked.

“How did you get  that hand print on your back side?”

I quickly changed the subject.

“I’ve got to go take a shower Dad. Talk more with you later.” I said as I rushed upstairs to clean up and take my shower. Tomorrow is another day and I was already lined up to ‘do my service” for my many men in this town. Gawd! If dad only knew of my devoted service to men.”


End of this chapter 05.

Perhaps I will continue to write more Adventures of Ricky Right.

Story by Richard Barber, a.k.a. Dick Clinton. at

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