Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 02

Trailer Trash Tommy, Part 02

Use me tonight.

The Glory Hole.

We were in a deep sleep until someone knocked on the door. Brother Tommy’s legs were still wrapped around me, but sometime in the early morning after he finished fucking me for the fourth time, his pliable dick eased out of my cum filled asshole. I must say it was a night to remember, even though my ass was tender; I was looking forward to more fucking.

“That must be Anne Mae coming over to clean the house. Stay here if you want, Mark, and I’ll let her in. You can make us some coffee if you would. You’ll find all the makings in the Kitchen.”

Tommy didn’t bother to put on any clothing but headed to the other room to answer the door. As he left the bedroom I took a quick glance of his soft low hanging dick as it flopped from one leg to the other. It was as big and fine-looking as I remembered from the night before. Man. I loved his penis.

I heard the muffled conversation of Mark and a woman’s voice but soon it silenced. I got out of my bed and slipped into my jean cutoffs before heading to the john to take my morning piss. I still contained Tommy’s loads of cum in me and soon discharge his deposits. I washed up and went into the kitchen to brew some coffee. The conversation in the other room had now changed to sounds of my brother sighing and incoherent talking.

“Hey brother where’s my coffee?” he called out to me.

“Yeah, Yeah, Give it a chance to brew. You take it black, don’t you? I’m on my way.”

When I entered the living area, much to my surprise, Tommy was standing there , legs spread, and Anne’s head was bobbing up and down on his prick. I turned to leave but Tommy called out to me.



“Put the coffee mug here on the table and come closer. I’d introduce you two, but my bitch is busy giving me some morning head. I’m always horny in the mornings, and like to start the day off with sex, so you better get use to it. Don’t be shy, bro. Come over here so I can reach your prick.”

After I set his coffee down, Tommy pulled on the waistband of my jeans, unsnapped them, and yanked them down. By this time I had already gone from a soft cock to a semi hard one. Tommy pulled on my cock forcing me to stand closer so he could maneuver my cock.

“That’s it boy, Come closer so I can ‘jack you off’ while I get a blow job. You sure have a nice prick there dude. Come closer and give me a taste of that sweet meat. Mummmm huh. That’s nice. Oh yeah bitch. Keep sucking on my prick while I jack on my brother’s big prick. Yeah. That’s it. Suck it deep. Yeah, just like that.”

Once again my brother’s actions cease to amaze me. He was getting a blow job from one of his girlfriends while he jacked me off. It was very stimulating watching his face as he was being pleasured. Suddenly I was about to cum. I gave out a moan and started to discharge my load all over my brother.

“Yeah that’s it little brother, Shoot that spunk all over my chest. Let me see that hot sperm squirting out of your big prick.”

“Keep sucking bitch, don’t stop. Oh shit. I’m gonna cum now too. Gonna cum. Oh shit. Suck it, suck it, suck it. Aw yes!”

The cum rushed out of my piss slot shooting an enormous gusher all over Tommy’s chest and stomach. He guided my hard prick like a garden hose. As I was enjoying my orgasm, Tommy was moaning and holding Anne’s head down on his erupting cock. She gagged and gasp for air, but Tommy held her down until he finished his orgasm.

“Yeah, bitch; you’re still a good cocksucker. You took it all the way this time. Good girl. Now I’ve another treat for you. After you’ve cleaned my cock and balls, you can come up here and lick my brother’s cum off my stomach and chest. Perhaps next time you can give him one of your special suck jobs. Now lick my body clean. Be sure to lick my balls clean while you’re down there, bitch. Don’t forget, you still have to clean this house up before you leave.”

Tommy still held my cock in his hand, but as I started to pull away, he milked down my cock, cleaned off the remaining juices then began licking my cum off his fingers. I believe he was beginning to enjoy the taste of my cum. Anna Mae had eased herself up Tommy’s washboard stomach after cleaning my remaining deposit of juices. Meanwhile I pulled up my jeans and headed to the head to wash up.

Later that day…………………..

Tommy told me this was his last day of vacation from the World Parcel Service warehouse where he worked. He’d like to show me around the immediate area. After a quick cup of coffee, we left Anne Mae to clean up the trailer.

Tommy had an old Ford pick up truck parked next to the trailer which needed some work before it would run, but the Honda motorcycle would be our temporary transportation. We jumped on the Honda and headed out of the trailer park to the truck stop filling station to get some gas, then on to the WPS warehouse.

We parked the bike in the parking lot next to a medium size warehouse where the WPS trucks were being loaded. It was an older building that had been renovated for their purpose. Tommy waved and spoke to a few of the men on the dock, and then we went inside to a small office where he introduced me to his supervisor and a dispatcher. His ‘super’ was a clean cut looking man about 45 and the younger dispatcher about 25. They were both ‘hot’ looking men.

Tommy helped himself to the coffee and chatted with the men briefly before he motioned for me to follow him around. He said they had taken this old warehouse and remodeled most of it but the older part was used for storage and the shower room, lockers and a restroom.

“Go to one of the toilet booths and look at the big holes in the wooden walls. Its remains of the old warehouse that was never remodeled. I think lots of hot cock sucking takes place there. There’s an outside entrance where cocksuckers come in and give some of the workers some head now and then. I want you to go into one of the booth and set for awhile. When some of the warehouse men and drivers come in, they will go to the next booth and you can give them some head. Are you up for it?”
GH picture

“I…I…don’t know. I’ve never sucked dick through a glory hole before. I’ve always been interested but never had the nerve to try it. What will they think about it, about you and me being here together? Won’t they know it’s me?”

“Gnaw, and who gives a fuck anyway? Cocksuckers come in here almost every day. It’s about the only spot in town to get some good cock. The men don’t give a damn who’s on the other side of the booth, as long as they get their nuts off.”

