Life as a Young Sailor, Part 01

s-l500Life as a Young Sailor, Part 01

Commanding Commander

After having spent two years in a small town college, I realized it wasn’t for me. Although I had good grades, I decided it was time for me to get out on my own and discover the real world. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that there were not as many job opportunities as I had hoped. Finally, more out of desperation than anything else, I found myself at the Navy recruiting office, where I signed on for a four-year tour.

Because of my previous college experience, I was promised special training after boot camp. When I arrived at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, I was assigned to Company 145 where, I was soon appointed as the company clerk over 80 men.

I’d had numerous sexual experiences during my teenage years but I was still naive about my sexuality and suppressed my wishes to be sexually active with other men. I knew I was different, but it wasn’t until my tour in the Navy that I realized I was gay. DUH!

Ensign Bain, our company commander, was a hunky man of about thirty-five, five feet ten, broad shoulders, a small waist, a firm round butt, and an impressive full-size bulge showing at the crotch of his navy white uniform. He was very manly with a stern face, but with the innocent look of a young boy. My sexual urges were being tested, especially since I was to work in the office with this nice-looking man as his personal company clerk.9f939e6ce0f5a9cb8fc23ef080efd24b--men-in-uniform-military-men

My first few days were hectic, as was to be expected. The company spent most of its time on the training field, in the class rooms or resting in the barracks. After I worked out the daily routine, I worked in the office keeping track of the men’s classes and other personal records.

Ensign Bain obviously liked my work and would sometimes bring me a cup of coffee or a soda while we worked together. He would often close the office door so we would not be bothered by the other men. We chatted quite openly at times, and I was beginning to have the feeling that he wanted to do more than chat. I know I had other thoughts about him. He was a very hot and desirable man.

One day, when the other men where out on the field and we were alone in the office, he asked me to type out a weekly form he was to present to his Commander. As he leaned over me, he seemed to purposely press his groin against my arm. It wasn’t the first time he had pressed against me, but this time I became aware of his hard bulging crotch. I didn’t move away. I was getting aroused and wondered where this would go. He pressed his hard cock against me again, and then I knew this was an invitation to make my move. I could feel a small trickle of nervous sweat forming on my forehead. Then he broke the silence.

“Go ahead! Feel it. I know you‘ve been wanting to since the day you were assigned to me. If you want to blow me, let’s do it now!

He stepped over to the door and locked it. Then he leaned back on the edge of his desk and rubbed his crotch.

“If you’re going to do your clerical duty for your commander, you’d better get your ass over here now! Get on your fucking knees and wrap your sweet cock sucking mouth around my hard prick. Now! ”2231a-nice-dick-head-blowjob-pov-cu_s9999x160

He’d never talked to me like that before, but I kind of liked his dominating attitude. It didn’t take any other encouragement for me to drop to my knees to admire commander’s bulging cock and make my fantasy come true.

“Yes Sir!” I snapped as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“You’ve got some work ahead of you, boy! You know I demand perfection. Think you can handle it  cock sucker ?”

“Yes Sir! Right away Sir!”

I quickly undid his fly, and then unsnapped his navy issue white boxer shorts. I nuzzled my face into his pubic hair and took a deep breath of his clean sensuous body. I reached for his low hanging cock that was snuggled down inside the right leg of his boxers.

He edged his whites down over his firm hips, letting them drop to the floor and kicked off his shoes. When I pulled out his cock I was surprised and very pleased at the perfection and sheer size of it. His cock was thick around and about 8 ½ inches long. He had a small covering of foreskin over his cock head, but as it got harder the skin slipped back over a bulbous pale pink cock head. The large penis was curved slightly down, just the way I like it. It would be easier for me to swallow. His big hairy balls supported the heaviness of his cock. What a beauty. I could make love to this one all day.

A generous amount of oozing crystal-clear cum was dripping from his piss slot. As I devoured his cock and kissed his large tulip shaped cock head, I heard his low moan of pleasure. I edged my tongue under the soft foreskin, savoring the sweet remaining cum. I gently lifted his warm, musky, hairy balls from their hiding place; sucking first one, and then the other.

I knew we didn’t have a lot of time, so I instantly began kissing, licking, and sucking his awesome cock. When his fuck pole was saturated with his love juices and my saliva, I inhaled deeply and guided his manhood deep into my welcome throat. Again and again I went all the way down on his cock until I could hardly breathe any longer.


When I came up for air I went back to sucking his balls and tentatively fingering the hairy opening of his tight asshole. He spread his legs to give me opening to the warm crevice of his ass crack. I lifted his legs, pushed him back on his desk. I guided my eager and hungry tongue up his ass crack and into his tight anus. I plunged my firm tongue into his ass hole and tongue fucked him for several minutes as he clutched the edge of his desk so not to fall to the floor. I reluctantly guided his legs back to the floor to continue my cock sucking.Rim

“Oh, my God! That was fantastic. No one ever did that to me before. We must do that again sometime. Damn you Dick, you’re full of surprises. You almost had me in the mood to get ‘butt fucked’. What a wicked tongue fucking you gave me. I’ve gotta keep my eyes on you, cock-sucker.” Then he laughed softly. “Now get your expert cock sucking mouth back to my man meat and drain me fucker, before I shoot my jizz all over your fucking face.”

“Yes sir!”