“I’m going to the super’s office to set up my schedule for next week. I’ll spread the word around that there’s action going on in the head and they will steal off to get a blow job. It’s about lunch break anyway so get ready for some big hot warehouse men and trucker dicks.

I’ll come by later to get you and we’ll leave by the side door and no one will be the wiser. I just wanted to set you up at this place in case you get bored next week while I’m at work. Besides if I’m here you can suck me off too.

“Get your ass in there before some other cocksucker takes your seat. Have a good time and I’ll check back with you in about an hour.”

“I’m really nervous about this, but it will be good practice and experience for me. Thanks Tommy.”

“No problem. What are brothers for if not to help each other out?” Laughing as he left the toilet action to his brother.

I looked under the doors of the toilet booths to make sure they were empty then entered the one next to the urinals. It had 2 openings for cock sucking. One next to the urinals and the other one adjoined the other booth. I was still unsure about my first attempt at ‘restroom sex’, but my trashy brother assured me it would be okay and pleasurable.

The first person entered the room and I was about to find out if I could suck some cock thru a hole in the wall. I had fantasize about anonymous sex partners and now this was my chance to really be a ‘trailer trash slut’ and suck as many cocks as I was offered.

A man walked up to the first urinal next to the hole. I could hear him pissing and see him out of the corner of my eye. I was so excited I was almost trembling.

The man took a long piss, milked down his dick and shook it. He continued to stand there and began to get a hard on. I wasn’t sure if I should motion for him to put his cock thru the hole so I waited. His cock was an average 6 to 7 inches long and thick. He pulled the long foreskin back and when he discovered I was looking, he immediately placed it thru

the hole; cock and balls.

My First Glory Hole Cock.

I tenderly pulled it into position and gave his balls a tug. I leaned over and placed my lips to his penis and licked some of the ooze now starting to form at the head of his cock. He pushed his body against the partition and gripped the top of the booth. He was ready to be serviced by my mouth. I gripped his balls and went all the way down on his cock.

He moaned out and whispered. “Yeah man. Suck me dry. I’m hot today. Suck it.”

I was hungry to suck his cock but afraid another person would enter the toilet before we finished. I immediately started to pleasure his cock and to satisfy my desire to swallow his cum. He moaned as I sucked him and in just a short time he started to cum. He bumped his body against the partition and sighed with pleasure. He must have shot 6 squirts before he stopped cumming. I hungrily gulped down his hot cum and licked the remainder juices from his balls. He pulled his cock out of the hole, paused a few seconds; put his cock back into his jeans and left.

It was sweet. I sucked my first dick thru a glory hole. It was really exciting and I was ready for more dicks. As the first man was washing his hands at the sink another man came in. They talked quietly to each other and then he went to the booth next to me, pulled out his dick and pissed in the stool.

When he finished he started to jack it back and forth until it was hard. I brazenly ran my finger around the open hole. He quickly moved to the wall and placed his cock thru the hole. The hole was positioned better and larger than the one next to the urinals. I got on my knees, put his beautiful cock into my mouth and started pleasuring him.


His cock was cut and larger than the other mans. His cock head was shaped like a soft pink tulip and curved slightly down. I discovered I could take it all the way down my throat with each movement. I must have been driving him wild. His cock began to throb and shot his load down my gullet. It was thrilling to know he was pleased with my endeavor. Now that I had some experience, I wanted more…..and more I got.

As soon as one man would come in, stick his dick into one of the holes, I would suck him off to a glorious climax, then only wait a few minutes until the next man would come in for me to suck him off. Some of the men waited quietly by the sink for me to suck off their co-worker, and then they would take their turn in one of the holes. The word must have spread like wild fire about the action taking place in the restroom.


There seemed to be a variety of men that came in to get sucked off. Some men had on the WPS uniform and some had on warehouse coveralls or jeans. I recognized the dispatcher and gave his young juicy cock extra care. At this point I really didn’t care who they were as long as they enjoyed being sucked off and would give me their sweet and tangy load.


I never bothered to get off my knees to wait for another cock to come thru one of the holes and I didn’t have to wait long before another cock was being offered for my service. I was mesmerized and un-shamefully wanted more cock and more cum.

I swallowed each and every load. I was like a hungry calf wanting to suck more and more nectar into my body. I hadn’t sucked that many cocks before and wasn’t aware there was such a variety of sizes and shapes of dicks. I loved um, balls and all.

One time I had two cocks in both holes at the same time. I would suck on the guy at the urinal then suck on the guy at the booth hole until I got them both off. I was delirious with wonderful juicy cocks of all kinds, shapes and colors. I even sucked my first black guy. He had such a big cock I had to jack it until he began to cum then I put it to my face and let his cum shoot all over me.


About half of the cocks I sucked were partially uncut. I discovered the manly scent of some dried smegma (head cheese) under their foreskin was like an aphrodisiac to me. I eagerly cleaned and licked them before giving them a good suck job. Many of the workmen had a musky scent of body sweat, which I also found pleasant. Let’s face it; I love the manly smell of men.

Before the action slowed down I think I had sucked over twenty-five delicious cocks during the time I was there. Even though I knew I had become toilet trash, I was ready for more cock. One more cock came thru the hole. I dropped to my knees and sucked him dry. When I finished him I heard my brother’s voice.

“Thank you little brother. I think your cock sucking has improved. Are you ready to go home and give me your ass again tonight? Tomorrow night I’m gonna take you to the Truck Stop and sell your ass to some hot trucker buddies of mine. They love fucking hot young men. You are now truly trailer trash material.”

Story by Richard Barber 6/8/2008

More cocks I sucked off that day at the Glory Hole.



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