After a few more good firm sucks and deep throats, he held my head on his gushing cock and gave me a huge load of sailor cum. It was quick but worth the action. Slowly he pulled away, re-fastened his pants and sat back at his desk to get his composure. I got off my knees and went back to my desk to ponder what might be yet to come.


We continued to have oral sex almost every day while I was at Boot Camp. He always gave me a big juicy load of cum. I’ve became quite good at eating out my Commander’s hot fucking ass and hoped to dick fuck him soon.

He tells me he’s not queer, but who cares when he is such hot sex and has suck a sweet tasting ass!

This is what I consider good Boot Camp training.
More Commanding Service

I was still having daily oral sex with Ensign Bain but since he explains to me that he was not queer, he didn’t suck cock. That was all right with me, because I prefer butch trade anyway. I guess I am just a truly devoted cocksucker. I wished I was the dude in the latrine sucking off some of my buddies every night, but first cum, first served, I always say. I was never one to butt in on other people business. Besides I was getting some good head from the cocksucker in the head.

One day I over heard my Ensign Bain telling the Ensign of the other company below us, that he was getting some good hot action and if he played his cards right he might introduce him to a good cocksucker. I hoped he was referring to me. The Ensign Kuff was equally as hot and sexy as my Ensign Bain. They were really as different as night and day in looks and disposition. My Ensign Bain was rather demanding and forceful to me when it came to sex. He liked telling me what to do and when to do it. I didn’t know how they were going to get us together, if ever. I was always ready for some good cock or ass.

Ensign Kuff was a very tall and handsome man of German background. He had dark hair, thin lips, and blue eyes, was about 6 foot tall, but never showed a bulge between his legs. That didn’t mean he had a small cock, it could mean it was hanging down his legs several inches long. I was anxious to find out.952600ed7767f34f659eeee61c765a2d

One afternoon I went to the office to complete some of my daily paper work. When I arrived both Ensign Bain and Ensign Kuff were in the office talking. I made my salutes and started to excuse myself when my Ensign Bain told me to stay and continue my work as usual.

They continued to talk for a brief time then Ensign Bain asks me to go to the storage closet to find a form SK-HS dk.2/day for Ensign Kuff.

When I went inside the large walk-in storage closet, Ensign Kuff followed me in and shut the door. I realized this was just a way for me to take care of Ensign Kuff, and suck his dick.

“You can search for that later. I have more important matters that need to be taken care of. You can start with this sailor.” He said as he grabbed his crotch.

Ensign Kuff made no pretense of what he wanted. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his semi-hard dick and low hanging ball.

I was very well pleased with the size of his cock. It was even larger than my Ensign Bain, and what a beautiful set of ball to go along with his cock.

I set on a near by box and gathered his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. I wanted to go down on him before it got soft, but it was hardening very fast. I moved forward and tongued his cock head briefly to taste the juices already gathering at his cock slit, and then I pulled his cock into my welcome mouth to give him an exceptional blow job.suckingbigone

“Fucken yeah! Bain was right when he said he had a hungry cocksucker working for him. Oh Yeah! Fuck! I needed this. You like my prick, cocksucker?”

“Oh yes Sir! It’s an awesome man size cock. I just want you to be pleased Sir. Thank you Sir for letting me service you.

“Suck on it. Yeah. That’s damn good. When I cum I expect you to take my load and swallow. Do you understand? No spitting it out. Drink me down.”

“Mummm Huh, Sir!” I Mumbled as I went down on his cock.

His prick became firm very quickly. I gagged a few times, but quickly got accustomed to his large cock. I could now continue to give his some good head.

He would sigh and moan a few times, then tell me how good it felt, and then would moan again.

I knew we couldn’t spend too much time in here so I started giving him my best effort. As I sucked his cock became larger and larger. He’d grip the back of my head and move me to his rhythm and then he started face fucking me faster and faster. I knew he was about to cum.

The pre-cum juices started to overflow from my mouth. Juices were dripping onto my dungarees and onto the floor. He started to cum and just abruptly stopped, threw his head back and gasps with pleasure.12

“Damn! Damn! Damn! .Fucken yeah!’ he continued. Swallow all my cum, cocksucker. Drink it all. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!” he continued as I swallowed as best I could considering how much cum was gushing from his penis. It must have been a week’s load. It was very exhilarating the way he talked and enjoyed his sex.

Wow! Now I had two hot Ensigns to suck. I was so lucky.

It slowed to a leisurely tempo. I drained every drop of his cum; even licked his balls and my hand to savor the overflow of man nectar. I dried him with the sleeve of my shirt and set there until he buttoned his whites.

“Stand to your feet, Sailor!”

“Yes Sir”

“Do you think you did a good job Sailor?”

“Ehh? Yes Sir.”

“Do you think you can continue servicing me whenever I want, and make me cum again and again?”

“Yes Sir! If it pleases you Sir!”

He looked sternly into my face, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his lips and gave me a big tongue sucking kiss tasting his own juices. I was shocked.

“Very good Sailor. You’re excused for now. Get the fuck out of here and continue your work for Ensign Bain. He’s a good man.”

As we opened the door my Ensign Bain was setting at his desk. He raised .his head and grinned as he said to us.

“Did you get form SK.a.b.d-4U, I sent you in there for?”

“I think I’m satisfied with the ‘form’, thanks to you efficient and talented clerk.” Ensign Kuff said.

I gave a salute and said. “Thank you Sir. Anytime I can be of further assistants please feel free to ask Ensign Bain for my services.”
Story by Richard Barber


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